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  1. east puppet

    Free East Puppet...

    iv changed my ways im only posting nice things now.
  2. east puppet

    Thank You - to players

    you cant keep a good puppet down
  3. east puppet

    Thank You - to players

    hi there
  4. Good bye man. Wish you all good. There is no other person like you.


  5. east puppet

    Reducing rams each attack

    if they did this nobody ould attack though
  6. east puppet

    Battle Chest - Regal Statues

    LOL at battle chest I got 21 honor items In the first month I now have 26 and I have competed a few times and tried to open them if I had a regal ITS A JOKE AND I COULD CARE LESS
  7. I have about 2500 crowns and I attacked 5 keeps 3 of them had between 3-5.5k they only did rev only LOL I cant believe the fools that run this game don't realize that those players spend NO gold!!!!!!!!! they only make the player that might spend some gold mad because they will rev them with cramtell and will quit. Am I missing something here? Im in an ally with an emp that can get to 6500 ONLY doing REVENGE every now and then LOL he don't spend a dime Oh well carry on
  8. east puppet

    How long are you playing ?

    we just hoping in OK you go inactive for a few day so we can replace you
  9. with the way crowns are dropping to get on leaderboard I would hurry Duke league be gone at some point there was no duke league awhile back and they didn't respond to that either BIG SUPRISE
  10. east puppet

    How long are you playing ?

    Played since the beginning my greatest achievement is getting @mmali386 to admit I'm smarter then him.
  11. east puppet


    chat is really spotty tonight my internet is ok I think maybe solar waves crashing in
  12. east puppet

    The season is finished

    just so you know in my time in this game if you don't get it in the first 10 minutes after league ends you don't get it!!!!!!! I think I got screwed on beast once but I don't care anymore usually you just have to visit another keep to get it though LOL at waiting 24 hours
  13. east puppet

    the puppet apocalypse has come

    Don't worry about it Panda we don't understand half of the things he says either, and the other half that we understand don't make any sense
  14. east puppet

    FIFA World Cup

    great thread at least this is something everyone can reply to NOTHING ELSE GOING ON IN HERE WITH THE GAME
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