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    The training time of the troops must be reduce !!!

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  1. Kicho

    How long are you playing ?

    I've been playing too long
  2. Kicho

    Happy Independence Day - July 4th

    Happy Independence Day to all Americans
  3. Kicho

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy July morning to all girls. Let the love be with you.
  4. Kicho


    According @Andy P , the last time they shut down the servers, they did it without worning. MS I mean by "they".
  5. Kicho

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Aaa grrrr hate android for phone grrrrrrr.
  6. Why ? If there is no future, it doesn't metter what someone is posting.
  7. Kicho

    well its been a fun time

    Sorry @east puppet, but when taking decisions, managers never care what someone says or writes. They always looks only numbers and results and what it costs. I respect that maybe you are the only one that haven't give up yet. Unfortunately, I have long ago given up on fighting with the windmills. Good luck
  8. Kicho


    Then it is time to shut down the servers.
  9. Kicho

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    @AngelicAngieK I haven't made a batle since then.
  10. Kicho

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    Lough Forget about the game for a while.
  11. Soon or late, all ends