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    The training time of the troops must be reduce !!!

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  1. Kicho


    There are 195 countries at the world. How many flags did you count at the game???
  2. Kicho

    Code of Conduct

    Yes. According to my experience I am a bad guy. Ha ha ha
  3. Kicho

    Thoughts for a new alliance tool

    I didn't want to offend any players here in the forum. ( devs. are not in this group, the sarcasm was for them )
  4. Kicho

    Hi, newbie here

    Right. In this game the Keep holds 25% ( or 30%, I am not sure, but however it is much ) of the resources . This strategy is very popular at other similar games, where the Strongholds keeps only few (1-2%) resources . At the begging of the Castle siege it was the same. The Keep was holding 7-8% of the resources. Of course this strategy started to be popular here also. A lot lot lot of players started to use tributes, developers decided that it is not good for the game and change the % of the resources that are keeping in the Keep from 8 to 25%. That's why it is not so popular our days. Citadel is good decision. Try to place it in the edge of the map for better results. See one of my alt. Castles: Blatna feya
  5. Kicho

    Hi, newbie here

    Thanks @DD3399, but I already won a day with likes, so I just try to help. Depends. I recommended to use both. Longbows has bigger range, they are good at taking targets( including resources as @Wicken Wonder mentioned ) from long distance. That's why if you don't control them, they take place behind the trebuchets. And this is their greatest usage - to protect trebs from enemy troops. They also shoot at the soldiers on the walls. I recommend you to take 2-3 of them at every attack and place them behind the trebs. Archers has shorter range , that's why when you drop them on the battlefield they will go in front of the trebs. That's why they are good at distracting the towers. It takes 6 shots of a balista to kill an archer unit. They also automatically start to shoot at the troops on the walls. I recommend you to take at least 5 of them at every battle. Of course if you don't use some kind of special attack as Cav. Rush or else. So for better results at defending Trebs , you should learn to use both - longbows and archers. For other two questions, check the Forum latter. Hope this helps
  6. Kicho

    Hi, newbie here

    Tribute Citadel The difference is in the placing the Keep. Citadel means that the Castle is clustered . Tribute means that you give up from your crowns and try to protect your resources.
  7. Kicho

    Thoughts for a new alliance tool

    I wish you could push some buttons and MS and SGI start developing the game again. And of course new alliance tools are needed.
  8. Kicho

    Thoughts for a new alliance tool

    Good suggestion @Wicken Wonder. This was suggested several times at the past. Long time ago. I guess you haven't seen it because players give up suggesting anything. It was suggested when some bad players started to join other alliances in order to donate weak troops. Then someone suggested that to Watch Signal should act as your "Alliance stable" . But why did you called it "Stable" . I thought that the stable is a place for horses. But there are other troops that can be donated. Granadiers for example. They are good relief choice, but what do they have common with the stables ? Keep sieging and keep suggesting. Miracles can happened. Who knows !!!! Let the Force be with you There are not much left......
  9. Thank you @Wicked Wulf that helped me won .
  10. Congrats Kicho,  Your the winner.


  11. I guess, if someone made 2 "likes"per day will wan "the most liked content" Give me a like please I want to win today I want"likes" not "ha ha ha"
  12. @Septerror43 Wish you good luck in RL.
  13. It's not a DOS attacks. Just developers not programmed it correctly. There is a trick that may help in 90% of cases like yours. Download from the Store Microsoft Solitaires. Run it . Start play it for a minute if necessary. It will improve the stability of Castle siege. Don't ask me why, but it works. The developers of Castle siege in the past was working on MS Solitaires as well. Some how they uses similar drivers for server connection. Hope this helps