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  1. There are people spending 6-7 years on such addictive games. But it leads to divorce and some other troubles at Real life. ............... Never mind......... I am stopping writing nonsenses. #FreeEastPuppet #SaveAoECS
  2. Kicho

    Last Minute Game Objectives

  3. @Bloodborne, All I can say is my thoughts and my speculations. Definitely the reason is not the money. One of the reason is that MS is not longer working on mobile phones. Castle siege was created as a mobile game for their own OS. Probably bringing CS to other platforms caused MS some troubles. One other reason is as someone said in the past: It is more easier to create a complete new game from the beginning then to fix this one. There were such suggestions from players as well. So it can be said that the MS responds to our suggestions. AoEIV is coming soon™ . I hope it will even more great. #SaveAoECS
  4. Could you tell us at least if AgeIV will be available on smartphones? #SaveAoECS
  5. Kicho

    Short historical films

    Enjoy watching
  6. Kicho


    And what are the news?
  7. Kicho

    What other games are like...

    Which one is for phone. I don't open my Laptop quite often. I use it only if I want something to print. Playing at bed with phone is much more comfortable. Keep sieging
  8. Kicho

    It takes a village

    @Andy P, sorry, I didn't understand you at the begging. I was thinking that you talk about the game. I was "Zombie" at the game, but not "Ghost" in the Forum. I was regularly reading and liking. But I didn't commented because I considered that I has no rights to do it, as I don't play the game. I hope that I will see you here more often next month. P.S. @Scythian Fury tried, but didn't menage to awake the Zombie in me. But you succeeded. Next 7 months are for the game.
  9. Kicho

    It takes a village

    NP @Andy P , As Bloodborn is here, I'm in too. Top 10 is too much for me, but I'll do my best I want to see how hi you can get. Will it be possible for you or someone else ( from VCMs probably) to arrange some kind of private forum for Castle siege fans, as this Forum will be closed at 13.12.2018. Or we can use already excited sites like Hi @Bloodborne. How are. Did you grow enough to be able to buy your phone by yourself. Or you spend your savings for girls ? I miss your comments in the Forum.
  10. Kicho

    What other games are like...

    Command & Conquer: Rivals is coming soon on Google play store.
  11. Very sad. This Forum is more amazing than the game. There is no other Forum like this one. Hmm. I am wandering what will happen with the Emperor change requests ?
  12. Hi @dariakus. Nice to see you. What's the chance to see a new Age of empires based on mobile devices ? Obviously our days a lot more people use smartphones more than PCs.
  13. Kicho

    Age XI

    Why not start from the beginning. I can make new alliance and fill it with active players. The name of the alliance will be something unique. But after typing few letters in the alliance search, it will be easy to find. There will be several titles in my alliance. Emperor (me), Vice Emperor, Lords, knight, captains, etc. And of course we will participate in every season of Alliance wars. It will be great. One day I will show my T-SHIRT to my grandchildren and will say: There was such a game, and I was part of the show. I will put it in the Museum.
  14. Kicho

    Free East Puppet...

    If this happened, I promise to play the game again. FREE PUPPET NOW FREE PUPPET NOW FREE PUPPET NOW @east puppet