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    The training time of the troops must be reduce !!!

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  1. Kicho

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    Ha ha ha Discord not available at MS Store. And I'm still with Lumia 640XL
  2. You bring the smile on my face
  3. Kicho

    Thank You - to players

    And see you all at the new place.
  4. Kicho

    Thanks to Andy The VCM.

    Siege on @Andy P
  5. Good bye man. Wish you all good. There is no other person like you.


  6. Kicho

    Some amazing castles

    The most amazing of all castles
  7. Kicho

    Thank You - to players

    I am not good at poems nor at explanation my feelings, but want to say a big "Thank you" to all forum members and players of this game. You make me much more good person. I shall not mantion names, because I may miss some. A big hug for all
  8. Tic tac tic tac tic tac , the end is near
  9. Kicho

    Amputating the Nose to Spite the Face!
  10. Kicho

    What Will Happen to this Forum?

    Lol, but they are good at making Patches , and patches to fix the previous patches.
  11. Kicho

    Amputating the Nose to Spite the Face!

    To kill the game softly, without screaming of the crew.
  12. If they do something, it will give a hope to the players. So it's better not to do anything, which will be a clear signal that the over is over. #Free East Puppet #SaveAoECS
  13. A divorce is a divorce. Sometimes two persons no matter how good they are, are not created for each other. They like each other, gather together, and after a few years they realize they have made a mistake. Now that divorce is a fact, and the two companies can not divide their common property. Of course, both companies will use the experience of this project for their future projects. #Free East Puppet #SaveAoECS
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