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  1. But be careful. The game is really a " Time consuming" and your Real Life may suffer.
  2. @dariakus, I missed your pictures
  3. Setting up an alt account on Win8.1

    I did more crazy things. I upgraded my Laptop from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 just to play the game
  4. Setting up an alt account on Win8.1

    On windows 10 phone you can play as much alts as you want.
  5. Setting up an alt account on Win8.1

    Running two accounts on win8.1 phone is impossible. I had Lumia 630 with this OS. But I was too crazy every couple of days to restore factory settings and put another account. I was playing 3 account such way. Picture save on SD card, synchronized the account before restoring. There is option in the phone book, where you can switch several account, so you can set the old MS account and you will not lose your phone numbers in the book. The whole process of switching from one account to another takes 45 min.So I did it every week at Sunday. I recommend to your friend to check if it is possible to upgrade his phone to Win10. For Lumia 630 it is not possible, but I checked and it is available for 635. Tell to your friend to search in MS Store for Update Advisor app. To install it on his phone and to update to Win.10 phone. He will not lose his apps and phones. Hope this helps @Scythian Fury, I added some more info in the post
  6. Gate Cheat

    Use "imgur" program for that. 1. Visit 2. Find "new post" or "upload". Upload a picture from your device. 3. If you are using PC, just copy / paste the pic. from imgur to the forum. If you are on phone, it is important not to forget to click on "link" and change it to "direct link" then copy / paste the numbers from imgur to the forum. Hope this helps. P.S. If you want answers for an issue that you have, in the future when you post please give more information. Like your gamer tag, the gamer tag of the castle that you think it is something wrong, the battle you had troubles, more details of the issue. Also if it is technical problem we should know what OS and device do you use . So, give us information and we will give you the answer.
  7. Revenge window

    An official answer you will not receive. For official answer there should be some officials around here. A clear evidence is my defence log( King Kicho ). An year ago you would never see a revenge in my def. log. Now if it is full of revenges. Also sometimes I am not attacked more than 1 hour even I have 4-5 000 crowns. They care about their payments.
  8. 43

    Thank you
  9. Down for Maintenance!

    "Down for maintenance" sometimes means "lost connection"
  10. Conrad is not active, does not work

    Is this a challenge ?
  11. @Baroness Von Panda the problem is that a player gets more crowns from a revenge then the matchmaking . And also this player is not put immediately in MM pool, but gives a biiig chance to those who wants to revenge you. Last night I didn't have enough time for battling, so I decided to break my PT 30 min. earlier to be put in MM, where I have chance to lose less crowns then if I am revenge. Guess what ? I was revenge. The problem is not that I am revenged. The problem is that the system gives more crowns in revenges. The game gives unfair advantage on revenges. In the past an active player knew how to protect him self from revenges, now it is extremely difficult. Imagine one more possibility. As someone else said in other thread, there enough crazy players , that after an def. lost will drop their crowns and revenge a higher ranged player just to hurt him. I mean : Player A-10000 crowns player attacks Player B- 4000 crowns, then player B drops his crowns to zero and revenge player A. Seriously, there are enough bad persons that will do a lot of silly things just to hurt others. @Baroness Von Panda there was a suggestion: The crowns offered in a revenge to be equal of the crowns offered in the previous battle. For example: Player A attacks player B, the game offers 150 crowns, then player B makes an revenge and the game should offer the exact same 150 crowns. But if the player B goes to MM and find player A lets take 500-600 or 1000 depends how many it is possible. SO SICK OF THIS unfair revenges.
  12. Happy Valentine's Day to ALL

    True, you would love Bulgaria
  13. Happy Valentine's Day to ALL

    14 February - The Day of Wine On February 14 we celebrate Trifon Zarezan - the wine day, the wine-growers, the pubs and the gardeners According to the Orthodox Church, Holy Martyr Triphon was born about 225 years old. in the village of Komsada. He lives righteously and perishes because of his refusal to reject the Christian faith. During the persecution of Christians, the saint was arrested, subjected to torture and beheaded . Initially in Bulgaria on February 14, Trifonovden was celebrated - in honor of Holy Martyr Trifon, considered patron of the vine-growers, wine-makers and pubs. After the Gregorian calendar's admission, his celebration shifted to 1 February , and 14 February begins to mark the Vineyard's Day. According to ethnographers, Trifon Zarezan's celebration dates back to the times when the Thracian tribes wandered in our lands. The aromatic and strong wine produced by them was famous all over the world. According to the Thracians, the narcotic effect of the alcoholic grape drink helped the priests to come in contact with the gods, and for that reason they created the cult. The Thracian god of fertility, wine and joy is known as Dionysus, and it is believed that Saint Triphon is his later "heir". Although no mention is made of vineyards and wine in his life, it is a fact that the saint's feast almost coincided with the celebration of the Dionysian feasts, during which the vigy *** danced with small sickles in hand in honor of the wine. St. Valentine’s Day vs. Trifon Zarezan St. Valentine’s day is celebrated in many countries, even if it is not an official holiday. Bulgaria is no exception. But there’s more. On 14th of February the holiday of love overlaps with another, more traditional Bulgarian celebration – Trifon Zarezan. Who’s Trifon? Trifon Zarezan is the day of the winegrowers, innkeepers and gardeners. And yes, a lot of wine is involved in the celebration. But more on that in a second. The celebrated saint, Trifon, was a healer and a martyr. He was born in Phrygia, the place of origin of grapes and wine. When he was just 17 he became famous for healing the daughter of the Roman emperor Gordian III. The emperor’s successor Trajan Decious, however, was a persecutor of Christians. Trifon was cut by a sword for his faith in 248 AD. How much wine? Trifon’s day is an official Bulgarian Orthodox holiday. The old custom dictates that a bread and a hen filled with rice and bulgur is prepared. The men of the village then take food and a jar of wine and go to the vineyard. There they perform a fertility rite for the land which includes taking a few branches and pouring wine in the ground. This ritual is called зарязване (zariyazvane), this the name Zarezan. After the ritual, the men chose a “king of the vineyard” and adorn him with wreaths. Then, accompanied by music, they go to the village and visit every household. The lady of each house then gives wine, first to the “king”, then to everyone else in the group and a blessing for plenty is said. When the party reaches the king’s house, he puts on new clothes and invites everyone from the village on his table to celebrate (assuming he’s not too drunk by then). Romantic Date or Getting Drunk? This, of course, is a very old tradition. It is still done in some smaller villages but generally Bulgarians prefer to celebrate Trifon Zarezan in a more simple way. They just gather with friends and go for a drink. That is, unless they celebrate St. Valentine’s day. Usually what happens is that people who have significant others celebrate St. Valentine’s day – they go for a romantic date, watch a movie and go to a restaurant. The people who don’t have a love interest celebrate Trifon Zarezan – they go for a drink, alone or with friends. A mix of the two is also possible. In any case, there is a celebration. I hope that I gave you a good reason to selebrate today