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  1. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Castle Siege Memes

    #LastDayQuestions #TheEndIsNear
  2. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Thank You - to players

    We will never know what truly went on behind closed doors. I have reason to believe SGI was ready and able to go forward with alliance wars and further expansion of the game, but they didn't get that funded by Microsoft, for whatever reason. Did SGI miss an opportunity or did MS spoil the pary? Who's to blame? Who's not to thank? Does it even matter? Ultimately, this game would not have existed without SGI and MS, so yeah: thank you SGI, thank you MS. It was a ride that left me, and a lot of other people, tasting for more. AoE:CS 2.0? For me this game slowly came to a standstill, because of no new content. No amount of free gold could motivate me to keep on actively playing. My castle will end with almost 9.000 gold in it's coffers. I play other games now, and what strikes me is they keep the variation in their content higher and react faster to player feedback. I think that's essential for games on mobile, to keep in pace with the competition, by providing variation and new content. I still routinely log on, keeping my castle in the matchmaking pool. That's the least I can do for my fellow players. It's a carefully designed fully maxed age X layout, and not easily crushed. Also there's decent loot to be had if you still care for that. I've gravitated down to holding 1.200 crowns. My defences keep proving too formidable for many a player. I don't know exactly how many won defences castle Weetikhoeveel has, but I'm guesstimating well over 1.500. Man this was an enjoyable game, and yes @Traders51 a lot of that is down the excellent people I've met in this community! Thank you indeed! I think MS and SGI did miss out on a lot of this game's potential by not taking it further to Alliance Wars. I am currently playing a game where Alliance interaction is a key element, and it's the dynamic of that, and the people behind the alliances, that makes it absolutely engrossing. There's tyrants, friends, conquerers, farmers, rogues, bullies, traitors, playerkillers and 'folks that like to see the world burn'. -THAT- is why I play multiplayer games, it's all about what other actual people can bring to the table. This game's battle mode is far, far less strategic and complicated than AoE:CS's, but it's most potent weapon is diplomacy. To the extent that neglecting it can bring a server's most powerful P2W alliance to their knees. And the extent that it can make a modest, peaceful alliance (mine!) not just survive but actually thrive among more aggressive bigger alliances. I'd have -loved- that kind of gameplay in AoE:CS. You guys, the players, would have taken off with that in incredible ways. If you just look at the diplomacy/spying that was already taking place within the game's limited scope for it, you know that this would have taken this game beyond the next level. Beyond! So this is my last, longwinded post on this forum. Goodbye!
  3. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Free East Puppet...

    Aye, that's when you burn bridges behind you. Thanks for at least considering it.
  4. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    It takes a village

    We'll find out about the afterlife then?
  5. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    It takes a village

    So... got cookies? Good to see you all here again. I'll be around, at least until the funeral. The game's still installed on my phone. I visit my castle from time to time. No cobwebs and gotta feed the sharkpool with my luscious loot. This is the last ride, hopefully taking to the new ride. And as usual, it's the journey and the company that actually matter, not the destination. Now get yaw awrs on dat leaderbored!
  6. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    What other games are like...

    I'm having a great time in it. I'm leading an alliance (Royal Dutch, kingdom 1089). We're far, far too small to still exist. Bigger alliances out there that could gobble us up in less than a week. But against all odds we manage to ally with a bigger alliance and absolutely obliterate our nasty behaving neighbor, which was thrice our power. We took all their land except the altar, that went to our ally. Currently we are on our way to fight level 3 barbarian forts. Not quite there yet, but soon we will be. Our luck is that we have *** poor land that no one wants, for now. Let's hope it lasts or not. One of the best features of this game is how their chat+mail has a universal translate button. It has allowed me to deploy diplomacy in dealing with alliances and players from around the world. Very, very nice.
  7. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Pour one out for the good times past - AMA

    Good to see you here again, @dariakus. You were never far off after you left, and that speaks volumes. I love it when people take pride in what they (help) create, but I really respect it when they look after it still, even when it has passed on from their hands. Shows passion, caring and devotion beyond the call of duty. You indeed did a great job with the mechanics. I've tried only a few other RTS games on mobile since, and skipped over many, many others - yes I have been thoroughly spoilt by AoE:CS. The strategic direct control over your troops and hero abilities remains the best and deepest mechanic on the battlefield that I've seen in games like this. It makes AoE:CS compare to the rest like Jaws to Sharknado. Other games did a better (or perhaps better worded more elaborate) job with alliance content, but it's clear now more than ever that AoE:CS just didn't get the chance to expand into that branche. And that if they would have, they would have competed for best mobile game in that field as well. If anything, AoE:CS has got me into the AoE franchise, and into mobile gaming. I was pure PC gamer before, and AoE:CS made me a mobile gamer. So yeah, this game is special and dear to me. And I'm not saying farewell to this franchise. Just waiting for the opportunity that's right for me to hop back on. And I can wait for a long time. Patience is a virtue. A final question? When is that AoE version for the holotable coming out? And does it include fountains of flesh? LOL I remember you had this early version of the game that had some radical graphics. Might be something for a standalone mod, those always are better with a full gore option. I read this again and OH MAN!!! you were SO on to something. The stuff you could have done with this feature. Just the basics of it already sound amazing. You could have stuff like different kind of maps, event maps, weather, NPC civs, natural events. And diplomacy. Get chat in there, give people the chance to talk, diplomacy starts weighing in hard. Adds a whole other layer to the game. Honestly, part of me wants to hear more, and part of me doesn't. I'm taken by surprise by the latter. I knew I cared for this game, but I guess I underestimated how much. Which is another way of saying that this game, and this community were amazing. So long and see you on another battlefield somewhere in the future. You'll recognize me in an instant: sooo longwinded.
  8. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel


    Not necessarily. This game could still be making money, but just not enough and with too little perspective of increasing the revenue. It's like keeping cattle for milk. The typical dairy cow is brought to the slaughterhouse at the age of 4 years, while her natural lifespan is 15 to 20 years, during much of which she can still lactate. But in games, much of that also stems from our own behaviour. Like our appetite for milk spurs the farmer to keep rejuvenating his cattle. We, gamers, kill the games we play, because we fly to each new one like a butterfly from flower to flower. To such an extent that player retention isn't nearly as important as player attraction. If you want to make a killing profit, attracting large amount of players is where it's at first and foremost, followed closely by playing on dopamine releases and some mild gambling. Retention is secondary, important still - no way to milk a cow that's not standing still - but secondary. So what remains to those that like their games lasting for life, is to play standalone games, or games that are freeware and can be privately hosted. Or accept that all good things come to an end, and be grateful for the time spent enjoying them. I sure am.
  9. Short answer: No. Long answer: Yes, but it would require a lot of work by people who have been away doing other things for years now and where would the funding come from? So the possibility is only academic at best and the short answer to your question is still the best one.
  10. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Castle Siege Memes

  11. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Free East Puppet...

    I hate to be late to a funeral. Now that I mention this, aren't funerals always the occasions where all of the family including the black sheep come together and reunite, for that one last time? So yeah, bring back @east puppet!
  12. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Free East Puppet...

    With all the old geezers returning from their absence? I'm not sure how 'interesting' that will become.
  13. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    What other games are like...

    I've dabbled with Star Wars Commander, which is more a Clash of Clans clone but with a (to me) nicer theme. And that just wasn't deep enough for me, too shallow. I'm currently playing Rise of Civilizations and enjoying that a lot. It's a surprisingly deep RTS on a mobile phone. Alliance play is a big element. But as with all F2P mobile games lately, it has it's definite strong P2W elements, and is incomparable in that regard to AoE:CS. So if just the possibility that any P2W whale could potentially just waltz over and smash your alliance to pieces deters you, don't go there. Or if you have issues overspending on F2P games, don't go there either.
  14. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    All good things come to an end too soon, and all bad things not soon enough. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
  15. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Crazy News

    The absolute craziest news I heard in a long time: there's this country that has separated 2.000 immigrant children from their parents, and has put them in camps in cages, and they're using the bible as justification. When separation time comes, they tell the parents they're taking the kids for a shower - now ain't that the deja vu? People that voted for the leader that allows this, were once laid aside as "deplorables". I rejected against that term. Not today. If you support this man and this policy today, then truly you are being deplorable. And if you persist in supporting this policy and also consider yourself a Christian then I have some bad news for you: don't be surprised if you end up in ***. I've been to concentration camps, museums. And I've read my history books. I'm not pulling this from my buttocks, just saying. WW II didn't "just happen". It started with a once Great Nation, that went through a deep economic recession, and wanted to be Great again. Then the blame for that recession was put on the immigrants and the deviants. The nationalist feelings were raised with rituals and symbols. The Strong Leader roused the people with propaganda and lies. And he dehumanized the immigrants, reducing them verbally to vermin. That country could have turned from the path to the darkest of darkness, right there. They did not and history tells us the whole world and in particular the Jew suffered dearly. You however, can still turn from this road to the darkest of darkness. You can still redeem yourself. Please don't cast this aside as a trivial political post, that a moderator may just hide because that's against the rules. You cannot look away from this. If only you could see this from the distance like I do, not from deep inside partisan turmoil. And see all the warning signs. When something's wrong, that's what it is: wrong. Deeply wrong.
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