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  1. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Crazy News

    The absolute craziest news I heard in a long time: there's this country that has separated 2.000 immigrant children from their parents, and has put them in camps in cages, and they're using the bible as justification. When separation time comes, they tell the parents they're taking the kids for a shower - now ain't that the deja vu? People that voted for the leader that allows this, were once laid aside as "deplorables". I rejected against that term. Not today. If you support this man and this policy today, then truly you are being deplorable. And if you persist in supporting this policy and also consider yourself a Christian then I have some bad news for you: don't be surprised if you end up in ***. I've been to concentration camps, museums. And I've read my history books. I'm not pulling this from my buttocks, just saying. WW II didn't "just happen". It started with a once Great Nation, that went through a deep economic recession, and wanted to be Great again. Then the blame for that recession was put on the immigrants and the deviants. The nationalist feelings were raised with rituals and symbols. The Strong Leader roused the people with propaganda and lies. And he dehumanized the immigrants, reducing them verbally to vermin. That country could have turned from the path to the darkest of darkness, right there. They did not and history tells us the whole world and in particular the Jew suffered dearly. You however, can still turn from this road to the darkest of darkness. You can still redeem yourself. Please don't cast this aside as a trivial political post, that a moderator may just hide because that's against the rules. You cannot look away from this. If only you could see this from the distance like I do, not from deep inside partisan turmoil. And see all the warning signs. When something's wrong, that's what it is: wrong. Deeply wrong.
  2. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    And as usual I'm fashionably late to the party and all the cookies are gone. Le sigh.
  3. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    I can remember at 1 time

  4. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    Allright, someone has summoned me into this thread, hoping I could help explain what's going on. Certainly, such a feat is beyond my capabilities, for I do not possess knowledge of the game's coding. However, I -can- apply Occam's Razor liberally to what's going on from a helicopter point of view. So here are some things you may wish to consider: Changes to the code. LMFAO. What changes? Those bugfixes/stability thingies? Those were not about pestering the LB? Nope, @Baroness Von Panda isn't hiding anything, I wager. Some things -did- change how the playerbase experiences revenge, but very likely not the code. Changes to the playerbase. AH! This is where we see mechanisms that could explain a different experience. Here comes Occam's Razor. I'll explain below. First of all there are likely less players than a year ago. Occam's razor say there have to be in a game that is in maintenance mode. I don't know for fact, but it's most likely. This makes it decidedly easier for you to connect a revenge attack with a whale! That's one side of the coin: it's easier now to revenge hunt a whale than it was a year ago! I remember noticing this already early 2017. In 2016 revenging a whale was almost impossible! Second of all, whatever players remain, are more concentrated: only those fanatic enough to stomach the maintenance mode game remain. That's a different bunch of people that were in the big shark pool a year ago! They're probably also playing in different, more fanatic ways. I'd not be amazed to find out that cheats/exploits have gained some more footing - as a response against more rampant revenges. But player concentration also leads to more revenges by itself: because with no new content what's left to keep you excited? Right: revenging against a huge boner whale! TL;DR: this is all caused by the playerbase behaving differently than a year ago, because of a playerbase that has reduced further in size and concentrated further towards those fanatic enough to stomach the maintenance mode this game is in, whether through honest or dishonest means.
  5. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    How about an update from Smoking Gun Interactive?

    LMAO that's so cute in a "so we don't have snow because this is a freaking hot desert for Pete's sake, but that still won't stop us making snowmen" kind of way. Pretty deep message underneath too, come to think of it: making the best out of what you've been given.
  6. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    How about an update from Smoking Gun Interactive?

    Thanks for the reply. It's probably in a way as frustrating for us as it is for you. Can't imagine being the bearer of no news is much fun. Know that it's appreciated regardless. Miss you too! Aaaaand back to lurker mode feeling totally rude .
  7. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    How about an update from Smoking Gun Interactive?

    LMAO. You overestimate both the horrors I could instill and whatever power I may hold over others. However, you may have nailed it considering the bird. Flappy is -not- thrilled and full of ***. But it's cool. I'm not upset. And while Flappy can't aim (don't ask how I found out), I can move my shoulder in such direction that Flappy only ends up whitening the walls and not any innocent bystanders. @Baroness Von Panda is safe with me, as I consider the messenger as one of the innocents. No worries. I've never been truly gone, just lurking. Figured I had something important to say, because alliance mates were wondering what was happening if anything. On the scale of the forum's community it could be just another sound from a broken record. On the scale of my personal posting history as of late, it's probably a bit more than just that.
  8. The last news was that there is no news (August 2017). Since then we've had a stability patch, most likely mostly to stop the game from being broken by some Xbox live update in the near future. I'm actually positively surprised the game is still as alive as it is. It shows the love and loyalty it's playerbase has for this game. Something that would not be possible if the game itself didn't have an inherent quality. That's precious. No news is bad news, @Baroness Von Panda. Please give us something, anything, to stop the dangling in the nothingness. Something I can return to my alliance. Thanks in advance, WeetIkHoeveel
  9. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Just Asking

    LMAO I'll chop it down with ... a herring! Ack... about time I stop logging in just about every day to harvest a little coin. No clue if I'm ever going to be able to do something with it but I'm like a freaking Smaug sitting on a pile of gold, and I'm not even the biggest hoarder by far.
  10. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Just Asking

    Did someone say huge new update? Oh the opportune timing of my visit to this foru.... Oh wait. Well, at least bugs still get fixed. That's undeniably a good thing. Aaaaand back to lurker mode. *waves*
  11. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    So... Is this the One layout for a gated community in this game?
  12. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Thanks for the update. I find it supporting my decision to limit my in-game activities to "donating troops" to my alliance, for the time being. Without new content, I have little else to play for, and better things to do with my time. Hopefully, someday, somehow, both parties will find will and funding to expand upon this game, which has given me a huge lot of entertainment. I don't want this journey to end, and there are such great places where we could go, if everybody was on board. I'll also be reducing my activity in this community, I'll miss some of you but I can do without circle jerking negative spiralling posts of those of us that are still around simmering. I'll merely pop in from time to time to see if there's anything actually new, like new for real. So goodbye for now, hopefully not a farewell.
  13. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Encouraging third place for DutchCourage last season and looking out for another third or maybe second this one. We've lost some high crowns - endgame life is tough - but we're getting back on our feet towards our 90k sweet spot. We mightn't be the largest Dutch alliance anymore in crowns - well done Dutch Division! Go guys, you deserve it!, but we're going strong and steady and harvesting the gold! Ruggen recht, schouders eronder, blik naar voren!
  14. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Alliance of the Day - Crocodiles

    Gratzies to the Crocodiles!
  15. SpelerWeetIkHoeveel

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    These guys made the soundtrack of my teens and I've grown up with them since. It's always been to me about both their music and their lyrics. Their latest is another home run if you ask me.