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    Idle Soldiers - The Comics

    They can get down in a large number of ways. Look, the invaders can help them get down by shooting them with some exciting hails of arrows , hitting them with one or more flying rocks, sending mamluks to throw precious swords at them, using Greek Fire to burn them and force them to jump down, ordering ladder invaders to combat them on the wall and push them down, or simply by destroying the wall.....etc. Why should they worry about having no way to get down?
  2. Hello dear Andy, as a Chinese player, I want to say something about the Chinese version of this game...[tongue] I think the translation is not accurate enough. Here are some examples: In the English version, the introduction to Longbowmen says "they do area-of-effect damage to their targets", but the Chinese version just says "they can damage their targets which are within their range". And the introduction to Maslama says "protected from ranged attackers", but the Chinese version says "protected from attackers". Such mistakes are making many Chinese players confused. I hope that the translation can be improved so that the players can enjoy the game better! Thanks a lot!

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    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    The german alliance "Tafelrunde" needs food. You are welcome! Ok i will go there soon
  4. happyfico

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    who needs food? i have a lot of food
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    and the first thing to do when get to a new age is to build the new fortifications, then upgrade the all production