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    Alliance Avengers2016 is looking for "A FEW GOOD MEN" (Players men or women) to come join our FABULOUS alliance. We are an alliance that works like a team when we fight for a GOLD placement in league play. We always provide the "BEST MOUNTED" Relief Troops and support each other with a variety of replays to hone our skills. We have all the Wonders and Boosts. We want to build back up to be competitive in the Lord's league. Right now we are small but mighty and battle for Gold (90%) of time in Nobles. Come join us and belong to a GREAT international team!! I'm the Empress and everybody calls me RED... yes I do have RED hair!! but I do not have a HOT RED temperament! I as does all the team let you play the way you want. The only request is to READ Announcement and chat for end of season message from me!! Come be the BEST with the AVENGERS2016ers!!! I mean
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    How about more than 1 "Duke's League" so the TOP Alliances will stop dumping crowns to move down to Lords League and take the GOLD from aspiring Alliances!!….. There are SO many possibilities if this game had support from the Controllers (SGI/Microsoft) of the game.... BUT it take a real interest in providing support to enthusiastic Castle Seiger 's...So right now things and Alliances are going down a goofy road....but we all must play and have fun so that is what has to be done to keep interest in a "DEAD and DYING" Cash Cow.... .. so sad!!
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    Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL if there was an AGE 11!! and more GOLD for players in Alliances who are the TOP Alliances (3) and League play? And More than 1 league playing at the DUKE level! And how about A GOLD SALE!!! And being able to donate resources (FOOD,STONE, and WOOD) to other players within your ALLIANCE!!! It seems a player is punished when you are supportive and want and do help young alliances build Wonders...If there was a way to donate within an Alliance to other new player it would increase the number of loyal players... Let us post our suggestion to SGI and Microsoft and let our VOICES be HEARD!!! This is a "Classic" game and should not be allowed to die on the vine!! RedHeartQuen ...the Empress of Avengers2016!!
  4. Queen Matcha,  I sent a message to Emperess Phmasa, and I will restate the problem, here.  I started the alliance called "Avengers2016 " about 25 days ago.  I'm going on Holiday and I was cleaning up players and wanted to demote an inactive player from Lord to noble but in error, I promoted him to Emperor!  I'm in a panicked situation.  I need to get my Emperor status BACK!  Like  ASAP so I can take care of matter before I leave.  Please, Help me!


    Thank you,


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