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  1. AngelicAngieK

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    I have done just about it all. Got to #1 individually and the alliance though we lost the league. Had all 3 of my age 10s on the LB at the same time. Just a couple more towers and that 3rd age 10 would have been maxed. Quit playing about a month ago though and probably won't get it maxed. Never gonna get that last objective of the defensive wins. Way too many more to get. Would have liked to have done that. Was a great ride gang! So enjoyed meeting yall and hope to meet you down the road somewhere in another game maybe. Just wish I would have found this game at the beginning and been here for the whole ride. Proud of my accomplishments in the game. Really proud of the team building skills I developed. Think that I was a pretty good emperess once upon a time. I have to say that I have met some of the greatest people on the planet while playing this game. It has been a privilege to be a part of this community.
  2. AngelicAngieK

    In Memory of The Treasure we lost....

    Glad you started a thread @Wicked Wulf. We were trying to get in touch with @Traders51 to start one since he and Jag were the closest of friends in the game. I was going to start one myself if we had not got in touch with him soon. I, for one, am taking this very rough. Jag has been there for me so many times through some rough health issues that I experienced. I only wish that I could have been there for him in any way that I could have throughout his struggle for life. I have been in a state of grief and shock for the last few days. It is always rough to loose a treasured friend. For those who wish to know. Our wonderful Jag, aka Treasure Hunter or @Inactive User was involved in a serious car accident on June 10, 2018. He was put into an medically induced coma to try to heal his body but was never able to come out of the coma and officially died on July 26, 2018. This information was provided by his brother who also dabbled at the game and that I got to meet in game in my alliance last year. I will think of him fondly and will miss his wit and cynicism greatly. He loved this game but was so disturbed by a lack of support from the developers to make necessary changes to the game that gave him joy. So for that reason, there was a lot of heated debate by him and with him on this forum. But he was one smart cookie. And if only a few of his ideas were implemented, he would not have quit playing the game. But his joy was not so much in just playing the game. His joy was being a part of this community. Y'all have heard me say that OK was family to me. And I have always considered Jag as a major member of that family. It was an honor to be his friend and I will treasure his friendship for the rest of my life. I was honored to be his emp at OK. I learned a lot about this game from him and he was one of my greatest cheerleaders in helping me and OK to get to #1 a few months back. It was a lot of fun for me. Thanks for that Jag. You da man! All my prayers are sent to his biological family for their peace and comfort. But I also send prayers out to the friends that he made here. We love and miss you Jag. Go Rest High On that Mountain My Friend!
  3. AngelicAngieK

    The Xbox server is down again.

    And this is why so many of us have stopped playing or at least only rev now if maxed. The actual battles are great. But the next button is a chore and extremely boring.
  4. AngelicAngieK

    How long are you playing ?

    Been playing for a year and a half. Have 2 accts maxed and another age 10 and 1 small account. Got to #1 on LB with my main acct and had the other 2 age 10s on the leaderboard at the same time. That was when OK was competing last and the same time that @MikeR210 had all 3 of his ages 10s on the LB at the same time. Had some fun in that league and in a couple others. Met some really nice folks playing this game. But I am about at the end of it all. I still donate troops and trying to max that last age 10. But just tired now. It is just exhausting to hit the next button over and over. But to those of you that still do it. Cheers to you! Hope you have some fun with it.
  5. AngelicAngieK

    Quotes You Love

    Just thought I would share 1 today that I have to read often to remind myself.
  6. @Scythian Fury, just trying to keep you on your toes. We haven't had a delightful insult exchange and mutual character assassination (as you put it) in awhile. I was starting to feel as if my purpose on this forum was completely unappreciated. Hope it made you feel better.
  7. AngelicAngieK

    Didn't recieve the crowns for a sucessfull attack.

    This happened to me once, but, it was when we were experiencing some problems with Xbox. The battle did not register on my side. The player lost crowns and got a PT, but, I did not gain any and had to wait for another 13 hours to try and rev him again. So it is probably a disconnect with your internet or disruption between your PC/phone and Xbox. It sucks big time. But there is nothing that can be done about loss of crowns with some sort of disconnect.
  8. Okay, where are these greener pastures? I have been looking but have found none. All I find is land over septic tanks and cow patties in the pasture that makes it look greener. And quite honestly, I do not like standing in a field of "poo." Plus, I may have a couple of grandbabies, but I am in no way ready to be sent out to pasture---and--I don't like being referenced as a cow! Now do you feel better that I did not complain about the game? I am complaining about your tiresome platitudes. Or is that not allowed now as well.
  9. AngelicAngieK

    bot users for keeping the account online

    True, DD. but he called out the #1 player by name at first. So that is where I was coming from. I don't need resources on my main acct now, so, I am just doing revs. Every now and then I do catch one. But it is not worth it to me to sit all day trying to catch it. I don't even do that on my smaller accts that are not maxed yet. If I can catch a rev then it is great but if I don't then I don't get worked up over it. I made a thread once about catching a rev, but, it was a joke thread (and I made sure that the others knew it was a joke) because I was trying to catch a big 1 for a couple of weeks. But I would try him before PT was up (always to no avail because he got online minutes before it was up.) And then I would try to estimate the 8 hour bucket. But others would beat me to it. Sometimes, I would hit the yellow fist when I got my army built, he was online usually, so I would go into matchmaking. I did catch him one of those times. But had the wrong army for his layout. I only got 44%. But the crown count for that 1 star was much more than 5 other 2 stars in matchmaking. We all had a little laugh over it and that was that. I was only an age 9 at the time and considered it a pretty nice accomplishment. He was #1 and a maxed 10. Since then, I have found him in MM twice. I got a 2 star on him a few months ago and gained over 700 crowns at the beginning of my rise to the top. He revved me and got back about 500. But I doubt seriously that he sat all day waiting on me either. Sort of sad that those on the leaderboard are the people that actually spend all the time in matchmaking. Leaderboard players spend hours a day collecting all the crowns. Then when they hit a rev only player, (s)he spends hours just trying to take the crowns that leaderboard players collect. That is why I don't stay on the LB all the time. It is a job to keep hitting next all the time. I have a life. When it is nice out, I go enjoy the day. When it is raining or I am having a bad Lupus day, I play. (Raining today. ) However, when I commit to a team that I will spend a lot of hours hitting that next so that my team can win, I do it for the sake of the team. I didn't intend to get to #1 at first, then I seen I could do it, so I went for it. But not only did I get to #1 on the main, I had my other 2 age 10s on the LB at the same time. I doubt I will ever do that again. It was brutal. But I feel that if I never get to the top again, I gave it all at least once not just for myself but for my team. Man, I will definitely miss that kind of fun, because, I doubt it will ever come my way again.
  10. AngelicAngieK

    bot users for keeping the account online

    DD, that doesn't work on most leaderboard players. To be on the leaderboard, you have to log in before the PT is up. The only way to catch a good and dedicated player is to wait out his 8 hour bucket time. But you have to be the first to catch him/her. And someone always does eventually. Believe me, when I was #1, there was someone hitting that button all the time. As soon as my bucket was up, I got revved. Most guys that come here to complain about not catching a rev are trying to catch someone that 100 others are trying to catch at the same time. Not everyone will catch that big rev. So why complain about it. If you catch him/her, then GREAT!---if not, then just move on to the next target---either catch another rev or go into matchmaking. That is what leaderboard players have to do all the time---they go into MM and spend nearly 8 hours a day hitting a stupid next button. I never had anyone that I could rev when I got at the top. Everything--and I mean everything in my log was a red fist. If you look at the top 10 players, they have all red fists as well. So someone is catching him/her. But of course, the others are just sore losers; because, they were not the one to catch the rev. Then at least one of them will come here and call that top 10 player a CHEAT for being on the top of the leaderboard. This is a very big pet peeve of mine; so, yeah, it gets my dander up every single time.
  11. AngelicAngieK

    Conrad not working

    I double checked just for your sake. There are no exposed walls at all. Instead of spending all that time with Joan gathering troops that did not help you, you should have been taking care of a gate.
  12. AngelicAngieK

    Conrad not working

    If you will read my above comment again, then you will see. Yes it does have to do with a terrordome. There isn't anything else to tell you other than what we are all saying.
  13. AngelicAngieK

    Conrad not working

    I watched the attack. The reason Conrad did not work was because it was a terrordome layout. A terrordome is defined as a layout with all outside gates. Conrad will not boost unless he has a wall. Sorry but the others are correct. That is why Conrad did not work here. It is a terrordome therefore---NO Boost! You asked for help. That is the best help we can give you.
  14. AngelicAngieK

    bot users for keeping the account online

    This really makes me mad. For I know for a fact that the player mention plays on iPad and does not use a bot. I have been his emp in my alliance and he is a very good friend of mine. He is a dedicated player and it is a joy to be in an alliance with him. It is an honor to be in chat with him when it says that he is chatting, because when he is in my alliance it is often with me that he is chatting with. @arnaud34590, it is against the Code of Conduct to come to the forum and name a player by name and say that he is cheating. Here is the link, I think you need to read it.
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