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  1. AngelicAngieK

    Replay issues

    Monday is a holiday here in the US. Not sure is SGI is taking it or not since they are based in Canada. But it may be Tuesday before anyone is back in the office. Notice how all this stuff happens on holiday weekends.
  2. AngelicAngieK

    Old Knights needs your help!

    I would love to have you with us. (Don't worry what @east puppet says. His opinion don't count anyway. )
  3. AngelicAngieK

    So the Terrordome been around for how long?

    I always laugh when Conrad just exits his tower especially when there are 18 rams that didn't get boosted. It doesn't matter if it is 2 crowns or 200 that I win. I love the wins, because, the terrordome just keeps on giving. I have had more wins with the terrordome than I ever did with the turtle. I just find it odd that so many still don't get the secret to taking it down. It is an easy layout to beat if you don't boost Conrad too soon. But I didn't name anyone. You gave yourself away there.
  4. AngelicAngieK

    So the Terrordome been around for how long?

    To my surprise, I came home from an outing today to not 1 but 2 pretty big crown wins on my defense. Can you tell me how a couple of 5k players still do not know how to take out a Terrordome?! All the better for me. 🤩 Have had a few good laughs about it. 🤣
  5. Thanks for the quick reply - did as you suggested.

  6. AngelicAngieK

    emperor change requested due to inactivity

    @Baroness Von Panda can do this for you. You may wish to send her a personal message in order to get in touch with her faster. Good Luck to you!
  7. AngelicAngieK

    Microsoft [Mod edited]

    Always been my opinion that is why we were separated from the other AOE forums. Ahh, just a drop in to say, "Hey!" and give @Traders a little support here. I'll be on my way again.
  8. AngelicAngieK

    Conrad the Elder

    Conrad will not work on some layouts. He has to have an outer wall to attach to. He will not attach to a gate.
  9. AngelicAngieK

    Unregisterd Attack

    I took a revenge on a player. I got a 59% 2 star win. But the attack did not register. When I got back, my entire army was there along with my heroes. So this has happened before and I understand it was some sort of disconnect. So I tried to reattack the same player but it now says that he has a 13 hour PT. However, the last attack on his logs is from 9 hours prior to my attack. My revenge does not show on his log, but, I some how gave him a 13 hour PT?!?! So, I do not get my 210 crowns--he did not loose any crowns. I cannot try to attack him again because he is now on PT. And he gets a free 13 hours. I come back to play a bit for our league and get this? I am sorry, but, this game just gets more frustrating the more I play.🤦♀ If anyone would like to investigate, I will PM the gamer tag @Baroness Von Panda. Otherwise, I guess I am on this one. Oh, and I broke my PT to hit the guy and now I have no PT. Double BOO!!!
  10. AngelicAngieK

    That Time of Year Again; Any Type of Gardening

    This was my project today. Finally warm enough to put the decals on. Centered on my back glass. In the lower corner of the drivers side window. This last one is special to my heart. I support my son and his fellow police officers that put their lives on the thin blue line everyday to make WV a better place for all of us.
  11. AngelicAngieK

    That Time of Year Again; Any Type of Gardening

    I have already transplanted some tomatoes into larger pots so that they can grow a little before putting them in the ground. Still waiting on Spring to clearly get here though. We had snow this week. But after the weather decides to cooperate, I will be planting my veggie garden and flower beds with annuals. I am also doing a lot of work on my new SUV--putting a few decorative touches to it. Still waiting on the personalized license plate from the DMV. But excited to actually be able to get out and about soon.
  12. AngelicAngieK

    And for my next (gate) trick

    Yeah, what @nightwarrior690 is showing in his 2nd picture is 1 entrance connected to 2 road positions on the castle. But you can see that the road splits off into 2 roads outside of the gates which I am assuming is going to 2 different entry points (torches at the edge of the map.) Otherwise, the paved sections on each side would not be paved. Cool trick and less gate entry sides for rams to take out. @EntireBroom Jr's picture is just showing 1 continuous road to 1 entry point.
  13. Agree 100% here with you Bailey. I am about to retire myself. And, I am in total agreement with you here. The people that I have met here uplifted me and made me happy while I was going through this horrible ordeal. I was very sick and going through test after test and then they finally figured out that I needed a pacemaker. Some wonderful people gave me strength to not be depressed through a very depressing time in my life. You all know who you are! And without you, I would have not made it to the other side. But now, I just don't see a reason to keep playing. I still talk to all these wonderful folks outside of the game. So, I still have that love and support. But, I just don't have the will to stay online for 8 hrs a day when at least 4 of them is spent in matchmaking to stay on the leaderboard. Where is the fun in that? Plus, if you don't get a couple of big targets, then you have to do 20 attacks to gain---which takes a lot of gold to do. Furthermore, if you do not stay on for the entire 8 hours, then you are revved for hundreds of crowns as soon as you log off. And while I used to love this game and still love so many of the folks that play and have played, you will see less of Angie in game. Sorry folks, but I do not see anyone caring anymore. I have fought tireless fights on behalf of this game and if it is ever "fixed", I'll be back. You will still see me on rainy days and to log in to give troops. But unless I have a reason to really fight, I won't be wasting so much of the precious time that God has given back to me now that I am much better. I'll check in here from time to time to say hey as well. I have been hanging on for months because I love yall! But, the glitter of Castle Siege is gone for me right now.
  14. AngelicAngieK

    When will this game become like this?

    @Wicked Wulf, there is no way that my kids would have ever behaved like that. My daughter called me the B word 1 time! And that was it. Her brother got his license 6 months sooner than she did because of it. (They are twins just to remind you.) My son came home late 1 time. He had his keys taken away for 2 weeks. My son said the F word at age 12 and got his mouth washed with Dial soap. They didnt disrespect their Momma! And they have both thanked me now that they have children of their own for never letting them behave that way.
  15. AngelicAngieK

    When will this game become like this?

    This whole time I was watching this I was thinking of my little age 10's emperor. Then I read @east puppet's post and realized he came to the same conclusion.