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  1. Does drinking alcohol enhance your game performance or does it just increase the chance that you will totally *** up a battle? Some discussion has already taken place on this subject at OK. But wondering how others feel.
  2. plz help

    You need to put this information in the support forum to get help. The community manager may be able to help you. You can send her a personal message as well. @Baroness Von Panda
  3. Leaderboard My Ranking didn't receive gold this cycle

    Matchmaking was brutal this time. I think all the extended PTs made a difference because everyone was hunting those last few days a lot. I had a horrible time myself. As for the gold, I had 2 empires that place in individual as well as alliance league. 1 of them got them both the same time. Then the other I had to close out twice as I told you. Sort of weird how it does that. Good Luck to you in the game and lets both hope that matchmaking gets a little better this league.
  4. connection problem

    It would be better if you sent a personal message to @Baroness Von Panda. She will have to investigate the problem since there have been patches now to fix the crashing problem. Plus, she has stated there will be no more extended PTs and that SGI need to look at your logs now for any crash problems. Just send this information to her in a personal message. Hope this helps you. Happy Sieging
  5. Black Friday Sale Event - Mon 20 to Mon 27 November 2017

    Mine is showing a big discount and all except the tiny package.
  6. Leaderboard My Ranking didn't receive gold this cycle

    Sometimes, it takes you closing out the game and reopening it. I had to do it twice to receive my individual gold this time. It has always been like that. Don't know why. But I am sure that many others have to do the same thing each time. Hope this helps you.
  7. Road Map of possible Up-Grades

    You are very welcome! This site helped me a lot when I first started.
  8. Ability to dump donated troops

    This has been a suggestion before. The problem with this idea is that there would be a lot of abuse with this. You will have some individuals that receive appropriate troops for their level. However, they maybe would delete them in hopes of getting maxed troops which is a greater advantage. This would not be a problem in all alliances of course. But the alliances that give inappropriate troops would also be the ones that would tend to abuse this system due to several ages in the alliance. For this reason, it is important for the emperor to be active in watching the donations and getting others to stick to the rules of donating. I and a few others have suggested instead of letting everyone get rid of unwanted troops, let the emperor be able to scrub them. That way there is a control of the troops at the top level. If the emperor thinks that the troops are not high enough in level for your age or a foot troop is donated when it is stated in alliance that is not a proper donation, then he/she can delete that donation and leave the spot open to a proper troop replacement. I hope I made that a clear statement for you to see why just the emperor being in control of the donation instead of everyone would be the better choice in your suggestion. If you have a good emp, then this would be a sufficient choice. If you do not have a good alliance with a good emp, then it may be time to find a better one anyway. Good luck to you and Happy Sieging!
  9. Road Map of possible Up-Grades

    This site has a lot of that info.
  10. Venganza

    Translated through Google: I can not advance in the game, whenever I return to the game I have been attacked twice and I lose 200 or 400 crowns, being that I connect once a day and I win 200 crowns, this makes me stay stagnant, previously I could give revenge to the attackers , I can not give revenge to certain attackers and to find a rematch is very complicated by the peace treaties, I have been playing for more than 3 years and I can not advance in this way, so I suggest that the attackers can be retaliated , as previously could be done or maybe make a better match for battles, if I am a castle that has 3000 crowns it would seem more fair to find castles with 3000 crowns or more, but I always find castles with fewer crowns or even without crowns, I have tried send my complaint via twitter and facebook without receiving a response, for which I would appreciate an answer, Thank you We all have similar problems trying to find crowns. The only way to truly advance is search in matchmaking for a very long time to find a large crown target or battle your whole 8 hours. I do both and finally got to 6k in crowns today for the first time. But I have been seeing a lot of low crown offers myself. I take every tribute that I can get without heroes for a few crowns and then keep searching. There really is nothing else that I can offer you in response. It is brutal in matchmaking sometimes. Good Luck to you Todos tenemos problemas similares tratando de encontrar coronas. La única forma de avanzar realmente es buscar durante mucho tiempo la búsqueda de un objetivo de corona grande o luchar durante las 8 horas completas. Hago ambas cosas y finalmente obtuve 6k en coronas hoy por primera vez. Pero he estado viendo una gran cantidad de coronas bajas. Tomo cada tributo que puedo obtener sin héroes por unas pocas coronas y luego sigo buscando. Realmente no hay nada más que pueda ofrecerte en respuesta. A veces es brutal en los emparejamientos. Buena suerte para ti.
  11. 8 hour time bucket

    As I stated above, sometimes I speed train, sometimes I do not. And I would be impacted both ways. What would be the worst part is to be attacked while nexting. If you would not keep up with your time, you could be put in MM because you spent too much time nexting. As for the times I do not speed train, I am often busy doing emp stuff or here on the forum answering questions. So to change the time, would hurt those of us that are trying to help other players. Yes, there are abuses. But there would be a way to figure out how to abuse the system that you have laid out as well. The system we have works for the majority of players now. So why mess with it?
  12. Can't Attack

    You have an 8 hour bucket time to spend time online. Once that 8 hours is up, you are put into matchmaking. And once you have been hit then you receive your PT. Many attack the entire 8 hours so it is difficult to get them. The more crowns they have, then the higher chance that they do stay online all the time attacking. It takes a lot of attacks to make up for the nightly losses once the PT runs out. I am speaking from experience here. The information below explains Peace Treaties and Bucket Time. I hope this helps you understand why it is difficult to catch a revenge some times. Plus if you are trying to revenge him, so are a lot of other people. Sometimes it is just impossible. But best of luck to you. How do peace treaties work? A defending castle is awarded a peace treaty based on two things: what percentage of the castle was destroyed in its last battle, and whether the Keep was also destroyed. What is a time bucket? When we are online, we cannot be attacked. However, we cannot stay online 24 hours to prevent ever being attacked. The most time we can stay online and be protected from attack is 8 hours. It works like an 8 hour hour-glass. While you’re online, the amount of time you have to be protected is decreasing. While you’re offline, the amount of time you have to be protected is increasing. You can’t have more than 8 hours total of protected time. When you receive a message that you are "vulnerable to attacks," your time bucket is full and so you can get matched during your attacks, which will result in you getting disconnected while your castle is under attack. Therefore, it is very risky to ever start a battle after receiving this message. You are warned with the following messages: 1. "You will be vulnerable to attacks soon..." Several minutes before you're actually vulnerable. 2. "You are now vulnerable to attacks..." You're now vulnerable. It's better to stay offline and rely on your PT for protection during your vulnerable time. If you choose to attack, then you're taking the risk. The bucket holds 8 hours of time. Once it's empty, you're dumped into the same matchmaking pool you're in whenever you're offline without a peace treaty. No special pools for this sort of thing. You are using up "safe time" from the bucket every second you've got Castle Siege open. So if you're battling, building, chatting with your alliance, watching replays, or just admiring the way your spearmen aimlessly wander the castle grounds, you're draining time from the bucket. Time gets put back into the bucket whenever Castle Siege is closed. For every second you're offline, another second of "safe time" gets put back into your bucket. Remember, if you remain idle in the game for a few minutes, you will likely be automatically logged off, though there have been reports that this may not always happen, especially if you are running a security program.
  13. Charles Manson dead

    @harrold borgen I still believe Manson was evil and a cult leader and deserved to be in prison. I have always wondered about the death penalty though; because, he was not present at the killing. Hard to convict someone of murder without them being present. But in the end, that did not matter. I believe we were better off with him being in prison to stop his evil cult practices and his constant prey upon our youth. That was enough to remove him from society IMHO. However, I agree with you about perception. The media controls the narrative in this country. And, the media is directly at fault for a lot of the constant upheaval in the world today. Not only the media, but powerful people have written our history. Many historical "facts" that we have been taught about our country and the world have been altered by the rulers of the day. So, many things that we believe to be true are not necessarily so. It is all over the news now about "fake news." But who has the true and the fake is hard to decipher sometimes. However, some of it can easily be seen as fake, but there is a lot of gray area in some media coverage. Take the massacre at Vegas. For several days, the news reported all sorts of conflicting statements. It was hard to know the truth from the speculation. A lot of the protests and bigotry in the world is festered with inaccurate media coverage and works people into frenzies resulting in riots at times. Conservative and Liberals are both to blame. (So don't make this a political debate. It is just a fact.) Sensationalism sells! The LaBianca and Tate murders were a media frenzy; and, Manson became legend as the years went on because of it. Mason and his family became regulars in tabloid journalism from day 1 and will continue for years to come. With his death will come another string of news shows and magazine covers to inundate us with more "facts" about Mason. It is the nature of the beast so to say.
  14. Routine smash down rant

    I have a suggestion about Smashdown Wednesday that would maybe lighten this rant. Why not make it a total freebie? What I mean is, make it so that we can do our smashdown battle while we are on PT and not break the PT by doing so. If I could do my smashdown say 2 hours before my PT is up, then I can use my army and have time to retrain before the PT is up. Of course, I would have to get off and let that time refill my hour glass. But that is ok. It wouldn't take up my BT to hunt for crowns then. I hate using gold to retrain my troops that I need for a true battle as well. If your PT stays as is, then you can use the smashdown for it's true intent, a FREEBIE. As it is now, it either messes with your BT or you drop and get out for a loss. Yeah, you don't loose crowns, but you loose a battle and don't gain stars, or towers, or any task for your alliances wonders. Plus if you still need a lot of stone like I do, it does help some. Others still need food and wood as well. The food is good if your are nexting a lot. So there is benefit in smashdown. But it messes with precious time when you are trying to win a league. Just a thought to pass on to the team @Baroness Von Panda
  15. 8 hour time bucket

    I spend most of my days using my 8 hours. If you don't believe me, check my logs. Sometimes I speed train. Sometimes I don't. But if they changed it, many of us would never be able to hold crowns. And there goes your big crown rev that a bunch of guys sit around and wait for. You can check that most of the leaderboard players do attacks all day long. So no, I do not like this idea 1 bit. Also a bad idea because of those who put their keeps out to collect gold during their 8 hr time bucket and PT times. We would never be able to get gold from our roads if we had to stay within our turtles; and some not turtles but still no gates, all day. The way the system is now is fair for all players. It is fair for those who attack all day and those that log on periodically to attack. If you want a leaderboard crown rev, you just have to put in the time like all the rest of us do.