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  1. Remove the option of posting in the Forum

    Funny!! There are a bunch of crazy stuff blocked. I found out back when Game of Thrones was on that you cannot talk about Jon Snow being a ba*tard. Which I said, "OK, I can understand." But I could not share a recipe for GOT co.cktails without it being blocked. Get real!! It's a compound word!!! Just testing the theory here. Probably can't talk about ***atoo birds either. @recycle ar, how about we remove the super duper strict filter here. That is one I can actually get behind.
  2. Remove the option of creating new alliances

    You mentioned it first in this thread--several hours before me. So didn't think it would hurt to say it again. (You gave out the secret PMing Panda part. ) But the secret has been out for awhile anyway I do believe.
  3. Remove the option of creating new alliances

    Yeah, me too. They are still on my list. But I haven't been able to do any in a while anyway. And, you have to be quick. And that is the largest problem. Most do not even try to find an alliance that speaks their own language. So there really is no communication. Very true. If you are interested, join us. Just send a PM. Quit being that a few weeks in Ragnar. I do believe we have made at least a small difference. At least we have helped a few players find an alliance that they will enjoy.
  4. Remove the option of creating new alliances

    Just as SF said, I don't think there is code to do this. And if they try to write it, it could mess up the game. It's been known to happen. But even if they did this, the alliance would still show up in search which does not help alliances seeking members. @GeneralPack1 is frustrated that he is seeking members but he cannot reach players that could fill his alliance. A lot of emps are. That is part of the reason we started the little close down zombie alliances group. But it gets a little overwhelming when you go into an alliance and try to explain to some of these guys that they are in a zombie alliance. They do not know that they can even work to make wonders. I stayed with 1 group for quite awhile, then finally got someone in there that could help train some. He pretty much knew what he was doing and I have kept communication with him to answer questions. But the main problem is there are THOUSANDS, yes thousands of zombie alliances out there. I have a list of over 500 alliance names with zombie emps. And I know for sure, there are many more that we may never be able to find. We try to get to the ones that show up in the search first because they do fill up and those people never realize that they have an emp that does not play any longer. But any alliance that is set to invite only or request to join and is an actual zombie cannot even be collapsed by us. But they are still in the search. And if you are a new player, you do not know that you will never be able to join that alliance. You may never realize that your emperor does not battle. You may never realize that your alliance should be actively working on wonders. Even the few guys in those alliances that still battle do not realize that they can kick their inactive emps. Yes, something needs to be done. But just a few people going in closing zombie alliances is not working fast enough. Chuggs has the best answer: Truly the only thing that would work well and in a timely manner. But if Panda says it can't be done, then we are just left with closing individual alliances as we find them. But the problem that I have encountered that is frustrating me the most, I find one and write the name down on my list, then when I get finished where I am and try to move to the next one, it has filled with 49 peasant leaguers and 1 emp that has not battled in over a year. (Not all of those peasant leaguers are all new players sometimes either.) Then I cannot join because it is full. I cannot even try to go in there and communicate with them. They would not be closed in the way that Chuggs suggested, because you have 49 people fighting in a peasant league. But, those people may never be able to be reached then. And, they will never be able to understand the true joy and help that an alliance can supply. BTW: Gonna try and get back at it soon guys. Now that I have mended from the surgery.
  5. We tell so many this, but, very few pay attention. It is such good advice. But it is so hard for them to understand this when the whole premise of the game is to get those crowns. @Sparks, the reason we say, "Don't worry about crowns" is that crowns can actually hurt your progress in the early ages unless you are a seasoned player. Even then, the seasoned player knows that he cannot hold them very long. Without being maxed or nearly maxed with troops and defenses, there will always be a bigger dog out there that can come and take your crowns. To be able to get them back, you must either have better skills to attack him or have better troops. Most of the time, it takes both unless you are maxed. You need to hold onto your resources so that you can get to that point. So with lower crowns, you are a less juicy target and you will not be attacked as often. Plus ALL of the above tips are spot on. I think the most important one of all there is what @POORFELLER said--Join an alliance that can help you with any and all questions that you have about power levels, bucket time, peace treaties, defensive structure, and especially help you improve your battle skills. Learn EVERYTHING that you possibly can about the game while you are collecting resources and upgrading your troops and defenses. Then when you get to ages 9 and 10, you have the skills to attack for crowns and know how to hold them. If you are age 9 or 10 and this is happening, then maybe you need to consider making a new alt and start from scratch and learn again once you join an alliance that can teach you. Many of us here want to try and help players that struggle. You have been given great tips. But an alliance that helps players grow is the most important way to success in this game. Good luck to you!
  6. Remove the option of creating new alliances

    I think what needs to be done there--is just remove those from the search option. Not sure why invite only comes up in search when searching for an alliance to join anyway.
  7. Revenge window

    I just said this to East in chat a few minutes ago. Probably about the same time you were writing it here.
  8. Have to learn to take your devise with you. Of course, that can cause problems if you are not careful. But I have done it, because, if you dally too long in the bathroom, you come back to being attacked.
  9. Conrad the money maker

    You have a very valid point there Jag. But I also know that you are an exceptional player that utilizes all the heroes at other times.
  10. Conrad the money maker

    I use him in my rotation as well. But I have 5 different hero combos that I use all the time. And then when in competition and I speed train, I use almost all of them at some point. Some I only know to use them as a distraction. But when you use your best hero combos and unsure of the others, then distraction gets a few crowns with a semi-tribute. I always have room for improvement even with Conrad. And I am still learning all the time. Exactly!!!
  11. Age of empires castle siege

    Translated: Thank you, you have a good soul. I hope you mercy God. Thank you for the kind words. I happen to agree with you as well. A health bar on top of the troops would be beneficial. Welcome to the forums and good luck to you. God bless you as well. Спасибо за теплые слова. Я, случается, согласен с вами, как хорошо. Здоровье бар на вершине войск будет полезно. Добро пожаловать на форумы и удачи вам. Да благословит вас Бог.
  12. Age of empires castle siege

    Translated: Add to the game, please, the ability to change the mode of conduct of troops: aggressive and protective. Also add a display of the number of troops on the battlefield, changing the amount of life. Displays the amount of life so that the soldiers are shown stripes with lives when they change from the damage received. This way they will not interfere with the game. That is, let's say the soldier got the damage, and then a split second showed a strip showing his amount of life. And that these strips were of different colors depending on their filling. So, if life is full-green stripe. If half of life is yellow. If less than half is red.
  13. Conrad the money maker

    I have been saying this for awhile. I still hold to my stand about hating the constant rushing especially for a revenge on their tribute. I get a few crowns without using heroes. And, then, they come back for 4 times or more what I took. But nerfing Conrad is probably the last thing they would do. Otherwise, the lights would go off in the game. Maybe the best that we can ever hope for is a fix where you can only take as many crowns as you offer. But I doubt that would happen either. But, if it did happen, the leaderboard would change drastically. I probably don't have enough skills to be on the top. But the people that actually deserve it would. To me, that would be a win.
  14. How smart are YOU???

    Thank you for reopening the thread @Wicked Wulf I wanted to apologize for going off the rails a bit yesterday. I have a hang up about people thinking that I am unintelligent. I did not mean to come off catty. But it did. For that please excuse my bad behavior. I hope you all can accept my apology with good graces and just know that it was a problem of my making. I was not having a good day as it was. And I took it out in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time. So for my unfortunate outburst, I do ask for your forgiveness. Sincerely, Angie
  15. Alliance of the Week - Bahia Brasil II

    Congrats Bahia Brazil II and @cdigest for the honor of alliance of the week. I hope you find a lot of new dedicated players for your alliance. Good Luck to you!