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  1. Aardvark

    Thank You - to players

    I believe MS may be making a special offer on an endless night
  2. Aardvark

    This Blows!

    Surely the question is how, not why. It was said why the puppet was banned, but no one suggested they were against him. So How is what was written so badly misconstrued?
  3. Aardvark

    What other games are like...

    we can but hope!
  4. In so far as I can see, that it the only possible reason. Indeed, money is the only thing MS is good at. This is true, but it only makes sense if AoEIV is really coming soon. Why would they cut an income stream (if there is one) and lose customer loyalty if they did not think AoEIV would be released before the closure date for CS? Perhaps they do think that, but if so either AoEIV is very close indeed or they have fallen into the age old trap of relying on vapourware. Knowing MS, it is probably the latter.
  5. Aardvark

    Free Gold!

    What's the good? I already have ~30k free gold from the devs. I tried to spend it one season to move up the LB, but only decided I didn't have time to battle that much.
  6. Aardvark

    Why kill the game microsoft?

    The problem is not with the game, it is with the business model. Microsoft repeated the mistake of Age of Empires Online, making it too expensive to buy gold. Then, at the time they released it on Android, they started giving away loads of free gold in battlechests, crippling their own income stream. At the same time they ran into the problem with all software, that development costs spiral if further development is attempted. It is sad, but I have felt that the writing has been on the wall for a long time.
  7. Aardvark

    This Blows!

    I think it was not so much the banging of the head against the wall, but abusing the builders of the wall because it did not fall down.
  8. I'd say welcome back, but after your holiday I suspect you think it is anything but!
  9. Aardvark

    This Blows!

    Those who work in software know that botching software is the norm. One would hope that communicating botched software was weirdo, but unfortunately it is all too common.
  10. Aardvark

    Conrad going out of fashion?

    But then one does not lose more crowns in revenge than one gains in attack, and if attacked by a whale it can lead to high crown earnings. The strategy has taken me to 25 on the LB and to over 8k crowns. More normally I am between 5 and 6k. I find it more relaxed as it means that I don't have to stay on line between attacks and can play at my own pace. And I hate the tedium of Nexting.
  11. It's a bit of both. The proportion of very active players is much less compared to total number of players.
  12. Aardvark

    Conrad going out of fashion?

    I haven't had another sequence of 9 defences without Conrad, but still it continues most are not Conrad. Almost all are not revenges as I play a grey shield strategy. Charles is more often used, and Richard, Herman, Sal, Alex and other heroes are all used regularly. Those whining about Conrad are either just whiners, or they are using Conrad friendly castles, which is their own fault.
  13. Aardvark


    I think this has to do with the deal struck between the devs and the heroes when the game was first conceived. It is not widely known, but the heroes normally only get 30% of the gold which you pay them. Conrad has just found out that Richard is on 40%, and he is going on strike.
  14. That is as it should be, but actually you only have one revenge remaining although both light up.
  15. Aardvark

    Any Update on "Alliance wars"

    I never thought alliance wars was more than a pipedream of players, but unfortunately the only news is no news. Development has ceased altogether.
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