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  1. psyllo

    Leagues-Preview *Part 2*

    Anyone knows what this means? Improved connection logic when enemy players are previewing your castle for potential attack. Players will now have priority to their own empires and have improved access to the game.
  2. psyllo

    Patch 1.15

    i got the same on second keep who is age 7 around 2 k crowns and only offered age 8/9 worthy of enough crowns to take . Actually for me its a nice target to get better and hey you can still own those keeps with martell lvl2 or good ol Conram rush only downside is that i get revenged alot but thats ok for me. Only thing you can do about it is age up but that will not really help getting attacked alot it will only get worse the higher you get especially if you like crowns
  3. psyllo

    Patch 1.15

    It's rather simple the message says you've been online to long. Atm the message appears you get thrown in the matchmaking pool so no need to stay online.
  4. psyllo

    Patch 1.15

    im running it on my desktop with windows 10
  5. psyllo

    Patch 1.15

    so i updated to 1.15 then it gave me black screen with only MS logo try to restart my pc still the same. Then reinstalled game still only black screen no loading. when i open this on my surface all fine still old version im running the latest insider build of windows 10
  6. psyllo

    Patch 1.15

    Anyone an idea on how much the production units upgrade cost? And how much % it produces more ?
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