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  1. When you have less than a fully upgraded Watch Signal, I find that they often come from paths furthest away from where the attacker has troops. (This could just be an illusion, but it seems to be true a lot of the time.) Has anyone else noticed this? Or does anyone have definitive info from the developers to the contrary?
  2. Game Still crashing

    Gamer tags: Gresford0, Seeker12357, Onyx444, Syzygy44, Quartic7 Device: Windows 10 desktop PC (with wired network connection to very fast broadband router) Error: "Error encountered connecting to the server" (multiple failures - at the moment cannot start the game on any Gamer tag - prior to that I lost the connection to the server much more frequently than usual) Duration: Complete failure started from 18:25 GMT, more frequent lost connection got progressively worse from about 13:00 GMT onwards)
  3. Re Conrad not engaging, you may have fallen victim to an anti-Conrad castle layout, e.g. see the thread "the 'TERRORDOME'... solution to noob ramrushers" in the General Discussion forum, in which case this is not a Castle Siege bug. Will need your Gamertag to check.
  4. This should be in a new topic. But it's not a bug, it's one of the new anti-Conrad layouts - hee, hee - I'm glad some players are fighting back against Conrad!
  5. I disagree. Many players weren't affected at all - why should they benefit from a bug that had no impact on them?! Others, such as myself, gave up attacking until the bug was fixed, and before that had lost Crowns while attacking due to crashes caused by the bug - this seriously impacted those players, who therefore deserve some compensation such as this - if they were seriously impacted they would probably have requested the extended Peace Treaty, and therefore be on the list for this compensation.
  6. age of empires

    Yes, I agree. I'm realizing more as time goes on, and playing a few alt accounts, how well devised and balanced a game it is (except for some issues at the highest Ages). Have months and years of fun!!
  7. Black Friday Sale Event - Mon 20 to Mon 27 November 2017

    Are you sure? In the past, similar boosts have become available to activate again (for free) once they expire, during the boost availability period.
  8. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Please be patient, the Baroness works US Pacific Time hours, I believe.
  9. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Thanks for all your hard work Baroness, I'm sure it's much appreciated by all. Have you any plans for extending the Peace Treaties when the time comes (assuming the bug isn't fixed soon) - some will be running out in the next day or two? Will we all have to reapply or will you extend the Peace Treaties for all those who have previously requested it without any further messages from us?
  10. Best desigion for loooong Peace Treaty

    But that would mean initially that there would be absolutely no one to battle against! Depending on how the game is coded, this may mean no one could get a battle at all except against brand new empires. It would take ages for enough empires to NOT be in a Peace Treaty to make the game playable again. [Oops - I ignored the critical condition - "(For active players with color shield only)" - maybe the idea might work fine after all!]
  11. That should be 112,000,000 Wood by increments of 275,000
  12. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Thank you Baroness - the 7-day Peace treaty is now active.
  13. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Gamertag Gresford0 (that's zero not capital O). My request is above, but I'm still showing previous Peace Treaty of 2 hours 17 minutes. Thanks for this offer Baroness - good idea!
  14. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Me too, please: my Gamertag is Gresford0.
  15. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    I rarely use those Heroes. I'm getting crashes with other Heroes.