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    what did East say?! lolol. we only got a few days to go, so maybe I can get kicked off before the end by using an alt to comment in the forum. any volunteers want to take the time? @Chuggles22, @Wicked Wulf, @InflamedNut2? but yes, I agree, @POORFELLER, @MikeR210, @Traders51. the players are what made this game great! I've so enjoyed the time I've got to spend with so many of our community chatting in game. tbh, I loved that more than the sieging. Happy trails everyone! I wish I'd got to meet you all. I can say with no reservations, this is the best bunch of people I've ever had the luck to hang out with online for the last few years! Cheers to you all!!! Peace! @IcedGuitar785 aka @Iced Knave 7 aka iced knave 77 aka iced brute 7 #FREE THE PUPPET #would be nice if I could login to the game with this account. that's why I logged into forum. it's where the help button took me. haven't been able to login to 2 of my alts, this included, since before last season ended...about a week now.
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