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  1. Inactive User

    Thank You - to players

    Yes I agree, however I am still alive. Seems like a joke from another community has made its way here. No pony can help that I’m afraid
  2. Inactive User

    Revenge players not to smart

    Yeah I dropped all my crowns, wasted all my resources and the line up to revenge doesn’t stop. It was very amusing to see some revenge for 20 crowns, 1k food and wood and 0 stone only to give me 150 crowns for the exercise. I guess copying sf attack method is as pointless as her posts.
  3. Inactive User

    Conrad not working

    Sorry miss, that’s the wrong pony if you’re trying to impress anyone. I only checked your crowns when I went to see why your alliance would harass a friend of mine but as usual nothing you say makes any sense. Keep up the enlightening posts though, maybe one will get there.
  4. Inactive User

    Conrad not working

    Yes, you activate Martel first then Conrad second. Very tricky manoeuvre..only the best crown hunters can pull that one off. Congrats on getting past that 4K crown hurdle!
  5. Inactive User

    This game isn't fair to all players

    Not any more Wulfie. Due to the confirmed revenge window, it seems like this is the way the devs intended us to play now. Is 6500 crowns good enough to count. I did this last season- revenges only. Right now I have 2 accounts at almost 5000 each, both revenge only. Moral of the story: Listen to Treasure Hunter, he may have turned to the dark side and plays like a prick but he is right.
  6. Yes there is a *** revenge window and ***ers don’t want to admit it
  7. Inactive User


    Make the game good by listening to the actual players and don’t think you can win them over by putting in extra stuff no one asked for. Winning idea right there free of charge
  8. Inactive User

    List of suggestions

    Best post in a while, maybe we just forget the simple things
  9. You need this Not sure if this is footage of panda at SGI trying to get our ideas across to the team...
  10. Inactive User

    List of suggestions

    Guys and gals, sword maidens included, I've just got word back from the team about all these great ideas. Here is the official response:
  11. Inactive User

    List of suggestions

    Hey get out of here with that, no negativity is promoted on this thread. Now something to add: battle chests include boosts like what @SuatKelem has mentioned, but can be purchased with gold once they have all been collected. They can be stockpiled in the boosts section of the menu. The outcomes still need to be random but we have to have at least 1 gold chest and every gold chest has some kind of perk or boost.
  12. Inactive User

    List of suggestions

    An idea based off another similar game is that when you relocate, that is change civs, revenge becomes unavailable because in theory you have packed up and moved and they only have the old address from when you attacked them. 500gold to relocate is expensive and only the top players would even think about it. In the other game you have to complete tasks before you can move and costs nothing. If the cost was reduced to say 250 gold to change civs then maybe more would think about it and could be extra income for more game development. Then those who have the advantage of scanning and meticulously planning a revenge will have to earn crowns the honest way. Won't that have some backlash!
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