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  1. DioKratos82

    Problems with the reward

    you are really unique thank you so much thank you and I wish you a good evening :)
  2. DioKratos82

    Problems with the reward

    thank you very much you are always very kind my gamertag is DioKratos82 emperor of the alliance Titani D'Italia thank you very much your news I hope you can solve
  3. DioKratos82

    Problems with the reward

    after two weeks of intense battles it is disappointing not to receive the reward waiting for me since I finished third in the noble league would expect 130 coins at the time I have not received the award yet I wonder what sense does playing a league if you do not receive the prize awarded have my prize that I won by fighting thanks
  4. DioKratos82

    Problems with the reward

    I have not yet been given the 130 coins won
  5. DioKratos82

    Problems with the reward

    Hi i have a problem with the rewards charged me only the reward of the General league that we won from the first but not my single noble league that I came third is I expect 130 coins how come? Thank you very much Specific that gave me twice server error then I had to close and re-enter the game as soon as I entered me gave only the currencies of the Alliance League
  6. DioKratos82

    Android Update Problems

    thanks baroness von panda ;)
  7. DioKratos82

    Android Update Problems

    Hello I just wanted to warn you that the update for Android of 7/11/2018 does not operate the game as soon as the Dowlonad starts back to the main screen of the phone thanks
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