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  1. CODA Chat

    Merry Christmas to you Menace and all!!!

    Merry Christmas to all and peace! I know I'm a forum zombie but now I have free time with my family. mừng sinh nhật Chúa Giêsu!!! Giáng sinh vui vẻ!
  3. Revenge should be removed from game

    Totally destroy and nuke the revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. CODA Chat

    @Scythian Fury Chasing criminals is so much fun!!!!!!!
  5. So even if Conrad cannot go anywhere, but as long as there are walls he will operate properly? I said surround any wall completely with towers
  6. I didn't need to look, just think. Just surround the wall with towers. Is that the secret?! Omg lol
  7. My new favorite show!

  8. My new favorite show!

    Better then cops lol
  9. Maybe we need a few more mods?

    This forum needs a mod bot lol. It works 24/7 for free and no one can accuse it of bias
  10. Personality Test (for fun lol)

    Somewhere between Commander and manager.......
  11. Spam attack

    Looks like we have something fun and new to do here on this forum.........
  12. Spam attack

    Maybe it's time to update your captcha software just like how anti malware and virus software always has to improve constantly.... maybe a spam developer improved their spamming program...
  13. How to keep Alliance members motivated

    Fight in the leagues and motivate everyone with a hard working spirit to get some gold$$$$$ Yup, that get's EVERYONE's a** going. Makes me more motivated too, and the alliance work becomes intense! good old days....
  14. CODA Chat

    Hey!!! you know, I know you did PM me.... but so did!!!!
  15. USA 2017 Alliance recruiting new members.

    Hello @Bad_Azz_NSO