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  1. Hey friend, If you are still alive, fire up your castle and join a new alliance that is building from scratch.  USA-South there is only nine of us at this time. No worry about reinforcements.

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    1. Icecrane 123

      Icecrane 123

      Hello!! :D hope you are doing well. How's your alliance doing?

    2. SeaPetals


      we have our ups and downs good members, and great members, some are truly awesome.


  3. What happened to this game?

    Well yeah..... fix the game..... I was with Calmedutygenius before so yeah....
  4. USA 2018 Alliance recruiting new members.

    Got the name fixed @Bad_Azz_NSO
  5. USA 2018 Alliance recruiting new members.

    @Bad_Azz_NSO this will help you and the alliance against conrad
  6. FALCON HEAVY --- Car in space --- Spacex makes history!!!

    There is no such thing as 'to much' for space is limitless. Rememer, earth is but a speck of dust in infinite space. I'd be more worry of disintegrating the earth. Elon Musk admitted that he became a billionaire to fufill his space dream (Not trying to defend all the elite). Government can never beat private innovation.
  7. FALCON HEAVY --- Car in space --- Spacex makes history!!!

    Except the middle booster. Landed straight into the ocean at over 300 mph and blasted two engines of the drone ship. The car part have been trending online but that is not the main reason for all the excitement. Falcon Heavy is the most powerful (operational) rocket by a factor of two, and way way way.....cheaper. Every moment I was watching I was ready for it to explode at any moment lol.... given that 27 engines are strapped together... which was like impossible for any rocket. And you all should see Musk's dream of evolving our species.
  8. FALCON HEAVY --- Car in space --- Spacex makes history!!!

    And Spacex was able to do something Russia couldn't do, launch a rocket with 27 engines. In fact, launching a rocket with that many engines is one of the most spectacular feat. Have you heard of the Russian N-1? I heard the Russians aren't to happy with spacex. And you're right, government can't dream like a private citizen. It seems that government don't have the enthusiasm of Musk. And..... I believe you are in California so have you ordered one of these?.... "Procrastinate"
  9. Anything Star Wars

    Real life star wars
  10. FALCON HEAVY --- Car in space --- Spacex makes history!!!

    This video got the cool release of the roadster into space
  11. I got to see this LIVE! Awesome experience. I was way to exited to watch this so forgot to share with you guys. And you can also watch live starman and the tesla roadster in space!!!
  12. Our Emperor hasn’t logged in for at least 30 days

    I was here all the time along. I just posted a litttle more recently. Who do you think control me?? Lol Me
  13. Our Emperor hasn’t logged in for at least 30 days

    Wow, looks like they want to promote themselves lol..... hmmmm.....
  14. Useless Emperor

    The Emperor has ultimate power and can execute whomever he chooses to...... Don't say if you want to overthrow him. He'll charge you with treason. You should prob flee your empire by then.....