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  1. LunarMojo


    I wish to thank all of you who participate here on this forum, particularly all the moderators, @Baroness Von Panda, and forum "regulars". It is truly amazing to have been part of the Castle Siege global community. For the most part, you have been informative and entertaining. The information shared has been helpful in learning about the game and all of its intricacies. I have also enjoyed the back-and-forth banter and wit. Many of the postings have been incredibly amusing, and given me occasion to laugh out loud. Thank you moderators and Baroness for keeping us "inline" when we wandered out of bounds; and for providing an avenue to settle differences and problems. The game we have been playing, AoE Castle Siege, is great; but it's the community that has made it outstanding. Thank you! I look forward to encountering many of you in another game, maybe even SGI's next venture. I wish all of you the best! LunarMojo
  2. Sad … but thank you for giving us a great game to play.
  3. There is a post titled Achievement Bug below, with a response from Panda. Apparently, there are some recent issues with the achievements registering.
  4. LunarMojo

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    Well deserved. Enjoy.
  5. LunarMojo

    Relief Force

    Create a second, alternate account in your alliance. Of course, it will take a while for your troops to be Aged high enough to be of any use for donations to your relief force. Better to just join a competitive and active alliance. Key word being active. Good Luck.
  6. LunarMojo

    Conrad BUG!!!

    This is not a bug. Simply put -- Conrad can only dock against walls, not gates. If he has no place to dock, Conrad takes a walk. Research Terrordome in the General Discussion forum. Lots of good/amusing reading material there. Also, you should read Guidelines and FAQ's if you haven't already. Welcome to the forum. Happy Sieging.
  7. Hi @crocmbc, welcome to the forum. The game allows everyone 8 hour straight "bucket time" to play online. After that you are vulnerable to attack. It's been that way for as long as I've been playing, 2+ years. I suggest you read the Guidelines & FAQ section in the General Discussion tab. It explains bucket time in detail. Also, this Off-Topic Forum is generally used for topics outside of Castle Siege, which is likely why no one has responded to your post. Anyway, good luck to you.
  8. Yay, woohoo, yay - I got my first fountain. I still have never gotten the eagle or bear. Only 13 to go. These limited edition items sure are rare. I plan to save them and pass them down to my heirs. Wonder what they will be worth in a couple of years?
  9. LunarMojo

    my terrordome failed?

    … in layman's terms … slow-mo device or very quick fingers
  10. LunarMojo

    Alliance Member can attack Alliance Member !

    Here is one possible explanation -- I once attacked an un-allied player and then invited them to my alliance. To my surprise, they did join us. The player could revenge me at anytime, but chose not to.
  11. LunarMojo

    Revenged after 301 days.

    I drop crowns regularly with my Age 9 alt account for a couple of reasons: I want to keep my alliance below 45,000 crowns each season to keep us in the top 3 of the Champions League. I would rather drop the crowns then boot some of the players--even those inactive. We get coin every season for months now. I also do it for fun, and to show my alliance members how easy it is to go from 200 crowns to 2000+ crowns and then back to 200. Most still haven't caught on. I don't really care about winning the coin, so I always drop back to 200 right before the season ends, letting someone else win it (to their surprise I'm sure.) Plus at the 200 crown level, I can recruit a little easier. Going up and down is the only way I find the game entertaining now without having new content.
  12. You are correct, some players do use Edward at Age 10. I use him regularly in a cycle of heroes. However, most players do not cycle heroes and only rely on Conrad/ ---- (fill in your choice of hero). If you are one of those players that uses multiple combinations--good for you. Most do not. And many players that use Edward at early ages, find it more difficult to keep Edward alive for that 3rd blast at Age 10 against the increased fire power. As for nerfing Edward's ability … never going to happen in this version of the game. And by the way, @JagoanMama and @derbees, welcome to the forum!
  13. Once you reach Age 10, Edward loses some steam against all those maxed out towers, cannons, etc. He has a weak heart and often dies before he can deliver the death blow to the keep. So, in other words, at Age 10 you won't see too many Edward combinations. Most players abandon heroes they use at early ages, and resort to the mind-numbing point and click of Conrad/Martel.
  14. There are a few of us that work on computers 8-10 hours a day, so moving the mouse or toggling back and forth is no big deal. No software needed. For me, I have done this only when I was chasing crowns. But chasing crowns at this point is no longer appealing, so I don't bother.
  15. LunarMojo

    Crowns 'ghosted out' in Alliance page

    The grey crowns "ghosted" are new players in the alliance and their crowns are not included in the current season. They will be active for the following season--and the crowns will become white, like the rest of the alliance.
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