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    May 2018 be a year full of happiness and creativity :)

    1. Doc


      Thank you very much, my friend!

      All the Best to you, too!

      Happy New Year, Alternanthera!  - by Doc (2018)


  2. Doc

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thought "Charge" might come in handy with the reindeers
  3. Doc

    Castle Siege Memes

    Grazie mille @Wicked Wulf, I really appreciate it!
  4. Doc

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thanks a lot @Septerror43! I've managed to get a peek at CS Heroes' Personal Messenger recently, when they were planning the 3rd Anniversary Party: Saladin: Nikephoros keeps barraging me with questions about the party, so we need to plan it once and for all. Before I launch into details: it's at Tariq's. Joan: I'm not coming, then. Edward: Oh come on, dismantle your fears Joan! Charles: Don't worry chéri, I'll be there - just, don't stay too close to me. Belisarius: You love being the center of attention, don't you Chuck...? Saladin: So, first of all: food's an issue. Stop sieging until then, and bring some at the party (drinks too). Belisarius: ...indispensable tip, indeed... I'm sure nooobody'd have thought about that. Saladin: Are you trying to undermine my authority here, Flavius? I'm the party planner this year. Charles: Charlemagne told me he's caught some huge salmons at Sviato's... a toise long! You're bringing them, oui? Saladin: a... "toise" long...? Charles: Right, pardon. Joan, conversion please? Joan: 6 feet long. Sviatoslav: Да, but you'll have to pay for those, guys: Charlemagne told me to charge you. Maslama: Fine for me: you bring 'em, I'll smoke 'em. Alexander: Is Hermann coming? Tariq: I don't think so... haven't talked to him in ages. He still believes Sviato stole his crest. Still shielded behind a wall of silence. Belisarius: I can take care of that. Sviatoslav: Oh, come on, it was just a joke! ...inspired by Richie, btw! Can't find it anymore, though... I've ransacked my keep looking for it, but nothing. Winrich: Well he deserves it, I can't stand him either. Don't you remember when we were playing skittles at Henry's, and he kept saying Rurik's strike was a foul? Saladin: Please don't rake up old arguments now. One last thing: Charlemagne's got an age: are we clear, Kourkouas? Conrad: Sorry guys, I have to rush. See you all at Tariq's, then! Winrich: Tschüss!
  5. Doc

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thanks my friend!
  6. Doc

    Quotes You Love

    Exactly! I was prepared for drama, too (even more, having watched "Horace & Pete" before "Louie"), but not for something like that - btw, "The Exorcist" and "Martyrs" are the only two movies which ever made me shiver, but when the "flesh man" came out of that dark door, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. In a comedy series! And that's one of the reasons why I love Louis so much, because he's able to conceive and present something totally unexpected like that beside - and inside - his Comedy, in a continuous "blend" - as you rightly wrote - of concepts, images, feelings, impressions, genres, often discrepant with each other. And he did it one more time during the end credits, with that - unquotable here - off-the-wall gem, sung by Giselle Bellas. But, yes: although he's been able to surprise me - again - at the same time... you know Louis. Like all great comedians, such a clever, sensitive and emphatic mind, able to convert the most disturbing thoughts to fine humour, must have a darker side, too. For - getting back on topic (forgive the brief deviation @skh812, but I couldn't help - when it comes to souls like Louis C. K., it's inevitable ) - quoting Sir Francis Bacon: "In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."
  7. Doc

    Quotes You Love

    Y E S! Among my fav are the episode with Jack Dahl (David Lynch) and both Louie's docs (Ricky Gervais and Charles Grodin). Here's a quote from the conversation between Dr. Bigelow and Louie, when they meet after the doctor's first professional advice for Louie's aching back ("My professional diagnosis is your back hurts"): - Dr. B.: So you... you want me to advise you about what? - Louie: I've been... Okay, I've been dating this woman. And I don't know if I should keep dating her because she's leaving the country. I'm not gonna get to stay with her. And I'm liking her more and more, so it's... You know? - Dr. B.: Here's what I can tell you. In medical school, they tell you about thousands of things that can happen to the human body, diseases and maladies that you could never dream up. There's a thing where your bones dissolve, and you become just a sack of organs. People are born sometimes with no eyes, with no face. They're rare, but neurological diseases that eat half of your brain. People are born sick, and they never know a moment of anything but pain and suffering. So? So, nobody cares whether you date this girl or whether you don't. Just pick a road and go down it, or don't. - Louie: But there's gotta be a way to decide which one's gonna make me happier. To predict... - Dr. B.: Take a look at this dog. - Louie: What's his name? - Dr. B.: Doesn't have one. How many legs does it have? - Louie: Three. - Dr. B.: The answer is it has plenty of legs. It had four, a coyote in Poughkeepsie chewed the other one off. Look at his face, perfectly happy. Belly is full. Just looking, waiting to see what comes next. Do you know the only thing happier than a three-legged dog? A four-legged dog. Now, if you'll excuse me, this dog would like to get some air. Here's the video:
  8. Doc

    Quotes You Love

    My favourite Comedian. And "Louis C.K. 2017" is a must-see - as all his works, btw:
  9. Doc

    AoE:CS Poetry Corner

    Nice thread, my friend!
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