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  1. jennywaboom

    Reminder: Check your bookmarks!

    Hey all! Just wanted to post a quick reminder that if you are looking for the forums for any of our games except for Castle Siege then you are going to have to hear over to the new forums at The old forums here are now locked and you will not be able to post in them. They will remain here for everyone to be able to browse through, but there will be no new posts. We have also had some reports of people's old bookmarks for the forums still taking them here to the new, so you may want to check / remake your book marks for the new site:) Again, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
  2. jennywaboom

    New Forums Are Live!

    Lol it happens:) These forums will, at least for the time being, remain in the current format. I am honestly not sure if they will be looking into switching over to the Vanilla Forums. Perhaps we'll just have to wait and see how those work out for the legacy games side of things
  3. jennywaboom

    New Forums Are Live!

    @Chuggles22 Well I am glad you don't think the differences are for the worst! I think you are right that it might take us a bit to figure out, but once we all get settled I think we'll find some really cool stuff with some of the new features:)
  4. jennywaboom

    New Forums Are Live!

    I'll tell em:) Any luck signing in now? Let us know if you are having issues and we will try and sort them out! (this goes for everyone, please let us know!!)
  5. jennywaboom

    New Forums Are Live!

    Hey Everyone! Our New Forums are live! Now if you visit you will actually be looking the new forums Thank you so much for being patient while we got the last few bugs worked out! It could take up to an hour for everyone to see it, so if you aren't taken to the new forums just try it again a few minutes later! We are looking forward to chatting with all of you over there! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
  6. jennywaboom

    ESO Account Creation and Recovery

    Hi all, I am going to be spending time over the next few days trying to resolve these issues for you guys! If you need help with a password reset please send me a message letting me know that includes your email and product ID, and I will send the password reset email! I know you guys have been having issues getting them when you request a password reset, but it seems to be working better if the request comes from our end. If you need to know the email you used to create your account please send me a message with your Steam CD key, and product ID (if you don't know where to find that let me know and I'll walk ya through it!) If you need some other form of support for ESO let me know, and we'll try and figure it out! Thanks for your patience guys!
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