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  1. edguy77

    Anything new to try out?

    stop building walls when you have 70 wall pieces. (70 walls and 70 roadpieces) that makea td without walls, only gates
  2. edguy77


    *** with you fellas... i've heard that portalgold used a dirty tricks and hijacket am1. Young and eager, but should not takeover something what other have built and developed... SHAME ON YOU PORTALGOLD
  3. How about turtle, but place all the walls around it and leave all buildings without any protection??? Also eddies 2nd had been very victorious lately... thanks to noob attackers
  4. I have a solution... let's take away that revenge button. it would reward the hard workers, sad for stalkers and those lousy conrammers who are only revenging, because they don't want to be revenged
  5. there is a good reason to stay online for whole timebucket. That's how you can probably avoid those lousy conrad/martel revengers
  6. edguy77

    This game isn't fair to all players

    @minidejavu i'm ready to pay to get attacked through mm. Unfortunally when i log out i can be an hour offline and no one attacks... except those *** revengers... Only way to receive attack from mm is to use whole timebucket. question for devs... Today my timebucket filled up... At the same second when i got message "your empire is now vulnerabe to attack" i went to search it from mm with my other age X account. I nexted for hour and 15minutes and found only Castles worth of less than 100 crowns, and all of that time my "vulnerabe" empire was online with my second phone. So why does mm offer only rubbish (<- nicely said) when there is good targets availabe??? Are you putting good targets side waiting for revengers???
  7. edguy77

    Error encountered downloading content

    That remowing app and installing again worked. Now i have to try to remember the passwords of my alts.... lol.. may take a while..
  8. What's that never seen before? How to fix it?
  9. edguy77


    Thanks from info uz... i'm in if server is not out just had to use that s**t emoji.... kids always send it to me when they get angry
  10. go ahead... You can count on my revenge... Lol
  11. edguy77

    The Xbox server is down again.

    von panda has spoken in announcements
  12. edguy77

    The Xbox server is down again.

    And i was waiting when someone will mentioned conrad in this conversation.... thought that it will be east, but was surprised...
  13. edguy77

    The Xbox server is down again.

    They should pay that electricity bill...
  14. edguy77

    The Xbox server is down again.

    Yes android has been down for last hour...
  15. edguy77

    i cant login

    Patience, fellows , patience... devs will return back to work tomorrow..... or day after.... least i hope that they'll be back....
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