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  1. DoNotBurn

    Anecdote of the day

    OK, it's almost Christmas time. We men know that "a diamond is a girl's best friend"? QUESTION: What is a girl's next best friend? A cubic zirconia.
  2. WHY is this game being shut down?
  3. DoNotBurn

    Why kill the game microsoft?

    The game has already been removed from the Apple Store. You cannot find it anywhere in it.
  4. DoNotBurn

    Android Issues - Nov 8th

    Can anyone tell why that when an update is issued that it causes more problems than it solves?
  5. DoNotBurn

    Is it against game rules or just unethical??

    I usually report players like that to castle siege as being offensive.
  6. Does no good to complain/cry/whine/flip-your-lid/blow-your-top/belly-ache/whimper/moan & groan/***-a-brick (did I leave any out?) because there are no changes coming to this game! The developers have left, so turn the lights out when you leave.
  7. DoNotBurn


    Just fewer people posting now.
  8. TFW sounds like a shipping company
  9. DoNotBurn

    Battle Chest - Regal Statues

    I do not understand these gag gifts. What in the world am I suppose to do with a bouquet of flowers? The definition of Regal-of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified. Well, it feels like I get the Booby prize-a prize given as a joke to the last place finisher in a race or competition. We do not get the Regal Chests unless someone begs for it. I guess we need to try begging like Mr. Bean:
  10. DoNotBurn

    List of suggestions

    I have noticed that when someone in leadership posts to the announcements that they never go away unless they are deleted, unlike the regular chat box which fades to the bottom only to disappear. Well, why not allow replays of battles to be posted in the announcements for training purposes, kind of like a standard to follow. We are always getting new gamers into the alliance with no idea how to attack properly. The training videos would be very useful for the newer players. I would recommend that the emperor be the only one to post videos.
  11. DoNotBurn

    List of suggestions

    East, this is how the developers feel about you:
  12. DoNotBurn

    List of suggestions

    Here is my 2 cents worth: Whenever I am recruiting to our alliance there is no way to tell what language the player you are scoping out speaks unless there is something in the gamertag . Can we please have that information available to us peons? This would save a lot of time when trying to communicate only to find out they cannot read the rules or type your language.
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