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  1. 4tdune48210

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    Yeah, I have this gamertag & an alt-Castle Siege has provided me w/ a lot of enjoyable, sometimes frustrating times, but, it's provided something for this old woman to do besides watch the paint peal. If it's ending in about 6 mos-what the ***, might as well quit now-thinking about it.
  2. 4tdune48210

    Getting newest app version: iOS

    I have CS on my computer, is the game going to end for everybody?
  3. 4tdune48210

    Relief Force

    Thx for the sound advice!
  4. 4tdune48210

    Relief Force

    I do have another alt in the same alliance-not the same age and there's this requirement as well, one can only donate lvl horses-I understand the Horse requirement-foot troops are too slow, but I just upgraded my keep, but still don't have enough resources to upgrade my stable then to upgrade my cavalry. I do donate to those who are at a lower age. The ironic thing-I left a prior alliance for this reason and chat? The only thing mentioned on chat is a request for relief forces. So I may just take BOTH my castles and go to a different alliance.
  5. 4tdune48210

    Relief Force

    Is there any way that one can resupply their own relief force. My relief force was wiped out a couple of days ago and still have no troops.
  6. 4tdune48210

    Are You Looking for an Alliance? Post Here

    I have 3 "alts" all different ages, 2 in 1 alliance, 1 in another, but am thinking of switching. It's hard to find an alliance that says, we're here to help you grow, learn, help each other, contribute, play at least "x" games per day/week, but found one that's not saying that now, it's like, "if you don't do this, or that, you will be booted!" The emperor changes like every other day. I just started playing not even a year ago, learning from my mistakes, but not sure who, what, where, when and how to go or play. Thx for the invite.
  7. 4tdune48210

    Everyone Please Meet Angie!

    Love hearing about all the other fur-kid lovers out there. I've pedigreed Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, but now we got 2 rescues-1 that we're actually thinking is a black schnauzer that didn't get his ears clipped or his tail docked, our other is probably part Pomeranian and Heinz-57 - he is something else & the 2 together make a team.
  8. There is Chat, Notifications and Announcements. When we donate troops, materials, the troops one donates to another in the alliance automatically appears. I'm in an alliance that the Emperor is insisting that we ALSO document what we give, to whom & how much, every time we donate. To me, it's redundant & is practically bragging, imho.
  9. 4tdune48210

    Everyone Please Meet Angie!

    ADORABLE!!! they are worth all the paper-training, outdoor training, etc. We bought a toy just like that one for one our Westies, she Loved it! Have fun! NOthing like fur-love.
  10. appreciate the input regarding layout, towers, approaches, but I was trying to protect my WS...sometimes the more I go along, the more confused I get. I need to upgrade the walls, but trying to upgrade towers first, emplacements, army camps, but will hopefully get there. 

    1. mmali386


      No problem :).

      Its so aggravating trying to find a decent spot to put a WS. On one hand you want to make sure its properly protected and on the other hand you want to daggle it in a place where you most commonly get attacked in and make the attacker think they can get to it before it deploys troops but can't because its booby trapped.

      Be careful about upgrading your walls first. Its a quick and sneaky way of bumping up your power level too high and too fast than what you might want. I would upgrade in this order(troops in your attack army, towers, then walls) to make sure each age and the castles you see aren't too overwhelming to attack.

    2. 4tdune48210


      thx-yeah, I did everything backwards w/ CastleDune, but I have a clone/puppet, that I'm learning on, & it's doing a lot better, different civ, I am hoping it will improve my game overall, as well, meanwhile, I'm upgrading my towers, cats, army, upleveling, THEN walls, there's been a few 10's come after me, but sometimes, my defense comes thru-at least there's a limit on resources that can be looted-I'm learning to relax, it's a game, have fun, play when I can. It's all good. 

  11. got a question about who the "emperor" of the alliance should be, what are their duties, etc.

    1. AngelicAngieK


      They determine what wonder you do and can change it. They are the only one that can promote individuals from Noble to Lord. They decide the rules for you alliance, troop donations, etc. Plus they need to be a leader and set a good example for the alliance. A emp should do almost double what the others do in donations to wonder and troops. They need to encourage the team and rally them to be better. I have been concerned about you guys since AR left there, too. Hope it works out for you. Just don't know why Rusty left. He was a pretty good emp. Still doesn't make sense to me. Good Luck!

    2. 4tdune48210


      yeah, since he's left, it's been a constant uproar-they're looking for volunteers, I'm certainly NOT qualified...somebody made a "suggestion" that donations should be no less than level 7, that's when puppet ar left.  Now we got Bats-my relief force is 0, I can't donate to myself, so I got on chat, practically begging. A couple put a troop in.  I've been trying fill players' troops when I can but sometimes, it won't take it? Yeah, I'm concerned Rusty may be having something going on. Thx for the info, and good luck to  you, too.


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