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  1. what happened with my account...dannycry1970


    1. User15132


      having trouble with sign in, driving me mad,

  2. shinyidol

    Welcome to the new forums!

    ​You can go here, You can only change it three times.
  3. shinyidol

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Looked into that Chrome issue and can't reproduce it :\
  4. shinyidol

    Welcome to the new forums!

    ​We just made some performance improvements yesterday. If you continue to have issues you can post here,
  5. shinyidol

    Welcome to the new forums!

    yes the response for everything is so slow! Also if I put an emoticon at the end of a reply I cannot get it to send! thanks for looking into it! ​Just to clarify, are you talking page load speed?
  6. Those that might be having issues with the Windows Store should try the following things to potentially fix their issue. If none of these work, reach out to Xbox Support. First you need to access the Microsoft Store settings. To do so launch the Store app and swipe to the right if you are on a tablet, hold your mouse in the top right corner until it appears or use the Windows logo key + I shortcut. Check for Updates. In the Store settings you can force the Store to check for updates on all your downloaded Apps. Just click the Check for Updates button. Force Sync Licenses. Sometimes the license for your downloaded Apps will become out of sync. Using the Sync License will validate all your downloaded apps. Clear the Windows Store Cache. In certain events you may need to clear your Windows Store Cache. To do so is very easy. Just open a command prompt (Right click on the Windows button and select Run or search for Command Prompt). Just type in WSReset.exe and click enter. This will clear the Windows Store Cache. Hopefully these methods will help you resolve any issues with the Windows Store you are having.
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