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    This is for the players that use methods to win that are not natural to the game and we're not meant to be used by game development. You all know who I'm writing about !! The people that you can't ever attack because it says there online 24/7 when you know dam well they aren't. The people that can somehow attack the same person 5-6 times in less then 2 hours. The people that obviously need these tactics to win. They must not be good players and obviously don't have the mind or skills to play on a level playing field. I personally don't get upset by it. The ones that need enhancements can't feel good about what they do and obviously have zero self esteem and zero confidence. They should just make 2 divisions people that play with honor ,pride ,dignity and without,,, I hate to use this word but "cheats". Then let the other people that are lacking any self worth ,honour ,pride ,dignity etc,,,. Play amongst themselves and see who can out cheat eachother. We all know using enhancements against people that don't use them doesn't make them feel good. So why don't they pick on eachother. Fake vs fake league. Real vs real league. Thanks and please anyone that uses enhancements don't even reply to this because your excuses mean zip zero nothing . Nothing you can say is a valid argument. We see right through you. To all the loyal honourable players out there be proud of who you are. Never change or lower yourselves just to compete with them other people.
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