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  1. Conrad+36 rams each run, assuming cost 1k golds per run, and get only 1 crown each time, and that would be 97k crowns
  2. I guess they even don't plan to open source this game ...
  3. Also with more than 32k gold on my main castle now. Planned to spend them for battle after I max my main castle...
  4. So that we can still attack (probably ourselves) when the game ends next year...
  5. AOECS Peace

    Is top player done with the game?

    Don't know... Hopefully I can find a chance to do the revenge before his crowns drop a lot...
  6. AOECS Peace

    Fan of the No.1 Player

    He/She is online now (to avoid being revenged) but doesn't attack. What happened?
  7. AOECS Peace

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    Kraken Rhum marked his castle with "I STOP GAME" and gave up most of his crowns already. Did he feel tired, or bored, or have not enough gold (or no longer want to waste his money)? Anyway, it seems that Feeding Angle becomes the only player with 13k+ crowns. Will he continue battling 8 hours every day?
  8. AOECS Peace

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    Yeah, I know how "difficult" to reach high level crowns. I just hope that those players think it's worth the time (and maybe money) that they have contributed to this game Most time I ONLY do revenges and maintain around 5k crowns on my main account without using Conram at all I'm happy with what I get from the time I spend I may do more battles after maxing everything but I still need a lot of stones to max the defending buildings...
  9. AOECS Peace

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    No, it's more like paying for no. 1
  10. AOECS Peace

    How many apples you put on ,next '

    almost none
  11. Once I kept one revenge alive for quite a long time and it finally reached the bottom of the defend log and disappeared forever ...
  12. AOECS Peace

    So the Terrordome been around for how long?

    I feel so happy when I revenge players that have Terrordome style castles since I don't use Conram at all