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  1. Propaganda in AOE2!

    This is liable to cause trouble even on a quiet forum like this, but has anyone noticed that AOE2 paints a false history of Christendom versus Islam? I haven't gotten far into the other AOE2 series of campaigns but I certainly noticed this much about the Saladin and Barbarossa campaigns. I'm playing the Barbarossa campaign right now and it irked me to hear the story tell of The Europeans being "evicted" from the Holy Lands; if you know a bit of the real history, "The Holy Lands" had been part of Christendom long before the advent of Islam; the concept of "Europe" didn't exist then as it does now; part of what we now call the Near Middle East was all part of Christendom. The way the story tells it, white European invaders marched into Jerusalem and killed lots of Arabs. Which is not what happened. At all. In fact almost the reverse is true; most natives of the Near Middle East were Jewish or Christian or one of the minor religions until the coming of the Empire of Islam, which ruthlessly destroyed the Classical World and almost destroyed Christianity. Also, the story of Saladin told in the game is based on a very fanciful fiction and is not at all a true account in the slightest; the real Saladin unfortunately was savage and treacherous.
  2. How do people have over 30 farms in one game?

    I go for about 50/50 most of the time, but it makes not a speck of difference when I try to play the Moderate AI.
  3. cool

  4. Age of Empires II:

    Is it the original Age of Empires on disk, or is it Age Of Empires HD - downloaded? The original version is a PITA to get running on Windows 10. I believe it can be made to work but I've only run the original on Windows 7.
  5. Possibility to grow

    Yes. Sometime the AI will "resign" if it decides that you are too strong.
  6. aztec strategy

    Well, the AI always uses a flump-ton of Priests.
  7. Ahh, Age of Empires II

    Oh, you mean that they don't support Age Of Empires? Yep. Ridiculous. Their all-time number-one flagship game and they neither support it nor patch it to make it run above Windows XP.
  8. How do people have over 30 farms in one game?

    It helps to have at least two Town Centres, that way you can do upgrades and produce more Villagers at the same time.
  9. I know, I know, the "moderate AI is too hard" question gets asked all the time, but I haven't found a single useful explanation of how to actually do it. I've read dozens and dozens of suggestions that don't work, and not one that does. Maybe one that did help - build more Town Centres. But apart from that, pretty useless. Same old story, I can beat the computer most every time on Standard difficulty, but I don't stand a chance on Moderate. I prefer to play with 175 Pop limit; I can do a lot better with a very low Pop limit, but I want to be able to win in a normal battle. My usual method is to get food, get 20-25 villagers going, scout for Relics, move to Castle Age asap, grab the relics before the AI does, build Walls and Castles.. and wait for the AI to demolish me. The AI is unstoppable. Even on those rare occasions where I manage to put together a full Imperial Age army with plenty of upgrades, it just hits with wave after wave of everything - Halberdiers, Two-Handed Swordsmen, Archers, Skirmishers, Priests, Light Cavalry, Knights, Scorpions and finally a conga line of Capped Rams. Oh, and of course those ***ed Trebuchets. Lots of Trebuchets. I can't get near the Trebuchets or Rams because they are always behind a massed swarm of troops and cavalry. If I send in 20 Knights, maybe one of them destroys a Ram; the other 8 or 9 Rams then proceed to plow on through. I can continue to build more TC's and rebuild a camp, but it's just delaying the inevitable, I'm just being chased around the map. Castles and Towers are worthless, Walls only delay the enemy, and no combination of troops seems hold out for any length of time. I get particularly irritated by the sight of my Catapults being destroyed; somehow the AI's Catapults stay safe and out of range of my Archers and Skirmishers, but my Catapults behind the "safety" of Walls on average get off 1 to 2 shots before being destroyed. I've had a massed line of 20 Catapults wiped out in less than 10 seconds; protecting them with Skirmishers did not a thing against Mongol Mangudai Horse Archers. I've tried sending in a few troops to attack the enemy camp early on; the game before last that I played, I sent in about 6 archers and 2 swordsmen and killed about 20 Villagers. Made no difference at all. Most of the time my troops don't even get past the enemy camp perimeter; I'll send in all my troops - a puny band of a couple of dozen Spearmen and Skirmishers and maybe two Swordsmen, only for them to be instantly creamed by an army of 100+ much stronger enemy troops. The AI then counter-attacks sooner than it would have and so I lose sooner. Is there a method that actually works?