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  1. [ModEdit]

    A Thank You From SGI

    Whelp, we had a Good run. My forum lifetime likes to posts ratio is about 3.48.... Nowhere near as high as some... But at least ive done better than the house keeper XD See ya clownshoes in the funny papers.
  2. [ModEdit]

    A Thank You From SGI

    I'm sure there will always be a place for you at motel 6.
  3. [ModEdit]

    Free East Puppet...

    He's always free on puppet hub.....
  4. Most of the things I call east aren't CoC friendly ------------____________________------------ Besides, I could never hold a carrot to his witty grandeur XD
  5. [ModEdit]

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Hey some of you can see my signature! I don't see them on phone B( I cant use the forum emojis anymore since the update you mentioned. I even try to open the emoji tab, and my browser freezes and crashes. I could still use them, but I literally cant touch anything for a few minutes while they load. And can't scroll through them for the same reason. Oh I almost forgot, Conrad.
  6. [ModEdit]

    Does anyone play this game??

    If I'm ever known for being a light in the dark, I hope its as a raging funeral pyre for all the world to know that they too are doomed. Unpleasant truth is still truth, and one thing I ain't never been is a gotdayumt liar. I don't sugar coat things, because sugar draws ants...and ants kinda freak me thfk out lol
  7. At this point, I only come here to pay respects to fallen comrades and be a drunken thorn in the side of certain people. I'm not whining. Just trying to appease those of you who whined about a certain somebody that you now whine about not being here for his weekly rants. Good day, Cynthia's Furry.
  8. Some of us have helped put these [con-edit] peoples kids through college. Certainly dont deserve to be disrespected by the "team" because of our discontent with our beloved game. Not that easy? Four years dude. Probably since before the current "team" was even aware of the existence of a game they probably have nevwr Really played beyond testing their bug fixes. Remember Robeyone? Neither does anybody else. But he sure said some big sh*t in his five minutes here. Oh lets ignore the Conrad issue and make an already too easy early age that much easier so that nobody learns how to conduct a legitimate attack without a Mario star.
  9. Is it really complaining, when you tell an unpleasant truth? And get ignored? After supporting something, morally and financially, for years, while being ignored, or straight up told to shut up, by the "professional" people, supposed to maintain, and de-escalate, an unpleasant situation? He who shall not be named isnt here anymore...and yet.... New forum users still find their way here to express their overwhelming discontent with an OBVIOUSLY overpowered pile of Conrad.
  10. How's it feel hanging out in a room full of cops DD? Sure as [conrad] don't see anyone else hanging out in this [conrad] hole. Cutting out a mans tongue does not prove him to be wrong or to be a liar. It proves only that you fear what he may say. Even if he IS A Richard cranium.
  11. [ModEdit]

    Does anyone play this game??

    More like thousands of threads on the same couple dozen topics....mostly Conrad, always online, Conrad, can't revenge, Conrad, revenge too easy, Conrad, cheaters who aren't cheating, Conrad, or Conrad isn't working. But hey, welcome to the circus
  12. [ModEdit]

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Conrad. Conrad, Conrad.
  13. [ModEdit]

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Where's Charlemagne now? Who knows. Nobody has seen him in years since he got NERFED for being OVERPOWERED. If anyone is interested, ive been playing Command&Conquer Rivals for a few weeks. REAL PvP. Very little AI. Base vs base. No hours of waiting to cook units. Cook them during battle. Learn the unit counters and youve got a chance. Card based leveling system. Its new so they're still working out some bugs, but overall the server stability is better than CS ever was. The "team" really could have done better here.
  14. [ModEdit]

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Happy four years of kickin' yer aces Lord Conramort sends his regards ----------_________________-----------
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