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  1. Help me please

    It's all done and sorted I got a bunch of PMs don't worry
  2. Can't start game on Win10 (0x803f8001)

    This usually happens when something is up with your Windows Store. Try running the troubleshooter: If that doesn't help, please get in touch with their support. I can help you with issues with the game itself, but the store not working to install it is out of my hands.
  3. Alliance of the Day

    No bonus I'm afraid! I'll leave you on the list for now as I only get through one a week so it'll be a while. If I get to you and you're still full, I'll skip over
  4. Alliance of the Week - STRIKERS

    Oh hey look at that it's Friday, nice. Let's get another Alliance of the Week going then, this time we have STRIKERS and their leader @FelipsRV If you want to submit your Alliance, check this post here! What is the name of your Alliance? What is the name of the emperors? The name of our alliance is "STRIKERS". The emperor's name is "FelipsRV" What does your Covenant shield look like? (To help identify when players search) The alliance shield is white with a letter "Y" in red. What are the requirements to join (crown count, location and age)? Any! What is the purpose of your alliance (eg Top 20, skill, just for fun)? The current goal is to unleash the wonders skills for the alliance and as soon as its members are all in the X era to get the Top 20. What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (for example, log on every day, once a week)? Log in for 3 to 7 days a week. What makes your alliance different from other alliances? All of the alliance grow together by sharing the maximum combat strategies and tactics to leverage all the members of the alliance even the most recent.
  5. Alliance of the Day

    Hey, I went to use this one today but it looks like you're pretty full and your text description has a lot of requirements in it? If you want to post a new application I can review that for next week

    Uh, hi. So, I'm not just a mod, I'm part of the team here at SGI and we had a pretty lengthy discussion about this when it first came up. The whole gates instead of walls thing is why you can't use his ability. If you can use the ability, then there's a wall somewhere that he can reach. That could mean there's a gap, or something not set up right, or in a handful of cases that your game is running so slowly that the game hasn't registered there are no walls yet and you get a split second to use it before it does register. That's it. There's no conspiracy here. Also, I'll take a pina colada.
  7. Help me please

    If you let me know your Gamertag I can take a look at this for you.
  8. Un Link two account

    This is all done now Thanks everyone!
  9. It's Friday, let's party! Wait, no, that's not it... Uhhh... Oh! Alliance of the Week yup ok here we go with Alianza AOE CS1 and their leader @angel9m9 If you want to submit your Alliance, check this post here! What is the Name of your Alliance? Alianza AOE CS1 (write the 3 words, the last character in a number one) What is the Emperors name? Gamertag: angel9m9 Forum name: @angel9m9 What does your Alliance shield look like? (To help identify when players search) Red shield, with a rhombus with a black border and a white central background. What are the requirements to join (crown count, location, age)? Our alliance is international in Spanish, with players from Spain and from all the countries of the Americas. What is the goal of your alliance (ex. Top 20, skill building, just for fun)? Great atmosphere when we all share and help each other. Fun, while you learn to master, the small strategies of our advanced players. We have already won alliance leagues, with your help, win more leagues and reach far. What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (ex. log on every day, once a week)? Be very active battling, if possible, every day of the week. Illusion to learn and improve What makes your alliance different from other alliances? We are the leading alliance in Spanish language in Google, and in Alliance Recruitment of the official forums. Our web guide tricks and tips, has almost 100 web pages in Spanish, which explain in detail, with text and tables, each of the elements of the game. It is the web most read by emperors and players of all the game's alliances. We donate troops interspersed with the highest level of the game for greater efficiency of your defense. You will learn and master the most complex strategies of the game, and help less advanced players. We all help each other, in a motivating environment of hope, where you will make great friends ¿Cuál es el nombre de tu Alianza? Alianza AOE CS1 (escribir las 3 palabras, el último carácter en un número uno) ¿Cuál es el nombre de tu Emperador? nombre del juego: angel9m9 Nombre del foro: @angel9m9 ¿Cómo se ve tu escudo de Alianza? (Para ayudar a identificar cuando los jugadores buscan) Escudo rojo, con un rombo de borde negro y fondo central blanco. ¿Cuáles son los requisitos para unirse (recuento de corona, ubicación, edad)? Nuestra alianza es internacional en idioma español, con jugadores de España y de todos los países de América. ¿Cuál es el objetivo de tu alianza (por ejemplo, Top 20, desarrollo de habilidades, solo por diversión)? Ambiente genial cuando todos compartimos y nos ayudanmos. Diversión, mientras aprendes hasta dominar, las pequeñas estrategias de nuestros jugadores avanzados. Ya hemos ganado ligas de alianzas, con tu ayuda, ganar más ligas y llegar muy lejos. ¿Qué tipo de compromiso espera de los miembros de la alianza (por ejemplo, inicie sesión todos los días, una vez a la semana)? Ser muy activo batallando, si es posible, todos los días de la semana. Ilusión por aprender y mejorar ¿Qué hace que tu alianza sea diferente de otras alianzas? Somos la alianza líder en idioma español en Google, y en Alianza Reclutamiento de los foros oficiales. Nuestra web guía trucos y consejos, tiene casi 100 páginas web en español, que explican al detalle, con texto y tablas, cada uno de los elementos del juego. Es la web más leída por emperadores y jugadores de todas las alianzas del juego. Donamos tropas intercaladas del máximo nivel del juego para una mayor eficiencia de tu defensa. Aprenderás y dominarás las más complejas estrategias del juego, y ayudar a los jugadores menos avanzados. Todos nos ayudamos, en un ambiente motivador de ilusión, donde harás grandes amigos

    I'm locking this thread. @civilplain we have already discussed this at length and I've told you I will not breach data protection and give out the personal information of accounts, despite your repeated asking. You've been rude to me repeatedly throughout this, when I've informed you that creating multiple accounts isn't something I can action against. If someone wants to play a bunch of accounts, they're free to. Plenty of people do so. I've also advised you it simply isn't possible for someone who isn't a Lord to delete announcements. If it's still happening and causing you frustration then you need to review the people who are still Lords, because it is one of them. It sucks that they've created an Alliance in the manner that they have, but I've yet to see anything concrete and actionable here. Alliance names aren't unique, and I know that's no ideal but that's just how it is. You repeatedly calling them out and naming names on the forum, however, does breach our Code of Conduct here. I'm going to overlook it for now but this behavior needs to stop here.
  11. Smashdown on the forum?

    I don't think you were meant to beat up on yourself with this
  12. 14-days Peace Treaty... Again ?

    Hi, I'm not sure why you're advising this to players when you're in no position to make this statement? Please stop making sweeping assumptions like this. Extended PTs are given out at our discretion on a case by case basis, and will not be discussed publicly. On the rare instances that we have a mass outage that goes on for a long period of time, we might look to provide a slightly extended PT to affected players, but this has happened all of once since I've been here. It is not the norm and would not be done for individual players experiencing tech issues. Absolutely no money was involved in this. I'm locking this thread now.
  13. 14-days Peace Treaty... Again ?

    Hi. This doesn't happen by accident and can't be created by a player. If someone has an extended PT it's because I granted it for a specific reason
  14. With a deep sorrow and heavy heart

    Just to echo what I said before in PM, but here at SGI we're so sorry to hear this. I also want to let everyone know that I have placed a substantial peace treaty on his account, as I wouldn't want it to come up in matchmaking and cause additional upset.
  15. SURPRISE !!!

    When I'm just watching Netflix on the couch but I get a flood of warning notification emails