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    Yeah, I sent an email about this a few days ago. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
  2. Time for the final Alliance of the Week of this year! Nope, I don't know where the time has gone either. This week we have Sesame Street, as submitted by their leader @MonsterMash1976! Want your Alliance to be featured as Alliance of the Week? Fill out your info in this thread here! What is the Name of your Alliance? What is the emperors name? What does your Alliance shield look like? (To help identify when players search) Sesame Street, the Emperors name is MonsterMash1976. Shield is Green & blue with white swords. What are the requirements to join (crown count, location, age)? No crown or age restriction, so no worry's. What is the goal of your alliance (ex. Top 20, skill building, just for fun)? Building, battling and above all helping each other. What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (ex. log on every day, once a week)? Once a day is fine with me. What makes your alliance different from other alliance? Our commitment to each other,we are always ready to help each other with advice on strategies and achieving one's goals in battle.
  3. This Game Needs War Or Special Events!!

    I have no idea where that came from, but that's absolutely not happening.
  4. Server Down

    Could you please check that you have all Windows updates installed?
  5. Server Down

    Okay, please try running the Windows app troubleshooter here:
  6. Server Down

    Please log out of it and log back in, I need to know if it's the login process that's causing issues for you We use the Xbox Live login servers.
  7. buy gold problem

    Hi, We don't have anything to do with Microsoft accounts, we just use them as our log in service. If your friend needs assistance with that, they'll need to get in touch with their support.
  8. Server Down

    Hi, Could you please try signing in to the Xbox Live app?
  9. buy gold problem

    Could you please ask him to forward his purchase confirmation email to thanks
  10. I feel abandoned

    I don't even want to know what that means...
  11. Our Aliance España no Found on list

    Okay, these answers might come across a bit harsh, but I'm going to be as straight up and honest as possible here. Realistically: not a lot. There isn't a tonne I can do outside of the forums. I might be able to work it in to the Message of the Day sometimes, but it'd mean either cutting an Alliance of the Week short or skipping one, both of which have gained me some less than favorable PMs in the past. No. I cannot dedicate my time to tracking them down. Similarly, I am not asking anyone else to. If someone should find one anyway or feel that way inclined, I am happy to assist. I promise you it's not that I wanted to be unhelpful, but on this specific thing I have no easy way of finding these Alliances. I'd be looking the exact same way as you and with everything else I simply can't dedicate time to doing that. I would also never ask or expect anyone else to do so.
  12. Why i am can't download the cobtent of castile siage?

    Hi, What happens when you try to download it?
  13. I feel abandoned

    DID YOU PUT YOUR BINS OUT THOUGH?! Also yeah, I was at Disneyland and I'm not even a little bit sorry about it (it was great!)
  14. the 'TERRORDOME'... solution to noob ramrushers :D

    If I had a dollar for every time I've brought that up I'd have retired already Don't worry, we're aware that everyone is glad of the respite from Conrad. (now I really really am going to Disneyland see you next week!)
  15. the 'TERRORDOME'... solution to noob ramrushers :D

    There's a huge difference between a couple of people using these here and there, and the sudden influx of emails & PMs I've had complaining about cheating/hacking as a result of it suddenly becoming a common strategy. I'm heading out for the weekend now (I'm going to Disneyland aww yiss) but to just be like 100000% clear: we have no plans at all to make changes to this, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't monitor it to make sure it doesn't cause new balance issues. That's literally all I'm saying