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    A Thank You From SGI

    Well, as we enter the final day of the forums, I wanted to take this last opportunity to thank you all for the fun, if at times interesting, journey we've had here. I'm not sure what time the forums will be switched off tomorrow, that's being handled by Microsoft, so I wanted to make sure I post something up today to make sure you all know how much this whole community (yes, even the puppet) has meant to not just me but the whole team at SGI. Whilst we wish we could've done more with the ideas we had and the suggestions from the community, we know that none of what we were able to do would've been possible without the passion of you, our players. For that, we're incredibly grateful. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Volunteer Community Moderator team (I'd tag them but it keeps bugging out on me); you have been nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with and I have really appreciated your insight and support over the last 18 months. I know you've essentially had a revolving door of community managers over the last three years and that can make it difficult to want to stay involved, but you've all stuck around to the end and that's a testament to yourselves and this community. I'll still be around via the email for support issues, as well as the AOE:CS Facebook and Twitter pages. We're working on other projects too, so if you want to see what's coming next just drop a like on our studio Facebook page. It's pretty dormant right now, but when we can start talking about what's next, that's where you'll find it. Baroness Von Panda, out. (I'm still not freeing the puppet, sorry)
  2. Baroness Von Panda

    Do not open until May 14, 2019

    IDK what you're talking about
  3. Baroness Von Panda

    A Thank You From SGI

    Psst - you have about 1hr30m until the forums are archived!
  4. Baroness Von Panda

    Emperor not active

    All done for you
  5. Baroness Von Panda

    Thank You - to players

    I had nothing to do with it, and knew nothing about it... But there's also no point in me doing anything about it at this point, so I guess the puppet is free.
  6. Baroness Von Panda

    Thanks to Andy The VCM.

    How worried should I be on a scale from chocolate to day drinking?
  7. Baroness Von Panda

    A Thank You From SGI

    Unfortunately not, sorry!
  8. Baroness Von Panda

    How to go from #1 money game to *** plan

    I'm not going to hide this post because your frustration and criticism are understandable. I have however done a mod edit to remove the parts that violate the CoC.
  9. Hi A lot of options were explored, but ultimately this is the path Microsoft have chosen. For a wide variety of reasons, we don't have any plans to create an un-branded version of the game.
  10. Baroness Von Panda

    Sale! Last chance!

    It's being switched off by Microsoft so... idk.
  11. Baroness Von Panda

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    The game doesn't close for like 5 more months
  12. Baroness Von Panda

    Did you close down castle siege?

    You can still ask me If you have a request after the forum closure, you can email
  13. Baroness Von Panda

    Did you close down castle siege?

    It has not been shut down early, don't worry. It sounds like Xbox Live might have had an outage, hopefully you're able to play now?
  14. Baroness Von Panda

    Final Thank You

    Hi Tin, Thanks for all your kind words That sure was a fun week
  15. Baroness Von Panda

    Moat in action

    This is such a cool idea! I'm sad that we won't get a chance to look in to doing something like this Thanks for sharing!
  16. Hi everyone, We'll be running a routine server maintenance on Wednesday 12th December at 1pm PT. The expected downtime for this is one hour. This is to keep the servers running smoothly. There is no patch or changes coming with this.
  17. Baroness Von Panda

    retry battle / Revenge Battle

    Hi! It looks like this player just found you again through matchmaking You should be able to Revenge the second attack. Retry battles don't show on the defenders logs, nor do they reward resources.
  18. Baroness Von Panda

    Amputating the Nose to Spite the Face!

    The only answer I have for you on that one is because Microsoft decided that was when the forums are closing. If I had a better answer, I'd give it, but that's all I've been told.
  19. Baroness Von Panda

    age of empire siege

    Hi! Sounds like you're not logged in to your original account If you're having trouble remembering your login info, get in touch with Xbox Live support, they should be able to help you recover the account. Regrettably I don't have access to those systems, so I can't help Sorry!
  20. Reminder that these forums will close on December 13, 2018. You can still reach my over on the SGI support email: or on the AoE:CS Facebook page.
  21. Baroness Von Panda

    Forum Closure - December 13, 2018

    Reminder that these forums will close on December 13, 2018. You can still reach my over on the SGI support email: or on the AoE:CS Facebook page.
  22. It's not just a case of giving hope, nor is it a case of not being willing. We physically don't have any automatic system for Gold grants, so it would all have to be manually done by me, which is simply not possible. So on this topic when I say we can't do it, that's very much the reality. (I agree it would be a nice idea!)
  23. Baroness Von Panda

    Community Changes

    I know you all would really appreciate a drop in from one of the previous Community Managers, and it's a really sweet request, but I should let you know that's very unlikely, sorry
  24. Baroness Von Panda


    Aww, thanks Lunar! It's been a weird 18 months since I joined, huh? But I have to echo a lot of your sentiments here, the community (for the most part ) has made it a fun and enjoyable roller-coaster. We are working on other projects, but we aren't ready to talk about them just yet. If you want to find out more, just follow the Smoking Gun Interactive pages on Twitter or Facebook. They're pretty dormant right now, but when we have stuff to talk about, that's where we'll be doing it.
  25. Baroness Von Panda

    What Will Happen to this Forum?

    Not even a little bit (that's not a challenge)
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