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  1. DanieB

    Server Maintenance - Tues 29 May - 1pm PT

    I just lost another 115 crowns due to this. How do get them back?
  2. I must have lost a thousand crowns like this. I think this was my last time. switching games.
  3. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    Like I said - Iam going to leave it at that - even though I see exposed walls to the right of the attack. Thanks
  4. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    OK - I am going to leave it at that - I saw and stil see at least one exposed wall (to the right of the screen), hence why I attacked. but thanks anyway.
  5. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    Thanks - but like I said I did not attack a TD. Does anyone have the real answer?
  6. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    Is the purpose of this forum not to solve problems - as opposed to idiot comments like this? Cheats are common in games like this and @east puppet clearly does not know what it is about - he is just referring me back to TD layout - which it is not. DOES someone actually have the answer or are we just gonna go back to TD layout all the time?
  7. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    I agree. It has happened to me about 5-6 times over about 800 Conrad attacks. Its annoying and has nothing to do with terrordome layout, i also think it is just a development issue and I have shared one of these games with the staff.
  8. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    It clearly has not happened to you. It has nothing to do with terrordome. you are missing the question. completely. I have had the same problem numerous times. nope - you too are missing the point, It happens in non-terrodome layouts. Clearly has not happened to you. not helpful, you too are off the topic, its not about the terrordome layout.
  9. DanieB

    Conrad not working

    I agree. I have played Conrad >800 times and it has happened about 5 times with me. It has nothing to do with Terrordome or anything - he just freezes for no reason what so ever and no activation takes place. Must be a cheat? Example: WitheredBeast28 - played him 26/06/2018 (today) and it happened. I am on GMT +2 time.
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