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  1. You do not have to do it manually, just release one last patch the instead of giving 12 daily gold, gives 300/500/1000, something like that. I am sure it can be done
  2. I honestly blame Microsoft. I know SGI would have done more, but my bet is that Microsoft did not invest more. The game was maybe a project for Windows Phone, and since that's dead, well, the game is dead too.
  3. @dariakus, why would the game be released on Android last year? Would you say that was the last effort to keep it alive?
  4. JMBShadow

    Community Changes

    One last word from @Empress_Phasma and QueenMacha would be cool.
  5. @Baroness Von Panda, now that the game is closing, can we at least get an update that gives us much more daily gold? I don't know, about 1000 (or more) gold daily. It wouldn't hurt since the game is over already, and at least we can have fun the last months doing battles without waiting. Or maybe you can make everything cheap so we can make our castles beautiful and take one last screenshot? Please. :D
  6. OMG, I would have played secretly. Now that the game is dead, you should get to the top of the leaderboard...
  7. JMBShadow

    The last Goodbye

    Exacto. Todo continuar√° igual.
  8. JMBShadow


    I am glad to know our favorite manager will take her awesome skills somewhere else. Thanks for everything!
  9. JMBShadow


    Are you keeping your job? xD
  10. That was an epic rivalry. I joined both, and I liked PM better. What's PM name now? If there is someone to blame, it's Microsoft! They ruin most of the nice things they do.
  11. Does Prezident's Men still exists?
  12. Is it there still a chance for a similar game coming from SGI?
  13. How much gold do you have left? What will you spend it on? I have been saving gold since I started the game and now I am sitting on a pile of 32000. What should I do with it? Honor items so I can take one last screenshot? Going for the leaderboard and making it to the top? Cry?
  14. @dariakus, I miss the days when you were around. Everything was so perfect, we had so much time left... Anyway, what were the original plans for the game. Was it always meant to die 5 years later? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. YOU MENTIONING THIS MAKES ME WANT IT MORE. THE IDEA WAS SOOOOO AWESOME.
  15. JMBShadow

    Why kill the game microsoft?

    I still do not get it. The game is actually getting players. And why did they release it on Android just to kill it? I need to understand why.
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