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  1. UselessOpinion

    Sale! Last chance!

    Hmmmm, what if I store it in one of my own sites till may and you handle the keys just then?
  2. UselessOpinion

    Sale! Last chance!

    I might need one in early may next year. Can you offer me a discount?
  3. In reading the last insights here, just my final 2 or 3 cents for the reasons of this sunset: 1. Age 10 without an improvement of the strength of the tier 3 heroes was a mistake. More health for Winrich, Nikephoros and Newski, 1 more ability for Saladin and Edward would have given a better winrate to casual players, without making strong defences useless. 2. Solving this error the easy way by not nerving Conrad soon after the ramrush spread out, put the game into a dead end for further developements like more civs or alliance improvements. The game got less interesting, as the focus shifted more from playing to time management skills. 3. The unbeleavable slow upgrating might have been a good strategie to improve the binding of players to Win phones, but completely backfired in the much more competitive android world. I hope someone comes to senses sometimes and is relauncing this game for the mobile market- with age 8 being the final one, much faster developement and much faster recovery for the heroes. So bye to all in the forum -I keep on sieging till the bitter end, meet you in the matchmaker
  4. UselessOpinion

    The last Goodbye

  5. Age X was already a mistake, the way it is...
  6. What is the point of playing a game, if there is a 100 % win strategie? Would anyone play dices, if all sides show 6 eyes? Would anyone play any game, if there is not the risk of loosing?
  7. UselessOpinion

    new TerrorDome LAYOUT TUTORIAL

    Yes, happens to all siege towers, if the "Standard" ones are deployed against a TerrorDome , they don't move and release their "Blues" at once. I like Erward against a TerrorDome, as usually the towers are standing around a bit lost
  8. UselessOpinion

    Conrad going out of fashion?

    Got 8 Conrads in a row now in my def log from players with 1500 to 5500 crowns.... As I don't have much time now, none was a revenge. Seems no one has the bxxxx to use another hero even when going into the mm. Ridiculous.
  9. UselessOpinion

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Yes, that's what I said: Not playing it or the siege, but for other kicks. And so 75% of all battles with more then 5000 crowns involved are ramrushes. It's a bit of a shame. This game was imo designed for Non-AI -attacks and everyone is using the only one, that is as close to AI as it can get
  10. UselessOpinion

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Sorry, disaggree. They might play the game for the fun of sieging a castle and bring it down with their own skills, and not the one of an AI running beserk. Winning with a ramrush is simply to easy, there is no real challenge left in the siege itself. I think many of them play the game not for the sieging part, but get whatever different kicks out of it.
  11. UselessOpinion

    Anything new to try out?

    Same with Martell Lev 2 is enough and so you can use him nearly every time your army is ready. I won the forum mini game that way against all the other, much better players
  12. UselessOpinion

    Anything new to try out?

    I have one Alt without any Civ Troups. Missing the Teutons, but siege towers a small substitute. Thought about one without any farms etc, to keep the layout smaller, but don't have any time for another one.
  13. UselessOpinion

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    Wellcome back
  14. UselessOpinion

    Relief Force

    Go with each castle into a different one first and take the 2nd later into the one you feel more comfortable with.
  15. UselessOpinion

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Well, maybe. But asymetrical: The defender just got the 10 min, while the ramrush-attacker has the full 2 hours time to think. That explains the odds a bit better.
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