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    List of suggestions

    I mentioned this in the Black Friday sale thread, but will add here: Add ability to remove an active revenge / make it inactive. This allows us to remove any we won't do, particularly if we have 5 in the queue and they are all on PT/online. A couple others: Where's the bonus for 3 starring an attack? All you get is 1/3rd more crowns. That makes little sense. I'd suggest if you 3 star a battle, you get a free Regal chest (at ages 9/10), Gold chest at 7/8, and silver at the rest, when it's really easy to 3 star. There's been a lot of suggestions with how to fix Conrad - seems to me another simple and common sense way to nerf Conrad is to make his ability diminish based on number of seige weapons used. If you use 20, it'll have less effect per seige weapon than if you use 5. I"ll note that I disagree with making the less used heroes stronger. I'd rather the overused ones are tweaked down. Attacking is strong enough. 3 star battles should be very difficult to attain. There are just 2 or 3 overused heroes, and really, the only one that is a real issue is Conrad. Martel has already been nerfed, and while still the second strongest hero, he isn't near as OP as he was.
  2. Fantastic DrWho

    List of suggestions

    Some of these, or variations of these have been mentioned but I'll put my list anyways. Some of these are quite easy, and i have more, but this is a start: Fix the chat - add spellcheck. Make the history longer. Sort out stuff like replays into a separate column or something. Add copy/paste. Highlight Lords/Emperor. add a vote option Fix donations - allow deletion of troops - clears out stuff you don't want like low levels or infantry. disable the request troops button when your relief troops are full. Don't allow donations of low level troops (perhaps troops need to be same level as your own at minimum, until age 9). Edit castle mode - need to enable this to move stuff, and adds functionality such as move a selection (would just need to figure out how to deal with roads - i recommend just bumping roads back into the store). Also - if something has been built, and then bumped back into the store, a build slot should not be needed to bring it back out. New building: Market - similar to AOE 2/3 - allows trading of resources. Sell for gold or trade directly. Economize it - eg. higher demand for stone would make stone more expensive the more you buy it, with a gradual reset to default over time. I'm not in Age 10 yet, but as I understand it, it doesn't add anything other than upgrades. Consider how to fix that. Do a review of hero usage stats. There are some that are interesting to play but too weak to use effectively. Buff those a bit to try to get them in play more, or perhaps provide other incentives to using other heroes. I hate disincentives (eg. it costs gold to use heroes more frequently) and it drives people away - use incentives instead.
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