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    Ce ne sont pas de nouveaux continents qu'il faut à la Terre, mais de nouveaux hommes!" J. Verne

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  1. Call-Me-Lem

    Castle Siege Memes

    Finally one post from you with a meme that I understand. Keep it up!
  2. Call-Me-Lem

    Community Changes

    Congrats for the new opportunity and best of luck for your carreer! Now is a good time to pop the champagne!
  3. Call-Me-Lem

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Guys what happened with your alliance? Many players like me dropped by to give you tons of ressources and now you kicked everyone out and renamed the alliance... What's going on?
  4. Call-Me-Lem

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Hey, I got 3 500 000 Wood to give away. If it's ok with you, I'll drop by tomorrow just after the beginning of the new season to unload everything. Make sure your alliance is open around that time.
  5. Call-Me-Lem


    That's probably the craziest online purchase I've ever made (and I'll probably eat nothing but pasta for the next 6 months lol), but I've been drooling over it for weeks! That's the crème de la crème of drones with the best image quality you can get. So of course I had to have it lol. But unfortunately.... They are swamped with orders and I probably won't get mine before mid-November... OMG I can't wait... Every day I check the delivery updates and I watch tons of Mavic videos on YouTube lol. Great things are coming guys!!!! (and hopefully AMAZING landscapes! )
  6. Call-Me-Lem

    *Sound the Alarm Bug Fix*

    > Support
  7. Call-Me-Lem

    Beer! Beer! Beer!

    I took this last week. Every Belgian can recognize this. Beer served in clay cups + cheese sandwiches = MAREDSOUS!!! It's an abbey where monks used to live self-sufficiently, producing all they needed and selling their cheese and beer. The abbey is situated in the middle of nature (lot of woods and valleys etc.). The landscapes there are fantastic. (I didn't take that pic. It's from Google ). If you want a taste of the Maredsous experience, just take Maredsous cheese, celery salt, 2 slices of bread, and savor it while drinking Maredsous beer from a clay cup! (BTW, abbey beers are THE BEST!)
  8. Call-Me-Lem


    AHHAAHHAHHAAHH amazing! This way you always have someone to talk to, even when there's no human nearby lol. I've seen Youtube videos of dogs doing that. Too funny. How did you teach him to do that?
  9. Call-Me-Lem


    Waiting a bit to see if the others have some to share too. I don't like being the first to jump in. lol
  10. Call-Me-Lem


    Guys, I'm just wondering if some of you are interested in time-lapses / did some? I hesitated to open a new thread about it but I'm not sure if a lot of people are into that. It takes a lot of time and editing to realize them and I'd love to see some examples (not done by professionals, but still pretty good). I tried to do some but it looks very amateurish and I'd love to improve.
  11. there is world ranking but no regional ranking..if you include regional ranking i hope it will be more exciting.

    1. Call-Me-Lem


      Are you sure you're posting at the right place? lol

      What conversation were you following?

  12. Call-Me-Lem

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Si tu as besoin d'aide tu le dis hein. You are not alone! PS.: je suis fan de ton nom de forum!
  13. Call-Me-Lem

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    I prefer burgers too. No risk of deflating with those. The analogy I chose with the souflé wasn't fit for the message I wanted to express... That's why I had to clarify it.
  14. Call-Me-Lem

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    I realize that my post could indeed be misinterpreted and I need to clarify it. Don't get me wrong, the hunt is REALLY fun and every player who likes solving mysteries should definitely do it. And I am very happy with the news itself; after all that's what everybody was hoping for... My disappointment comes from the lack of details in the surprise that the players receive at the end of the hunt. After all the time and effort that we've given for the hunt, I thought we would would receive more information at the end. That's all. So no, I'm not disappointed with the news itself. On the contrary, I am very happy and excited about it, and very impatient to know more about it. @andy And I want to thank the whole management team for organizing the hunt, for entertaining us, and for continuing the development of this wonderful game. And please think about spoiling a bit more the players who contribute to this game and who participate in the activities that you organize like the hunt.
  15. Call-Me-Lem

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Let's just say... {well, let's just say nothing} I was VERY excited when I saw that I got an answer. But I must say that when I opened it.................. well, it's like when you spend the whole day preparing a souflé, and when you open the oven at the end, the whole cake miserably deflates and looks just like a cow excrement in the plate... :/ {Personal edit: I DID NOT give away the answer. It was a YouTube video that Chuggles linked to the answer because he knew it and he arbitrarily decided to edit it. I want this to be very clear: I AM NOT A SPOILER! }
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