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  1. Can't speak to that, as the decision to do that came after my tenure.
  2. Nope! Cannot disclose that! There were enough to keep the lights on for sure, though! I had nothing to do with any decision to shut it down, so I can’t really speak to any of that. Everything eventually runs its course and unfortunately some things run it earlier... I’m sure of two things though: 1: It wasn’t an easy decision. 2: It was ultimately to enable something even better (maybe more focus on Age IV perhaps?) I don’t have any concrete info on #2 but I know the leadership team there very well and they’ve got nothing but the best intentions. The franchise is alive and well, we’ve got Age IV coming (who would have ever expected that after so many years of silence?), and we’ve got a great team in place that really cares about this community.
  3. While there won’t be any official handing over to the community of the game, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone managed to get it running again like AoEO eventually...
  4. Those were the main two. At the time, Clash was really popular but we would frequently get frustrated with the AI. There were many, many doubts that we could make a mobile RTS where you had direct control over your troops. We obviously never achieved the success of many other games in the genre but I’m satisfied that we did a great job with the mechanics of it all. Of course there are always things I’d do differently given the chance...
  5. Everything is ephemeral. Online games moreso than other things, alas. I'd love to be able to do that, but there's no way I'd be able to get approval from anyone. Especially since it was a joint development effort between Microsoft and SGI. That's one of those dragon-filled contracts (rightly so) that you don't get out of easily. Has anyone made a decent free/open-source RTS game yet? I thought someone was working on one once upon a time...
  6. Should I post a screenshot of my developer account gold balance? We couldn't ever play competitively, and we routinely nuked our castles but...
  7. Thank you for the kind words! I miss this community more than I miss the rest of the franchise in many ways!
  8. Eventually? Probably a sure-thing. I don't know anything about the Age of Empires roadmap beyond Age IV, though, and I'm not allowed to talk about that one
  9. dariakus

    The last Goodbye

    I officially give permission to SGI to go hog wild with the tuning values in these waning days. Not that I have any say in it anymore tho! But that’d be great!
  10. I wasn’t a huge fan of expanding the game vertically. I knew we eventually needed an age 10, and it was built and tuned pretty well by SGI, I think. But I would have preferred more horizontal expansion first (new things to do vs more rungs in the ladder). My personal favorite ages in game were 5-7. That was the sweet spot in my opinion.
  11. You’d have to ask SGI about that one! I don’t want to speak out of turn, but there’s a non-zero chance the two events were related in some way. But the funding and state of the game were not dependent upon my existence nor the primary reason I changed roles. I was sad to go! But my new opportunity has been really awesome too. Playing with holograms! No player handicaps exist under the hood despite how many people are/were convinced we did things like that! As for the GOAT, I dunno. There were several that had quite a run in the glory days. Who’s top dog nowadays? I have some bad news... The amount of people convinced there was some long-running collusion between the development team and the PM alliance was phenomenal. There really wasn’t anything there. We tried to alleviate those concerns by bringing other alliance leaders into the community mod role, to greater or lesser success. Prez Steve ran community for the game at launch but was reassigned fairly early on to focus on other titles. I’m not sure he ever even played much a week after launch. And we didn’t have much contact at all after he moved on to other pastures. I did enjoy all of the conspiracy theories though!
  12. We never built it with the intention for it to die in 5 years! My original intent was a major (almost a 2.0-level) update called the Age of Exploration sometime in 2017. But then that never came to fruition for many various reasons. Not for lack of trying or wanting, though! I had 3 major content updates on my roadmap at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016. We shipped everything in the first (leagues, improved tutorial, alliance finder, etc.) The other two were Alliance Wars and Age of Exploration.
  13. Alliance Wars was on the long term design roadmap. Leagues was faster and cheaper to implement, and was a decent stopgap on the way to Alliance Wars... except as everyone knows we never made it to Alliance Wars. I can't speak for how plans may have changed after I departed in June of 2016, but I can speak to my own roadmaps! The original design for Alliance Wars was part of an Age of Exploration update that would have, among other things, added the ability for alliances to war for territory on newly discovered islands, in a week-long struggle that involved base building and moving troops around to control hexes on a grid. Whoever held the most territory at the end of the week would win the island. Your alliance would unlock awards based on the number of islands you'd conquered. Could either do random matching between alliances or targeted matching. I can go into the whole Age of Exploration thing in more depth too, if anyone wants to hear it
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