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  1. TheJohnnyBang

    We all need to help Kicho with a mission lol

    Cricket cricket. Kicho?
  2. Does anyone know what kind of M&Ms we are? Peanut, original? Maybe crispy? Do they make white chocolate M&Ms? I don’t like white chocolate. I prefer not to be a white chocolate M&M
  3. TheJohnnyBang

    Castle getting attacked upon login only?

    Since this happens too often to you, you can be our experiment. Have you timed the time it takes for you to log out and decide to log back in? Is it consistent? Is it consistent with a revenge window? Are these attacks revenge or new? What color of M&M are you? Do you click 3 times before grabbing your phone? If not, maybe try this and see if it changes the outcome?
  4. You could always skip revenge completely. Sorting M&Ms is the new in thing. I hear there are lots of green ones in the bottom somewhere.
  5. TheJohnnyBang


    Peace be unto you! I am looking for the gate.
  6. TheJohnnyBang


  7. No worries JB. I did message a bunch of people too. We'll see if anyone responds. 

  8. TheJohnnyBang

    Old Knights needs your help!

    @MikeR210 not many reading the forums either, you may want to tag some names.
  9. TheJohnnyBang

    Goodbye to my friends... and the rest of you :p

    Another one bites the Dust! Take care Sept. I imagine several of us are not far behind you. Pretty difficult to have any positive thoughts these days.
  10. TheJohnnyBang

    Final post from long retired player

    (Yawn) I am still here, sleeping a lot more these days, but still here. Staying is becoming a struggle I might add. The numbers on the leaderboard top and bottom, for both alliances and individual, fluctuate some but have mostly been the same for over a year now. Not sure if that information helps you any.
  11. Everything is working now. Win8 issues fixed yet?
  12. Ok, so I play on an iPhone. As of this morning, I can no longer sign in to any of my accounts using xbox. I can however sign in to the account that I have linked to Game Center by using Game Center. Anyone else?
  13. TheJohnnyBang

    ZeRo2PaNiC G&G (new zero2panic 2 rec thread)

    Not cool dude, you left again.
  14. TheJohnnyBang

    ZeRo2PaNiC G&G (new zero2panic 2 rec thread)

    You were a lord so I am the only one that could have moved you and I didn’t. Would not have lorded you if that was a possibility. Good luck Halo. You are a good team player.
  15. TheJohnnyBang

    ZeRo2PaNiC G&G (new zero2panic 2 rec thread)

    Dude, you were not kicked out. You left. Didn’t even say a word, just left.