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  1. TheJohnnyBang

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    Next month? I thought it was next year
  2. TheJohnnyBang

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    This is still available for everyone to join! A great way to stay in contact with everyone, even after may and December. Check it out and if you like it, it is free and easy to make your own channel for your select group of people if you choose to do so. @Baroness Von Panda at this point you just as well join us.
  3. TheJohnnyBang

    The last Goodbye

    Even if an anonymous donation donated $1billion for developement?
  4. TheJohnnyBang


    Turn your iPad. If my iPhone is horizontal the icon are not there but if it is verticals they are there
  5. TheJohnnyBang

    B von P is going on vacation (again)! 31st Oct to 7th Nov

    is the coast clear?
  6. TheJohnnyBang

    Birthday Countdown!

    You could order your favorite delivery and have an in house picnic, while binge watching Boss Baby!
  7. TheJohnnyBang

    Birthday Countdown!

    Have a good Bday weekend @Baroness Von Panda
  8. TheJohnnyBang

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    Enjoy your time off! we must start a new countdown timer! Riot and conspiracy theories will begin in how many hours?
  9. TheJohnnyBang

    Important decision

    Should I eat snickers milkyway or 3 musketeers while playing castle siege?
  10. TheJohnnyBang

    Birthday Countdown!

    You said in a previous thread that he added to your watch list. We were undecided if he was a prankster or if he was putting out a feeler to see if you wanted to watch it with him.
  11. TheJohnnyBang

    Birthday Countdown!

    Well, did you watch Boss baby with your husband yet?
  12. TheJohnnyBang

    Birthday Countdown!

    So according to this here forum we have a birthday coming up! 12 days and counting down! What shall we do here? Plan her evening? A romantic dinner out with her husband? Or maybe a romantic night in watching Boss Baby with her husband? Should we start a poll to guess how young she will be ?
  13. TheJohnnyBang

    :)πŸŽ‚ smile birthday

    Happy Birthday! All in good fun DD
  14. TheJohnnyBang

    :)πŸŽ‚ smile birthday

    Your Birthday?