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  1. Hey All...

    Good point, if he had left that out all would have been well.
  2. Hey All...

    Could have left it for a day or two. The Dude is pretty famous around here.
  3. Is it just me?

    I just reported an alliance Friday, for a hate name and description. Seems it is still there with the same messages. Think this is the first time I have used the report button so was curious how long or if anything would be done.
  4. Have the airing of grievances?
  5. In need of a Terrordome design?

    Looks like the player in the second picture still doesn’t understand how it works.
  6. Routine smash down rant

    Well if we must do a smash down atleast we can gain 2 battle chest keys with few troops. This way we can open the gold and regal chests and get more resources that we so desperately need.
  7. LEAGUE-consequences

    Oh Boy here comes rumor and speculation. My abandonment issues have a lot to do with waiting on an emperor change.
  8. I feel abandoned

    You were sick not long ago. That’s aweful! Hope isn’t the flu twice. I see a lot of children getting type A and then type B a couple weeks later. just read above seems I am just repeating the Wulf!
  9. I feel abandoned

    Yep, I have nothing good to say or interesting or funny. I’m not even sure why I am here
  10. I feel abandoned

    I was thinking more like Panda gets 3 day weekends.
  11. I feel abandoned

    I am starting to see a pattern here!
  12. Castle Siege History

    Well since I do not see any pictures of the top alliance with the highest crown count, I will let you folks argue it out on what the number was and which team it was. As far as the highest ever personal crown count, how high was that Mr. @recycle ar?
  13. Castle Siege History

    Check that out! 5k #1! And there is the cavalry cat! Cool thanks for sharing chugs! @Chuggles22
  14. Castle Siege History

    Discussing some of the things of the past with some alliance mates. Does anyone have screenshots of the highest crown rank of an alliance or @recycle ar when he was at the top of the food chain. I mean way at the top of the food chain?
  15. Alliance of the Week - Club Colombia

    @Baroness Von Panda I may have been missing them out of habit but does the alliance of the week still get an in game message sent Out?