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  1. Poor @east puppet ...he'd never win! bwahahahaha BUT what if...maybe give a random player or two a ton of gold every day. Games dying - might as well make it a bit more interesting for those of us that still play! I'd be excited if I won some gold! I mean, if "THEY" want us all to keep playing "THEIR" games - why not give a little incentive to keep us...instead of letting us walk away empty handed and going, and finding another company's product. If they do something fun like giving a random player or two a ton of gold...that would do more for players to at least consider company's other products. Wouldn't it? Makes business sense to me...just saying...
  2. MikeR210

    Amputating the Nose to Spite the Face!

    Yeah Hook, that doesn't make sense. I don't think I've read what the reason is, if any. Forum was just as fun sometimes as was the game, back in the day.
  3. Yeah, it's useless at this point asking for stuff. Sucks that they killed this game. Killing game as in ending it officially, but also killing it with their ineptitude in prior years. Don't know whether to blame Microsoft or Smoking Gun. Or both! Its a crappy way to end the game. Hope Microsoft and Smoking Gun learn from their mistakes. Hope those responsible for letting this game die this slow death (again...Microsoft and/or Smoking Gun) aren't allowed to work on any projects...because they clearly don't know what the F they're doing. (can you tell I'm ***ed)
  4. MikeR210

    Free Gold!

    Sheesh @Baroness Von Panda...at least wait for the Community to chime in, respond, have fun with it...dream a little...before you drop your Panda Hammer.
  5. MikeR210

    Free Gold!

    Ok - so I petitioned for freeing East Puppet...sounded like it's not gonna happen... But what about Devs giving all players some free gold! Might as well end the game in style! Seriously, I mean - what's the harm at this point? People can upgrade all their castles (who aren't there yet). Perhaps we see Crowns reach historic heights! It may end up being fun again. Why not end this game on a high note - have a big huge party - let everyone enjoy!? Let us remaining, active players get our last moments of fun before Forums shut down, and before game shuts down for good. How much would be a good amount....10,000 gold...25,000 gold....50,000 gold...100,000 gold...higher...?
  6. MikeR210

    Free East Puppet...

    Soooooo...who ho would be the puppet...East or you...
  7. MikeR210

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    I have 64 defensive wins to go. Hoping I reach that before game stops. Don't know if I'll be able to max out my 3rd account...but at least I have two maxed out! Don't think I'll ever reach #1 now. Just never had the time (and money) to spend on it like some of you top players. Gotten close before, but just couldn't get that last step. But overall, I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far.
  8. MikeR210

    New Layout Protesting The End of AOE

    How about a big "CoC is #1"......since seems clash of clans is the last man standing.
  9. MikeR210

    Old Knights Alliance Chat

    If you read this - thanks for all the great memories. Last day of game is 5/13/19.
  10. MikeR210

    Old Knights needs your help!

    Game is officially dying...anyone care to join. Opportunities for making a leaderboard run will be dwindling...last day of game is 5/13/19!
  11. I think @dariakussecretly was a closet GoP fan...he just couldn't join due to fears of him showing 'favoritism'...I'm sure you Prez Men boys know a little something about joining on a team with a dev...**cough...PrezSteve...cough** So I believe they purposely sabotaged @east puppetattacks to make players believe East was terrible. East always blamed the beer...too bad for him the deck was stacked against him this whole time!
  12. Guess Dev's have obviously made up their minds about this. I hate to think that my castle, that I raised since birth...is now going to be taken away from me. And I don't have a say in what happens to my castle. All the blood, sweat, and tears that went into upgrading that Castle, using it in various Leaderboard Runs...now, it's all going to be gone. Just as easy as a light switch getting flipped off.....
  13. MikeR210


    Thinking about all those Top Players buying gold over the years staying at the top of the leaderboard...sheesh...I wouldn't be surprised if some of those Devs have enough to retire by now!
  14. You forgot @east puppet
  15. @dariakus Sooo...inquiring minds want to know - why did they do Leagues and not some type of Alliance Wars. Was Alliance Wars possible?