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  1. Danaman1968

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    of course I get a message saying I am attacked and so I logged on and was revenged -201 uggggggh had no idea it was fixed so fast but most of my alliance says the same thing....they logged on and were being attacked but a few were still in game too
  2. Members 715 307 posts Report post Posted 11 minutes ago (edited) "Support team AKA baroness von panda will be online on Monday so be patience ." "information for our new and less frequent forum members " Thank you
  3. Danaman1968

    Server Maintenance - Wed 28th March - 2pm PT - EXTENDED

    yes mine is always lagging too.....not repeating the letters but they blamed that on Windows or something other than their game of course
  4. Danaman1968

    Server Maintenance - Wed 28th March - 2pm PT - EXTENDED

    mmaayybbee tthheeyy wwiill bbrriinngg bbaacckk tthhee ssttuutttteerr ttyyppiinngg!! OMG one of my alliance members said this in chat on Facebook
  5. Danaman1968

    Server Maintenance - Wed 28th March - 2pm PT - EXTENDED

    I think they want to confuse us all and make sure we get sneak attacked and lose crowns.....to JetBourse and Dr Abdulla that use gold every 15 minutes using the same Martel/Conrad combos over and over for 8 hours LOL
  6. Danaman1968

    Server Maintenance - Wed 28th March - 2pm PT - EXTENDED

    true but....they announced this on Monday that it would be 3 hours and not 1 so........my alliance just found out as I told them it would be 3 hours and not 1 in a forum using Facebook
  7. Danaman1968

    Conrad or Martel? Which is more powerful?

    The Turtle layout or the Terrordome make Conrad work for his lunch at least.....lol but the turtle layout is easier to ace with Nevksy and or Martel paired with Conrad and a Treb or two.....but yes the only times I win in defense is when someone makes a mistake or does not use Conrad. Or if they just loot me for one star and still lose 300-350 crowns this way but setting up the revenge is the key for me....I try to avoid being revenged because mostly it will be high level players that know how to beat the Turtle or good defense since this game is about offense and dopamine addiction lol...they want you to win....a game of attack for sure to keep us interested in success.....but I lose almost every defense now.....I think I have 39 defense wins and I am Age 10 not all maxed but since going to Turtle layout I have 3 wins lol....the rest of the time I did a give away keep to make sure someone would be random attacker and then hope the loot was too hard to get so the crown loss was less.....and my revenge could get 2 stars since I have time to scoop them out and attack with preferred hero's and army of course