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  1. CeriseDiagram20

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    Thanks for the reply Baroness, several of my alliance members can log in, but get errors when they try to do battle. Just an FYI
  2. yes you are being attacked, lol. after talking to alliance members, about 2% of the players worldwide CAN connect and are looking for you NOW. LOL Just an estimate from the number of alliance members able to connect and play.
  3. I sincerely hope they dont provide any critical infrastructure support with their server groups. If they do...we are all doomed.
  4. I cant believe we dont get 24/7 technical support on a game that runs 24/7 and is dependent on fixed period Peace Treaties and revenge opportunities. This is what we get in return for our time and money invested in SGI/Microsoft games. real professionals...professional thieves.
  5. même chose ici mon pote
  6. Another Chinese hack?
  7. some in my alliance CAN connect as i have been messaging them in xbox. MOST cannot connect. So, for those that can connect, I'm sure youre having a great time smashing all the keeps that have been left out in the cold, lol. Good times for those that can connect, catch the autoclickers, revenges with no competition. Good times. smh
  8. This is real fair, lol. Some can connect to the game around the world now...many cannot. smh. Did someone hack the game server again?
  9. CeriseDiagram20

    Has my Terror Dome layout been hacked?

    thanks...i have heard of those older graphics cards? anyway, i was wondering how they deployed all those rams and conrad so fast. didnt know that would work on a TD layout.
  10. CeriseDiagram20

    Has my Terror Dome layout been hacked?

    Really? i have never seen this...so how quick does one need to be? Conrad doesn't need a wall section to dock? remarkable. this is news to me, thanks for responding though. i appreciate any info on this. CD20
  11. Can some of the more experienced players here review my latest defensive replay, at the top, and explain why Conrad didnt dock, he walked, yet the rams received the full boost and flashed for 40 seconds? I subsequently lost. I have reviewed my layout, as always, before defending and after being attacked, and cannot find any defect in the Terror Dome gates or surrounding structures. Gamertag is CeriseDiagram20 Thanks, in advance for your time
  12. CeriseDiagram20

    Server Maintenance - Tues 29 May - 1pm PT

    Baroness, Wouldn't it be prudent to schedule maintenance and updates in the BEGINNING of the work week, so the inevitable "bugs" and mistakes by your programmers can be repaired in a timely manner instead of "bugging" out for a 3-day weekend and leaving the players in the lurch? Where is the common sense? As they say, it's not that common.
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