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  1. Why can’t you generate more stone?
  2. Texas

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    @Baroness Von Panda, what’s the point of shutting forum down so much earlier than the game? Do speculations that servers might stop much sooner have any truth to them? thanks
  3. Hi @dariakus, in your opinion, how long until there will be something new on the market that will resemble this game? I mean a castle game, cross device, with clans etc... thanks
  4. Texas

    What other games are like...

    Let’s keep this thread live i need to know if any developers are working on a castle game like this! got money from refund to reinvest!
  5. Then you are a part of the problem
  6. We all knew it’s coming one day. Too bad, it’s a great game and could have been even better if continued to be developed. I hope somebody will develop smth like this in close future!
  7. Texas

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I can’t believe that we didn’t even get a forum thread for anniversary that’s a new low for admins. Would have been better if no one remembered, they’d never bring it up
  8. Texas

    You Make This Game Suck

    Just fix the *** PC bug that lets people stay online for 8 hours. It’s not fair to players on other devices, and makes revenging almost impossible.
  9. Texas

    four into one

    Great job, you are a genius!
  10. DD, as soon you reach top 1 with no hero, I’ll create a topic about you
  11. Texas

    Black screen during battle

    After it happened several more times, I finally pulled logs and sent them to you to community@ email. Please help Panda, this is very very upsetting to loose so many crowns
  12. Are you jealous nobody opened a topic about DD?
  13. I’m wondering what happened to our hero and if we going to see him battling again.. Does that letter Q on his map stand for Quit?!
  14. Black screen started appearing again during gameplay on iOS, already two times this week that led to crown losses every time it happens I’m dealing with troops close to the edge of screen and it just turns black all of a sudden. Thanks
  15. So...ladies and gentlemen...royal garden and bear in one regal chest today!
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