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  1. Reliantshelf

    Wednsday - Bonus , but WS troops?!

    Always be prepared...
  2. Reliantshelf

    Conrad not working

    At least Conrad did leave the nest... I have had it where he didn't even hit the ground... Good Luck...
  3. Reliantshelf

    Conrad not working

    Iasus IS a terrordome... did you expose a wall before you deployed Conrad or not?
  4. There is a long pong line of people wanting to Revenge once a Treaty is over... or player signs off or uses up his/her 8 hrs... ONLY ONE can get in... Trust me... I've waited my share of times only to lose out to another Revenger.. or even an MM .. Back to the Nexting..
  5. ...yea.. would love that... then I'd NEVER get attacked ... rather than getting attacked EVERY TIME I have to use the Bathroom.. LOL I hear ya... I get Revenged or MM one time and lose 3-400 Crowns but it takes 45-90 minutes of Nexting to find an attack that gives me anything over a 2 digit crown count even if I 100%... Burdens abound! But then, I don't have a 6 or 7 Figure income in real time either ... oh well.. Still love playing
  6. Reliantshelf

    Server Maintenance

    ...And we thank all involved But my question is ... when they say 4 PM - 5PM in the News Message .. is that EST - PST or other Time? Inquiring Mind (what mind I still have) wants to know.. Thanks
  7. Reliantshelf

    This game isn't fair to all players

    ...and those warnings can start 15 or 20 minutes before your 8 hours is up, use the time wisely to send relief troops or spend resources... going into battle at that point... not so much a good idea... Hang in there ...Well not always so easy, but it isn't that hard... However I do have one fellow that I have been trying to Revenge for over two weeks.. CONSTANTLY ... timing him under his 8 hour bucket AND carefully watching for his Peace Treaty to end .. ALWAYS online or under PT .. no whine here but I do think he is doing something since he seems to be on the same time schedule as me... more than one I was hitting him constantly as his 8 hrs was ending only to be Beat out by another attacker that WASN'T a Revenge Attacker ... isn't there a Revenge Window? No biggie to me... BUT... He's doing something LOL.. I just move on.. it is a game.. Already did the Real thing... Didn't much care for it.. Good Luck!
  8. Reliantshelf

    Qestion to the old timers

    I've tried that but didn't get it to work... guess I need MORE time on my hands...
  9. Reliantshelf

    Working on multiple boosts

    Our Alliance has worked on 3 Upgrades at one time with no problem (Upgrading all three Wonders to Level 2) ... don't know about the Boosts within the Wonders however...
  10. Reliantshelf

    Lost my battle

    Sorry about that... it happens sometimes... better that you lost due to no fault of yours than the way I lose most of my losses... Either because I hadn't YET had my Coffee... or most usually because I do something REALLY STUPID.. what-ya-gonna-do ... just happens, maybe you can catch another easy battle to make up for it... Best of Luck.
  11. Reliantshelf

    Crazy News

    I think I recall that one... but what really got him caught was that he didn't bother to hide the fact that he was wearing his Security Guard uniform...
  12. I woud think you would lose your Revenge if you White Flag out... no?
  13. Reliantshelf

    How can a player not be revenged and keep attacking

    It's good to have LOTS of Gold... easier to buy your training... that's a plus for saving that Gold.
  14. Reliantshelf

    more than 8 hours

    Maybe he/she signed off to eat lunch, or feed the Baby... then logged back on... NO One Escapes the famous "You are vulnerable to Attack: ... sooner or later it will get you past the 8 hours of being CONSTANT on line... If you are online for 4 hours you still have 4 hours more but once signed off can be attacked... but if not attacked and your off for an hour .. or whatever ... you get more time back in your Bucket..