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  1. Reporting cheaters

    You are right. Some players cheat to be online, so that you cannot attact back. I vote you. I have asked in `support' entry for adding a twinking label to remind players move per 10mins. If not responded, the game will be offline auomatically... Hope more players would ask for a solution!
  2. Anti-cheat

    Hi AOE(CS) developer, Thank you. I suggest to setup rules to prevent players from cheating, like holding the screen for a long time without attack activities, or other essential changes. Maybe, show a label on the screen to remind the players to move per 10 mins --- if ignored within 5 mins, the program would be closed by itself. Thanks again. Sincerely, Professor
  3. Maintenance Today - 1hr - 1pm PDT

    Hi, Could you please setup a `peer to peer' spirit in the game of AOE Castle Siege ? It appears unreasonable to let lower level players attack the higher ones... By the way, thanks to the crash session last week, I stepped down from the soldier level (Crown 2000+) to the lower level. Please consider for an improvement. Thanks. ProfessorLee66
  4. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available