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  1. I want the stars of the one who was No. 1 do you mean crowns
  2. civilplain

    Anecdote of the day

    A person go to a pharmacologist shop and present him a bottle filled by a liquid . person- taste it !! (test it in foreign accent) pharmacist -Drank few drops from battle . person-(with mysterious look) how is it !! it sweet !? pharmacist - NO !! what is that ; do you need same medicine ?? person-No sir i am diabetic and doctor prescribe urine test for "sugar level"
  3. fight with your nightmares , BVP or buy something like this and shout out loud " they are not real "
  4. civilplain

    Revenge on those that are online

    What else are you using for sitting?? revenges are not impossible what impossible is they are available whenever you want. just do some research on opponent and you can hunt him down. try just after his 7:45h time bucket full. and keep trying.
  5. don't say this out loud or stampede will start in alliance and i don't want to be empress again ; i already have headache not need any addition .
  6. civilplain

    Revenge on those that are online

    learn something from our emperor . he is the laziest person i ever met (No offense K ) he survive only on revenges and have 4.5k crowns hehehe.
  7. at this point i have to ask why she is phobic to this thread
  8. civilplain


    of course !! why else i suggest . almost 10 month ago my Xbox app failed to sign-in and i couldn't access my empire ; those day i used to be in 7th age with 3000+ crowns so i was panicked. i tried x box support and he took almost 35min to realize that it was an OS issue so he transfer call to MS OS team, that guy was in my laptop for more then 1 hour but he fix the issue by resting Xbox app . after that day i quit professional gaming because i lose more then 700 crowns in 2 days. ... you can imagine how hard is earning 3K plus in 7th age. @mcraig777 try these step and help your self.
  9. LOL .a diplomatic answer hey DD you seems right about the "experts "
  10. civilplain


    problem relented with xbox sign-in helper. wait for a moment before you click on second account sign-in. you can also use" get help" app to fix this problem,. or ask for xbox support. your problem may not be solve here . game is kinda self help MODE.
  11. absolutely !! that why our beloved Empress_phasma leave because she was the first person who read all the garbage and trolling here i can i imagine her you can also . and after all of the extract of the garbage she must be report that to developer "team" . after reading all suggestions they also frustrate how to balance game . and here is the team manager who approved those hero nerf and defense weakening . and finally they left us alone ...they knew we were never keep calm and always whine about something
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