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  1. Happy 1425

    happy new year to bangali folks,
  2. 4 days no hit

    GOOD NIGHT FELLAS ! see you on Monday. ( that's my 100th post )
  3. TERRORDOME Gate trick

    yes sir its in FAQ. but isnt easy to ask fresh instead of reading all "nerdy stuff " . hi @StnNetIndia this layout not worth the "hard work" need to build this layout. you can do easy 2 star with any hero combo and right troop. and also with Conrad... almost all active (4-5k+) players know the trick . first encounter with T'dome was like but know its sounds like this.
  4. 4 days no hit

    there two possibilities 1- s/he is using vibranium PC and castle or 2-he knows something really cool trick to fool both server and SGI for a whole week
  5. Missing WS Troops

    sounds like bug Empress. or sometime troops failed to delivered due to poor internet connection of donor. but i am going with glitch or bug because he is under your wise guidance he cant be wrong.
  6. Conrad Bonus

    salut . il y a une disposition appelée "terrordome" ou "tout porte". dans cette disposition, tous les murs exposés sont des portes ou des tours. conrad besoin de murs pour attacher et bonus. s'il vous plaît vérifier la disposition deux fois et observer les portes. Merci
  7. Not able to login to the game

    hi Vicky. this error usually occur when your internet connection isnt good. please make sure you have a working and quality internet connection. also try to sign -in on xbox app first if you are on PC/windows phone.
  8. Missing WS Troops

    Did you leave alliance in between this period ? watching last 3 replays might be help full. . might be a glitch too. you can send support request in proper format as describe in a thread pinned above." how to submit support request "
  9. Reporting against a player!

    hi douglas . please dont shout out player names on public forum. i know you must be feel angry of cheated ; some one already posted same thing (not sure if the player is same or not) please look here. what i get from that thread is " the team is looking into it" so don't worry. PS- HE MUST BE USING A VIBRANIUM MADE PC/MOBILE
  10. Robber Knights

    Your most welcome any time . Apologies for this dear but I can't leave my alliance as I am an empress and no one wants the emperorship.... Practically i am in jail I was in RK almost 500-600 days ago. Mr.ragnar was emperor at that time. You were alliance of the week.
  11. Robber Knights

    Do you know I was in robber knight .
  12. Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    MS isn't really good in partnership business.. Example. Skype/ Nokia. Both loose their glory and many masroom brand evolve rapidly. So if MS is tie up with SGI means doom is definate ... Sooner or later .
  13. Wow what a dedication toward game... I used alarm to wake up only during exams haha.
  14. game stops/closes/starts suddenly

    Not facing this issue yet. You can send detailed PM to community manager.
  15. Hey don't worry I am new to clinic . Take few days to quit addiction permanently ...@alex j. Don't worry I will give you my crown before medicine start working. Unlike K who quit with crown hahah