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  1. micbono

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    in italy not work of the 10 of this morning
  2. micbono

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    su 10, windows mobile 10, android e iOS il gioco non funziona , in Italia
  3. micbono

    AoE CS Outage - 7/22/2018

    Even in Italy there is no access
  4. micbono

    Pennons, what to do?

    Hello everyone, I have the stock of the pennons full, the heroes to the maximum, as well as the special troops, and even in the construction of the wonders the pennons are full, what do you do in this case? How can I employ them apart from changing civilizations because then the problem would arise
  5. micbono

    it s impossible

    Ok forse la mia reazione ed esagerato e mi scuso per mettere il nome del giocatore, non lo sapevo, ma anche per le due corone si va in battaglia
  6. micbono

    it s impossible

    It is not possible that this player (MOD Edit: do not call out other players) and always online 24h/24 I can not get revenge for a month now, player incorrect and dishonest gs autoclicker?
  7. micbono

    Has my Terror Dome layout been hacked?

    Slow motion I think is a problem of RAM, I always happens when I play with the tablet with 1GB RAM, while PC and 950XL Lumia and everything OK, but with the tablet you go better, more speed with your fingers. Almost at the end of the battle I always error checksum always because of the RAM
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