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  1. Walls into Gates

    Yes! That's a good thing! It shows that your brain and perception is fine and working,since there is now worry now,I had it all that solved.This Wicked Wulf is just making aftermath drama,so I'm just trying to ignore in a funny sense.
  2. Walls into Gates

    Don't worry you'll get some for it too.
  3. Walls into Gates

    you'll get few likes for it, don't worry.Although I didn't even read it whole. And out of whatever I read in it, you had so much assumed.I realised, you're not worth the time.
  4. Gnat's Defence Clinic

    One must be on some very amazing drugs while doing that. This sounds more hopeless than funny.And,the irony is it has been featured by some mod.That mod's inbox needs to be ConSpammed for promoting such hopelessness.
  5. One must build their own characteristic layout,like one has their own characteristic army troop configurations.With time, you can improve that layout.Those older and proposed and famous layouts suit to Age 8 and above,not for Age 7 and below.
  6. Walls into Gates

    That is the pic of my empire about like few mins ago,I was checking with available positions to make best use Trebuchet Emplacement's range.Actual position of Trebuchet Emplacement is beside the commemorative tree.I must have left the trebuchet emplacement there only and forgot to place it back. Notice again,carefully.
  7. Walls into Gates

    • It's too late now.The matter has already been closed. @Chuggles22 • I don't think you read my previous reply completely.I've added the gates,there was no need to create a new thread now.And you should replace older description with @Bueuk's,his description is neat and pics are self-explanatory. • I appreciate your response but I had it done already. @Bueuk
  8. Haha, You have a nice sense of humour,i guess.Although, I'm assuming that you knew what Ageman1973 meant by invention new way of attacking in the game,was to kick out players from the Alliance. 18+ rams and ALWAYS USING THE SAME HERO make that hero more of a...*wonders what was the word that Santa chants,in the name of belly laugh* than a hero.
  9. Conrad has turned to Trash

    Man, You must be feeling like a trash now,haha.You should have read about Anti-ConRam defense layout,before posting.Players have gotten clever at defending.
  10. Walls into Gates

    Well,whatever.I came to know how to build a gate in series of wall,and how to convert edge wall into a gate.With some researching and help of an alliance mate,i was able to figure out that both are the same thing. And, you were right that info about it is available in FAQ section BUT the way it is described is not upto the standards of the forums;very informally explained and complexity it had,even being in short amount of words.. Uff. The How-to things should be described with step by step illustration with pics,and most importantly language should be as simple as possible.I couldn't even relate that to the process but when one of my ally described,i could relate it to that and finally found out that it is given in that post but very explanation is eewgh. If you hold the power to edit that post I can Pm you explanation about that in formal and simple manner.Not all players are good at English,it would make it easy for them to understand. And,Yes,I've finally added the gates! And you VCMs should not just say go find it there. You should help them either via PM or in reply to a thread and then say that if they find any difficulty in getting in right,then they can visit that thread. You can at least copy and paste the related stuff as it is already available in some thread,Copying and pasting won't burn the calories you took in breakfast.Not Every player is good at English,so they may find it difficult. Accept the responsibility that comes with the power.Every new player reads those NEW PLAYERS LOOK HERE and FAQ section,as they don't feel like posting on day one.Otherwise, I'm sure many other players are ready to be a VCM and will do a great job.
  11. How do you determine the completeness? I've max Age 6,or you can consider a fresh Age 7. After Orleans campaign,all historical battles will be completed.As of now,i have 18/20 achievements and 58/81 objectives done. One can be quite sure not to call it 10% or 20%.I've seen people saying that it gets tougher and slow from Age 8,and stuff.If I had to put in percentages I'd put Age1-7 in 50% and Age8-10 in another 50%.Or if you said that to get reactions,i can understand,and you've got 1 like and 'haha' If you are determining by the time,it takes to be on Age 10,then this way of determination sounds ridiculously amateur to me.
  12. Walls into Gates

    I couldn't find it in there. I would look somewhere else.All I get in the forums is my internet data and time wasted,and sometimes, [MOD EDIT] on false allegations. @Wicked Wulf What if,I told you,pming @Baroness Von Pandanever helped but got only those notifications in red,and pming other mods have only replied that.... Well I'm very sure You'll use your 'MOD EDIT' here too lol if I said it here... I can understand if you don't have answer to my problem/question, I know a player in another alliance,who knows this stuff,i didn't want to leave my alliance,for this.Chill and don't care about this matter now, you may even use your Moddy powers to delete my posts from this thread.I won't mind.
  13. Someone's loss is someone's gain- that's how it has been working till now.Yes,that's all I have to say. The top most Alliance don't have thathigh crown requirement.If you ever played the game, you would know it is not what Age counts in league leaderboard competition,but crown count does.The player with the least number of crowns is nearby 1750,and is inactive,which means his/her crown count will fall soon.Smart Players at the final phase of Ages attack inactive players because they have more-to-lose-than-to-gain situation,it helps them in keeping steady and healthy growth in crown count. I'm ready to move to Age 7 at anytime.Battles will become easy for me when I shall upgrade army camp space and I shall be able to make difference in crown count at faster rate.
  14. Walls into Gates

    yeah,create a your own thread,wait and keep logging in to see if anyone replied,make it somehow get attention,like I got all the time in the world. It must be a simple trick,which no one's answering about,but fussing about decorum of forum.
  15. Age 6 is not a 'lower' Age.Consider,Age 8 Castle of ThrownNine24159,he doesn't get attacked much either.It's all in the ability to make a layout.