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  1. SGI Management is corrupted and one sided, i don't expect any justice in here. WickedWulf started it by quoting me here.
  2. Whatever may be the case, Can't ignore the point that I don't post to outsmart or Belittle someone, I post to help and to stand for justice, whoever comes in way gets crushed eventually.

    Forever in Peace Treaty

    @POORFELLER It's Okay, You can tell them that I'm mature enough to not care what people think of me on the internet.
  4. If you have a good human functioning brain, you would have realised that I didn't say anything about "Ugly" about her surgery. The only point my texts made is that Getting Peace Treaty for something related to real life is unfair, injustice and joke to rest of the players' honest gameplay till date. And, the one who asks for it has a cheap character. The funny thing about edgy VCMs is that Baroness gets paid, and has more peace of mind, while VCMs do all the work of tending in the forum.

    He must be Joaking

    Joaking 1143 took away only 13 crowns from you, and now you have a chance to revenge him 3 times, and his empire is very easy for 2-Star Win, and 3-Star win can also be achieved with little more careful gameplay. Basically, He just offered you his crowns, If I were you, I would be taking advantage than complaining about it. I've never been attacked thrice or twice by a same player but I've definitely attacked few players twice.

    Forever in Peace Treaty

    Says a guy who's still in rehab.

    Forever in Peace Treaty

    Some Moderator cut out some replies from here and made it a different thread in my name, which is truly uncalled for.
  8. 10 Notifications, Hmm, Let's see what are kids screaming about! Before I start, @Chuggles22, Can you delete my previous post? Actually, I didn't mean to send it. I was editing it to a blank and then my connection dropped, So I guess changes must have not been saved and I didn't care much about it, as I had realised She's just a kid obsessed with game, I don't pick on kids who can't differentiate their real life apart from this game. False. If she could defend even her crown count, she would have never asked for a peace treaty. She needs to understand that losing and gaining crowns are part and parcel of the game, whatever happens in real life has to dealt by herself. The fact that she thanked you for speaking her defence adds more to it. To rest of y'all, I didn't see your comments replying worthy enough. Now, don't disturb me with notifications.
  9. @AngelicAngieK, If I were in place of Mods Or Devs,I would have given you the same, because it would be very rude, not to give. Your alliance members of all the accounts and some game friends are not enough in number to qualify for you to use the word "many", when compared to rest of the playing players, "very few" is what you should stick on to. On one hand it was kindness of Devs or Mods to offer you 11D PT, on the other hand it was very cheap of you to ask for it, as Devs or Mods don't get to know what happens in your life in their dreams - you told them playing cry baby victim. There are few points which should have been taken into consideration. •There are many players who play the game frequently to keep and rise their crown count. •Those many players don't play cry baby victim role regarding their real life situations. • Those many players face and deal with their own real life situations, whatever come may, and be I really love this game and my crown count, I'm having a heart surgery, so I won't be able to play the game for some days. Can you give me peace treaty for the meanwhile? " And their problems may or may not be more severe than yours. •It was unfair, and injustice with rest of the players, who play regularly to maintain and rise their crown count. • It was done secretly;not mentioned in forums, so "many" players didn't know about it. And if SGI was confident on their decision to give you peace treaty, they should have done mentioned what they have done to bring it by the notice of many players. Your real life is not of my interest, but the 4th point i mentioned was. SGI clearly made a joke of rest of the players' Gameplay and the time they had put in ,by playing honestly, while you got your crown count safe for 11 Days. That was the reason I stopped playing for 2 months, and when I returned I had lost 707 crowns( Early Age 7,was at 1200+crowns;Big deal) in 37 attacks and was thrown to like 410 crowns. I didn't ask for PT while I was away but Hey! Now if some wants a PT u know what to do to get a PT. You can simply ask to Forum Moderator and fake a situation like leg surgery, Heart Surgery, Neurosurgery etc. (I am NOT implying that she faked it) But We have a strong spirit and we face whatever comes in our lives. This game is not our world, but it might be yours.
  10. Code of Conduct says that you can't call out any other player on forums, Like for cheating. But you can mention their gamer tag if it's a matter of surprise, joy, or anything that won't hurt owner of gamer tag . I have mentioned two gamertags once, and so have many people in their posts. You can also PM me by visiting on my profile.
  11. In the hindsight, Nobody ever spoke on @AngelicAngieK's 11D Peace Treaty.
  12. What's the gamer tag?

    Never has the game been worse Many people have been saying all this and are frustrated due to this. The frustration of Such players can be seen in this video I posted Earlier. Nobody can actually win - truth of Tower Defence Games.

    I'd like to delete my account

    @Baroness Von PandaSite owners can delete accounts on their site manually. Can You delete mine from forums? If you don't know about this, ask someone who manages site-related stuff at SGI.

    I'd like to delete my account

    @Baroness Von Panda How to delete Forum Account?