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  1. buenas tardes a los creadores del juego por favor no lo eliminen ese juego es muy chebre aun que e tenido inconvenientes pero es muy bueno sino lo eliminen o de todas formas les pido que arreglen los fallos por que me  robo 3500 de oro


  2. Age of Empires: Castle Siege abusing

    Reporting misuse

    People are abusing the game rules for Age of Empires: Castle Siege.  Revenge Battles are impossible because exploiter stays online all the time. They collect Daily Reward by moving their Keep while under Peace Treaty or online.  This practice is Unfair and must be change to continue playing this game. 


    1.       Make it so that you can only move your Keep once every 2 weeks.

    2.       Make a time limit for online changes. One ten minutes period every day. 

    Or alternative:

    1.      No Peace Treaties.

    2.      No online changes.  off line changes?

    These changes will make the game more fair and more Interesting for the players. 


  3. Hi Queen Matcha

    Our alliance still has not been put into a league!!.... Is there an issue with this?

    My team are getting very frustrated and just want to get fighting for more GOLD!!!!



  4. Age of Empires: Castle Siege player form Serbia -Srbija are in top player list. Serbian Alliances are allso in top list.

    We love this game but we dont't have our flag. Other countrys have thare flags but we don't. Help us and publish our flag in next update please.

    Thx in advance. 

      Picture of Serbia flag

  5. I have an issue with gold not being received after paying cash for it, can someone contact me please


  6. Queen Matcha,  my alliance, Part Timers, does not show up in the Search window.  We are down to just 16 members and need to be visible before we are gone.  Can you find out why we are not displaying in Search, and what can be done about it? 


    Thank you,

    Ed Champa

    IndyChamp, Emperor, Part Timers

  7. the emperor of my alliance is offline, me and my friends want to change him, how can we do that?

  8. Hello, which person can help us with emperor change if Empress_Phasma has messenger disbled. Thank you. Martin.

  9. Hello

    I have two accounts - one on ios and one on microsoft.  I linked them by mistake earlier (as my game updated) and have now lost the ios account.  Is there any way to restore it so I can carry on with both accounts again?

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    2. Siege Wizard

      Siege Wizard

      Can you please give me your 2 account names? We can try to unlinking them for you.

    3. SolvingSleet946


      Thanks SolvingSleet946 on Xbox/Microsoft.

      For Gamecentre, would that be my ios login?  If so that is cpol7@yahoo.co.uk

      or perhaps just cpol7 ?

      Yes it is SolvingSleet946 on Microsoft, and cpol7 on game center.


    4. Siege Wizard

      Siege Wizard

      I have unlinked your accounts. That should resolve the issue.

  10. HI Queen Matcha

    I battled earlier and the Chest I won from the Battle Chest gave me 2 very bright Torches,  but I have no clue where they are, or what they were to be,  can you maybe give m some insight to this?

  11. Can you help. I have error encountered issue. Thanks. 

  12. Hi Queen Matcha,

    i hope you can help us or name someone who is able to do this.

    Our alliance BRD, which I created, exists mor than a year now. I temporary changed alliance a few weeks atunately go to fight in a national Team (Deutschland I) with success :-) During my abcense, another member of our alliance (alex22051813) took over the role of the emperor. After my return on Fridy he was offline for more than 20 days. Nobody knows if something happened to him and we are not able to reach him.

    Can anybody handover the role of emperor to me or an active prince?

    Would be great to heare from you.


    warm regards



  13. Yesterday i was playing game it was working fine. Today i try to run game but it is not moving on from signing in screen.
    It keeps on signing in. I checked logs there is no error can any one tell me what's happening.

    I can login to xbox account from browser but not through game.

    Game log:

    [   3.922] CastlesClient SimVersion: SE. 
    [   3.937] RenderDx11 - Created D3D11 Device. Feature level is D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1.
    [   3.937] RenderDx11 - SupportsDepthAsTextureWithLessEqualComparisonFilter: true
    [   3.937] Render -- created swap chain with resolution 1366 x 768
    [   3.937] Setting Render Window - Surface is 1366 x 768
    [   3.968] Sound::CreateSoundSystemWWise -- success
    [   3.968] App::EngineInitialize START
    [   3.984] App::EngineInitialize END
    [   4.000] App::EngineAppStartup START
    [   4.031] Castles::Startup START
    [   4.031] Localizer -- Using Supported Locale [en] LanguageID [int] | For desired locale code [en-US]
    [   4.078] GameApp::Startup START
    [   4.078] Castles::StartupUI START
    [   4.265] FlatLand -- Renderer : Object-Level Depth Sorted Transparency, Shader Quality : high
    [   4.297] FlatLand using TextureFormat [TextureFormat_R16_Float] and depth buffer [false] for occlusion rendering.
    [   4.312] Fx::Manager::StaticInitialize succeeded
    [   4.343] GameApp::Startup END
    [   7.062] Castles::Startup END
    [   7.062] GameApp -- Transition New State Requested: NewState 'FEState'
    [   7.062] App::EngineAppStartup END
    [   7.062] GameApp -- GameState State Transition, OldState 'none' NewState 'FEState'
    [   7.125] GUI - Screen Focus GAINED [gui_new\screens\system_notifications] 
    [   7.125] GUI - Screen Focus LOST [gui_new\screens\system_notifications] 
    [   7.125] GUI - Screen Focus GAINED [gui_new\screens\loading] 
    [   7.125] GUI - Screen Focus LOST [gui_new\screens\loading] 
    [   7.125] GUI - Screen Focus GAINED [gui_new\screens\logo_splash] 
    [   7.140] FontFaceContext::Initialize -- Opened face [0] in font [gui\fonts\berlin_sans_fb]. [257] glyphs.
    [   7.172] BOOT FLOW - Status[bootflow_sign_in_to_live]
    [   7.172] LiveManagerWinRT::SigninAsync user signing in
    [  11.172] GUI - Screen Focus LOST [gui_new\screens\logo_splash] 
    [  11.172] GUI - Screen Focus GAINED [gui_new\screens\loading] 
    [  11.172] GuiManager::ProcessScreensMarkedForCleanup -- mem used 0
    [  11.250] FontFaceContext::Initialize -- Opened face [0] in font [gui\fonts\candara_alt_unified_jpn]. [43876] glyphs.
    [ 164.359] WinRTBootStrap -- OnSuspending
    [ 164.359] WinRTBootStrap -- Suspend
    [ 164.359] App -- Deactivate
    [ 164.359] App -- Suspend
    [ 164.359] CastlesClientApp -- OnSuspend
    [ 164.359] Flurry -- Suspend Begin
    [ 164.500] Flurry -- Suspend Complete
    [ 164.531] WinRTBootStrap -- Suspend Complete
    [ 683.828] WinRTBootStrap -- OnResuming
    [ 683.828] WinRTBootStrap -- Resume
    [ 683.828] App -- Resume
    [ 683.828] CastlesClientApp -- OnResume
    [ 683.828] GameApp -- OnResume  CurState:  FEState
    [ 683.843] App -- Activate
    [ 683.843] CastlesClientApp -- OnActivate
    [ 683.843] WinRTBootStrap -- Resume Complete

  14. Hi,

    I am in alliance Kings Randoms, and both the Emperor and Lord have not logged in for 165 and 261 days respectively. Looking at the stats, only 10 - 15 out of the 50 are constantly active, while the rest have not logged in for 20 days or more. How can i take over or kick out people? I have tried PM SuaveLicense226 - the Emperor, as well as Ishabehbeh - the Lord, but no reply from them


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    2. petercgoh
    3. UrWulf2017


      How long does it usually take to get a new emperor once the request has been submitted?

    4. petercgoh


      Any update??


  15. Could you help me?  Ever since the "sale" on gold, I can't buy any.  Do you know what I should do or who to contact?  I was able to buy gold before the sale.


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