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  1. Greetings. In our alliance are the emperor and all lords are since more then 200 days inactive. Would it please be possible to change to someone else?





    Neimad Officiel

    New Emperor:

    Player178983562 or someone other who is sometimes active or me (Fedaykin1977).


    Thank you, for your help.

  2. Buenas mi alianza es  Brigada A  por error me salí y el puesto de emperador paso a  PianoMitten5634  y el mismo tiene 127 días de inactividad no hay señores ni hemos tenido una maravilla, como la alianza esta en la deriva quisiera retomar el puesto de embajador y desarrollar la alianza que creé y que somos 40 miembros actualmente mi nick es: gilbertito08

  3. Greetings, I commented that it melts an alliance and by a great mistake I gave my position of Emperor to an inactive player so I lost control of the alliance. And we need to keep moving on it and not start a new alliance. Please help us.

    NAME ALLIANCE: Indomables AOE

    Emperor: RumblingBog57

    NEW Emperor: Player564175792

  4. We need to change the inactive emperor in the alliance: AlianzaLatino, the former emperor was WonkiestFiber78, the new one is Dr XTL. We appreciate your help for our partnership to move forward

  5. Hi, i'm ClovenFeather from Asuchile alliance. Our emperor has been inactive for more than 200 days and we need to progress. We are always the same, we need a new emperor.

    Emperor Filymon
    New emperor: ContourBugle8

    Thank you so much


    Hi, I’m DesolateNest731 and I’m the only America ally’s active member, it would be a pleasure if you could make me the ally’s emperor in order to reactivate it. There are no active lords.

    Thank you so much.



    EMPERADOR : LockedSkink31

    NEW EMPERADOR: DesolateNest731




    Hi! I'm from argentina 4 alliance. The emperor ElCiddeCityBell hasn't been online for more than 90 days now. We we're wondering if there's something you can do to help us by naming other player as the emperor. We all voted for gangstervl to be our new emperor. We'd really appreciate you help!

  8. hi, conrad is not working in some castles.  he comes out suddenly when deploying. plz check this player's castle and his alliance member's castle also.. player name:   Lilith malagoli

  9. Is there a way to type Spanish letters with American key board in PLAYER search Several Players have names with accent mark over letters of their name. Have searched and tried everything found but no go. These attack and you can not look them up to revenge. This is unfair. either have the game fixed where anyone can reproduce their name or make the change their name.

    Plúto  It works in here but in the game player search it does not work. This is not fair 

    1. candidcobra2433


      I guess no one cares.  These people have a big advantage over the rest. Guess I will change my key board change my name so I too can have this advantage.

  10. hi Siege Wizard,  hope you have a wonderful day,  good to see you.

  11. Change of EMPERADOR:

    Hello guys. In our Alliance the emperador has been out for 180 days already. In order to continue we decided changed him.








    1. Andy P
    2. Baroness Von Panda

      Baroness Von Panda

      This has now been completed for you :) 

  12. On my last battle dated 6/20/17, I paid 119 gold pieces to use Conrad for my battle.  When I pressed the button to activate him during the battle, nothing happened.  This happened two more times in the same battle. I honestly think the game is rigged. If this keeps happening, I will simply quit this game and move on to something else.

  13. cannot connect to the server keep getting error connecting to server

  14. My alliance is called SANTOS SP 013

  15. Hi siege wizard, the emperor of my alliance called GuerreroSP, was upgrading everyone to sir but, he screwed it all, he upgrade another buddy to emperor by mistake!! and then we have been asking him to return GuerreroSp to emperor but he never answer the chat, we sent messages thru xbox without response, we want our emperor back, what can we do, all the active members of the alliance want our emperor back, help us please.

    1. iqcesar


      ..thanks for nothing, this forum is useless, uninstalling... and i'll make a campaign on facebook talkin about this topic

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