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  1. blinsas

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    I sometimes have a marathon for all the heroes. exhaust ventilation. that does not mold. and I have a good time with 9 distinct pairs
  2. blinsas


    16200, (16200-641=15559 now have)super!!!
  3. maybe all friends attacked their friends, everyone was angry and did not speak. Press the revenge button. Can not write anything here?
  4. It would be better to have 5 stars, and even better XO.
  5. blinsas

    Conrad BUG!!!

    100% yes
  6. and I'm going to see something for free:) a couple of crowns
  7. blinsas

    :)🎂 smile birthday

    Ok 1982September 19 d.: „9-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman :)From: Scott E Fahlman I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers::-) Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes – given current trends. For this, use:-
  8. :),,smile,, birthday I know you can only :) very much to say
  9. blinsas

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Maybe tomorrow? Everyone will be dr............. and....... I remember ,happy to give a gift.
  10. blinsas

    Crown allocations

    This game isn't fair to all players ttps://
  11. I'm almost drunk I'm sorry to write long essays So how? I am legally online? Or not? Who said that candy? When I'm seriously attacked. I want to wc . Start replay. I want to smoke. I connect another replay.o half an hour and gone I saved G...le t...or
  12. blinsas

    4/4 Builders

    I already did it two weeks ago blynsas new acc.
  13. blinsas

    4/4 Builders

    I myself am a builder. There are such problems.
  14. Norėjau parašyti, tas kuris buvo n.1. Prie jo gametage pridėtų star . I wanted to write, who was n.1 A star added to his gametage Go...e tr.......or