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  1. Yesterday I watched n # 1, attack logs, attack every 10-15 minutes. Maybe 10 retry with 0. I look like he's all 8 hours. worked as a job
  2. At least half of the "fatty" I make a revenge if the time is the same when I attack and they have finished playing time. Somehow. Maths and Success
  3. blinsas

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    Six months ago, the first time I was attacked 10 k, I made him a revenge, my hands were drooling, it was fun, now with 5 k or 7 k .every week I've got a lot of fun too. But I get caught.
  4. My statistician is 40, 10 revanches. About 4 attacks per night, I have about 5k ,I do not sit for 8 hours. But when you press next in half an hour, when you have at least 100, it's a bite of ....
  5. blinsas

    Battle for the No. 1 Spot..

    Club 13 k.Do many have members?
  6. I'm on a new n.1 attack every few minutes and so good, without hero, pretty :) All day online, probably not otherwise, when you have 12k.
  7. blinsas

    not funny

    I got the revenge, from which I attacked. I got a revenge, after 1 h. Online , bucket is not over.
  8. I use 4 pairs, Conrad + Joana, Winrich + Martel, Maslama + Nikeporos, Richard + Hermann. I rarely use other, but I've used several times all the way
  9. I use Joan with Conrod, Winrich + Martel, Maslama + Nikephoros,Henry+Edvard,John Kourkouas+A.Nevsky, and love Richard+Hermann. Sometimes Belisarius+Charlemagne,Sviatoslav+Tariq,Rurik +Saladin. It's been a long time since I used all the hero
  10. 6 Taranas and Conrad, the castle is torn down. It's not a turtle
  11. blinsas

    How long are you playing ?

    Thanks everyone who spoke, and who looked and did not write too, thank you, you could write a couple of words and a couple of numbers (goo.. tran..)sori
  12. blinsas

    This game isn't fair to all players

    But I was angry that I was offered a castle with 28 or 56 crowns. I was doing a revenge of 2 stars, I would lose about 400, one star of about 200 crowns, no law On Thursday, 6 hours I pressed next, I made the 5th March, I trained the army for gold, I just caught the attack, I started a new one. I bet that whoever wanted me to do revenge is angry, why is he blin online?
  13. I won ,,noble,, league:)
  14. blinsas

    not funny

    I won ,noble, league:)
  15. blinsas

    not funny

    But one good thing, Conrad works well:) Attacking the castle and server error .... and what I see, your castle has been atacked. I know a slow mo.device. I can not change anything ? but sad.Already not funny. But one good things,Conrad works well:)