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    Xbox network connectivity

    how to unblocked my network connectivity in my Xbox live on my windows 10 Enterprises?this error connections on server is always appeared when I almost finish in my attack on my game AOE castle siege...that's why almost of my attack on enemys castle ended with losing my crowns...if anyone who knows how to fix it just reply immediately please...
  2. HarmlessCroc28

    Server Maintenance - Wed 28th March - 2pm PT - EXTENDED

    in the Phillipines,what time it is?
  3. HarmlessCroc28

    internet connections

    i love this game Age of Empires Castle Siege..but later every time i attack the enemy this checksum error will appeared when i almost finsh my attack,,,when i came back to the game ilost all of thus fight although its almost 100% win...my wifi signal is full of signal..what happen this game???