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  1. ArmyAnt DC

    What happened to the United India alliance ?

  2. ArmyAnt DC

    What happened to the United India alliance ?

    Hey, Wulf. Hellooooo! How have you been? :') I've been involved in Animal rights activism lately along with my career as to why I haven't been able to find time for the game. It feels great to be back on here. Cheers guys!
  3. ArmyAnt DC

    Quotes You Love

    About Fear
  4. Nah, I didn't. I'm sure!
  5. Did you just assume that? I don't really remember liking any of his posts nor do I agree with him. Even if I did, there are still 48 more guys (in UI main) with their own respective opinions. I don't think you can generalise.
  6. You 'guys'? Keep generalising, mate. I'm tired of this.
  7. Thanks, @Wulf & Dove. You're one amongst few siegers on here who understands what we've been though to get here unlike others who have only been generalising almost everything bad about us and demoting us lately. Not like we care to be honest. Anyway, your wishes mean a lot. I'm proud of my team. They are determined and incredible. And of course, this probably wouldn't have been possible without you guys, @Septerror43 & @lilanthe. You guys are awesome. I've personally learnt a lot from you. It's always been a pleasure playing with you Cheers! Merry Christmas!
  8. i think u would hv liked the snipping :P 

    1. ArmyAnt DC

      ArmyAnt DC

      Hahahahaha thanks dude! I'd like to return the favour if you need. :D Let me know.

    2. Akshay555


      nah not now.. But ya whenever m on high crowns and u find me in mm :D

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