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  1. truckdriver

    What Will Happen to this Forum?

    LOL at playing another game this company makes. They have proven to me that they cant continue to deliver for any period of time. They quit on this game over 2 years ago
  2. @dariakus your thoughts on age10? seems that was when the game went downhill,making def's to strong for most without the help of the most powerful heros
  3. truckdriver


    Do they sell gold in that game? So you can buy the Conrad deck and never lose
  4. truckdriver

    Free East Puppet...

    i was able to sneak a hacksaw blade to him, the security holding him is not very good
  5. truckdriver

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    FINALLY they found a way to nerf Conrad
  6. truckdriver

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Well they might talk a strong game on the forum but iv seen there attacks. How can anyone tell anyone how to play the game when they themselves dont understand it?
  7. truckdriver

    CODA Chat

    ya i visit that place also, i didnt like it
  8. My last 10 def's were against Conrad and half of those they used Martel also. Is everyone playing this game so bad thats the only hero's they can win with? No point is changing defense if this is going to happen all the time!!!!!!!