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  1. SuperFiver

    AOE HD 2, bottom not rendering

    Thanks for the reply. I figured out that when I go beyond 3620 X 2036, that the unrendered ground will start appearing. Just going up to 5120 X 2880 just made it horribly obvious as more and more ground that is usually hidden from a smaller resolution is shown unrendered. I think it just the limitations of the rendering engine for AoE 2 HD. I had found someone else on steam that had the same issue and ultimately he too and the community there were unable to find a solution and just accept it is the limitation of the game. We can close this forum now, I am no longer searching for an answer, I believe it is just a legitimate limitation of the game that won't be fixed till more monitors can hit the 5K mark and the devs patch it. I hear people are having a hard time on ludiKRIS map sizes with performance, so I would find it hard to imagine the devs justifying increasing the render amount if there are already issues present in the game for a decent amount of players.
  2. SuperFiver

    AOE HD 2, bottom not rendering

    I tried a couple of internet searches and was unable to find anyone having this problem, and I would post this in the AoE 2 forum, but it is locked. Does anyone know how to resolve the following. One time after a bit of use this issue stopped and I thought it would stay fixed, but on relaunch, it has not fixed itself again. I also noticed some menus looked odd as well. I am running a 980 ti, on a i7 on 4K. I don't want my menu size increased for I want the extra graphics space.
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