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  1. This sucks. Countless hours invested as well as money spent. This is the last time I invest my time and money on anything Microsoft. All that work just to have the rug pulled out from under us.
  2. Warslith

    You Make This Game Suck

    I made no accusations. I SUGGESTED. Guilty conscience Aardvark? As far as trolling goes I've made a grand total of 5 posts in one thread, used no profanity, haven't been condescending or rude, and didn't spotlight any player in particular. Until now that is. You, Aardvark, have called me a troll and displayed plenty of condescension. You have over 640 posts and obviously feel the need to stick your nose in to every thread possible. You are a contradiction junkie, running your mouth more for the sake of argument, no matter how well veiled and "diplomatic" you make it appear, than anything else. Your need to get the last word in is obvious. You are the gold standard of trolling. Get. A. Life.
  3. Warslith

    You Make This Game Suck

    There isn't anything remotely abusive or trollish in suggesting that the people in this thread defending the cheaters are doing so because they are guilty of it themselves. I know quite well how the game works and I also know that when you have no issues retaliating against 99% of the players and then you get a few that no matter how vigilant you are you can't retaliate against that there's a problem . My average time to sucessfully retaliate is usually less than a day, often shortly after I'm attacked, So when you have high crown players falling off of your defense reports because they are "online" nonstop for weeks it gets frustrating. I've had 2 roll off and I currently have 2 more on the way. Yet no problems with the vast majority of other players. Yeah, I guess it's me.....
  4. Warslith

    You Make This Game Suck

    *rolls eyes, shakes head*. You all know his tactics are bullcrap and unfair. I guess we can chalk half of this thread up to the guilty defending the guilty in the hope that the devs won't fix the problem. These players are benefiting from an oversight in the game development. Period. Defend it if you wish. It's still wrong. I've said my peace. Good day.
  5. Warslith

    You Make This Game Suck

    Of course there are revenge attacks in his log. In the rare occurrence that he goes offline he gets hit because people are waiting and checking to see if they can attack, but he is "online" continuously. I checked all day yesterday. His PT ended at 8:24 am. He was online from then until nearly midnight, almost 16 hours straight. So yes, he gets attacked but not nearly as often as those who aren't cheating. That isn't right. How are the people that play fair that he obviously had no problem attacking supposed to be able to get their fair shot back at him if he's leaving his game open in build mode when he has no PT? It's not fair. I play on my tablet. I and others not using an XBox don't have the option to be online 24/7. And frankly it amazes me that people actually try to defend this behavior.
  6. Warslith

    You Make This Game Suck

    Yep. I've got yet another player that is perpetually "online" for hours on end. He had no problems attacking me but I'll be lucky if I'm able to retaliate before he falls off my defense reports. It's no wonder he's got 6k+ crowns. Nobody can hit the cheater back. Meanwhile the rest of us have to bust our backsides trying to advance. This is HIGHLY frustrating to say the least. The devs need to develop a timeout for whatever these "players" are doing to keep their games from closing when inactive. Oh, and to all of the cheaters out there, I hope you feel good about yourselves.
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